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August 23, 2022 06:54 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I don’t believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it.”

–Douglas Adams


23 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Good morning.

    Let us hope Priolas' decision to abandon the Fascist Party will spur some of the GOP loyalists still hanging on to part ways with the Insurrection.

    Some are still hiding in the tall grass.

  2. Does anyone else feel like if the GOP fails to take the U.S. House & Senate against Biden, who they claim is a mental midget & the worse President since (looks at notes) Obama, then unless they change their tune on Jan. 6th & the 2020 election, they will continue to only win elections in the hard-core red states & that the purple states will continue to vote Dems?  Given the last six years, I have a hard time seeing the GOP moving beyond anything Don the Con finds important.  So, until he's not the center of the GOP (2026? 2028? later?), I could see this election as being a harbinger of future elections.

    1. It depends what happens in 2024. 

      If Darth Tweeter runs, and Heaven forbids wins, then he will dominate until about 2030. By that time, the country will be reduced rubble so it won't matter.

      If he runs and fails to get the nomination or loses the election, I expect to see his influence diminish very quickly with only the die-hards hanging on in 2026.

      If he doesn't run at all (which I expect to be the end result), then I expect 2024 will see the beginning of a return to normalcy (whatever that is).

    2. Completely agree.

      What behavior does it take to convince them? How far off the deep end does the MAGA movement go before the Money gives up on them?

      How do you convince anyone you are educated, adult, and aware if you continue to support any aspect of the Republican brand? Mind boggling, it is…

      1. I had my first encounter with a “roll coal” a-hole this weekend between Eckley and Yuma. Drump stickers all over his tailgate. Plumes of black smoke. This *ucking toxic masculinity is yet another reminder of how far down the drain the GQP has gone. 

    3. I start with the fact that we are not rational beings, we're rationalizing beings. We all have beliefs that was accept as facts where we're not open to arguments as to why those "facts" might be wrong. All of us.

      And these beliefs tend to be fundamental to one's identity.

      So… they are very hard to give up. And if part of that belief is that your culture is being overtaken by evil others, then losing helps validate your view & beliefs.

      Bottom line, the ones who believe are unlikely to give up no matter how badly they're defeated. And as we've seen in elections such as Cheney's primary, that's a giant majority of the Republican voters.

    4. History doesn't repeat, but sometimes it rhymes. 

      So I've been looking at the political progress of the 1920-1940 era.  Country reacting to an epidemic, political scandal(s), economic disasters, unprecedented ecological problems, corporate dominance of a political party, post-war & rumors of war & wars we weren't directly fighting, overt racists in politics & society, … well, you get the picture. 

      One encouraging factoid — US Election Project shows voter participation went from the high 40s to the low 60s in Presidential election years, low to mid-30s to mid-40s in the midterm elections. 

      With the Depression starting in 1929, the Dust Bowl & "Dirty Thirties" of American agriculture, and the rise of fascist nations, Americans responded.  4 elections in a row (1930,32,34, & 36) saw Republicans taking losses.  Specifically, the most conservative Republicans lost. The link of the KKK to the Republican party was highlighted and defeated. Prohibitionists lost a great deal of power. America First isolationists flourished for awhile, but were swallowed up as a coalition urging the US to take a world leadership role gained power.

      There are possibilities for a string of Republican defeats.  1934 was one of the few midterm elections when the party holding the White House gained in Congress. If that happens in 2022, I will be much more optimistic that Trumpism can be swept out of our politics.

        1. The formal "America First Committee" did last until Pearl Harbor.  It had only formed in September 1940, and grew quickly.

          I should have just said "isolationists" or "anti-interventionists", not linking to the specific organization.

    5. It no longer matters if Trump is Leader Of The Universe. He has sown the way for the next generation of Republicans. He or DeSantis or Abbott or some other fascist twit will gain the nomination, backed by the same irrational mobs that will forever scream "election fraud!" as they continue to lose support.

      Or, they'll win and the country will be reduced to rubble as they usurp the elections process.

      1. So, as Democrats or at least non-Republicans, we must demand that everyone running as a member of the GOP answer the question – was the 2020 Presidential election a free & fair election or was it stolen from Donald Trump?  If they fail to state it was a free & fair election, we must demand evidence establishing why it was not.  We must also ask whether the acts of January 6th, and the events that led up to those acts, treasonous?  If any member of the GOP states they were not, Democrats & non-Republicans alike must seize upon this statement to show that the candidate is willing to support the overthrow of our government without a basis in fact.

        1. Why would we care what they SAY?

          The Republican Party is an anti-democracy propaganda machine. They will say anything, and then vote for anti-abortion and pro-corporate Federalist Judges. 

          1. Everyone must care because some people care.  Meaning, this is a country that voted for Obama–> Trump –> Biden & the last two margins of victory were historically thin when looking at the % of voters that could have changed votes which would have changed the outcome.  So, there are still people who will either (a) not vote because they think it doesn't matter or (b) change their votes.  So if you love the United States and think it can have another 246+ years of trying to do the right thing in furtherance of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, then we must stand for honesty and the rule of law.  It can help win elections in furtherance of these truths.

  3. Executive Privilege WOTD from Josh Marshall at TPM.

    One important point is that executive privilege belongs to the OFFICE, not the PERSON.

    It certainly cannot be the case that a former President, who is elected to nothing and has no authority at all, has the power to keep records of the United States government secret from the current President to whom the constitution gives authority and responsibility to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed. That’s absurd on its face.

    A lot of journalists and observers are indulging the idea that Trump may at least in theory have executive privilege claims over these documents. But that’s simply a fallacy. Though every permutation of the question hasn’t been explicitly addressed by the Court, every time the question has been addressed the rights of a former President in this regard have been found to be non-existent.

      1. He can dabble papers in the potty all he wants. Do you think the people looking for those files won't know what's missing? Next charge for Yammie-pie: Destruction of evidence.

      1. I'd go even higher. I can't think of a scenario where even the Dems can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in terms of control. They might lose a seat, but have enough cushion for that to be okay.

  4. FWIW.  Neither of the Roaring Fork Valley’s corporate-owned newspapers (Aspen Times, Post Independent) chose to run a story about the Boebert family neighborhood confrontation, nor to inquire into the Sheriff’s decision not to pursue any charges.

    Made me curious to learn more about the Nutting family and the other people behind Ogden Media.

    The story seemed newsworthy to me, one that many of their constituents might want to hear about.  The papers’ non-coverage, therefore, may be newsworthy in its own right.

    In addition, the Aspen Times was recently in the national news spotlight for its knuckling under to a Russian oligarch really rich guy, and their self-censoring from any coverage on his purchase of a undeveloped commercial parcel for $76.5 million per acre (purchased totally coincidentally from the cousin of a Supreme Court Justice).

    So, anyway, where there’s smoke, wot wot…

    Anyway, the Denver Post and the Grand Junction Sentinel papers found space to cover L’affair Boebert.  The local Ogden papers?  Not so much.

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