The Ad Joe O’Dea Oddly Wanted You To See Again

UPDATE: Joe O’Dea blames 9NEWS for the mistake of airing their now off-message pre-primary ad:

Sometimes the best irony is unplanned, we guess. Original post follows.


The Twitters are alight this morning after what appears to be another unforced advertising error by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe O’Dea’s campaign. No, they didn’t substitute Russian fighter jets in a spot praising the U.S. military again, but this one is ironically problematic for its own reasons:

Right down to the corrected fighter plane footage, this is Joe O’Dea’s ad from before the June 28th primary, when O’Dea was still earnestly working to prove his conservative bonafides to skeptical Republican primary voters. Since winning the primary, O’Dea has dropped the descriptor “conservative” like a bad habit in order to put daylight between himself and the toxic Republican brand–at least until the Inflation Reduction Act forced O’Dea to hew to Mitch McConnell’s party line.

Obviously running this ad again was a simple mistake, but it’s also a damaging reminder of the retreat O’Dea has had to make from his pre-primary image in order to have any chance with general election voters. In this way, the spending by Democrats to boost O’Dea’s opponent was successful in that O’Dea effectively lost control of own his message before the primary.

If this ad touting O’Dea’s “conservatism” had never been made, it wouldn’t be a problem for O’Dea now.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    "It's the same guy!"

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    Sorry Colorado’s small army of left wing Twitter trolls had to get out of bed before noon for nothing.”

    It's ok, our moms have been telling us to get up earlier all summer.

  3. Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

    It looks like Horse Sushi Joe drew the short straw.

    GOP slashes ads in key Senate battlegrounds – POLITICO

    It looks like the dead weight that Trump saddled McConnell and Scott with in OH, PA, and NC has required triage to begin sooner than expected.

    This doesn't even include the $$$ they will need to prop up Ron "Social Insecurity" Johnson and Hershel "Daddy" Walker come September and October.

    My prediction:  51 or 52 seats for the Dems (indies + Dems + Sinemanchin), 48 or 49 for the GOP.

    McConnell could have ended Trump's reign of terror had he joined the movement to convict in the second impeachment trial. But as long as Trump is a potential 2024 candidate, few Republicans will stand up to him.

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