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September 22, 2006 07:16 PM UTC

Paccione Closing on Musgrave

  • by: Colorado Pols

The latest poll from SurveyUSA in CD-4 shows Democrat Angie Paccione closing to within the margin of error of incumbent Republican Marilyn Musgrave. The poll also shows that Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness will likely play a significant role in the outcome of the race:

Marilyn Musgrave: 46%
Angie Paccione: 42%
Eric Eidsness: 8%
Undecided: 5%


79 thoughts on “Paccione Closing on Musgrave

  1. With the exception of the Daily Kos poll that had Musgrave up by 6, this is basically the same as every other poll done in the last 2 months, Musgrave up on Paccione by 4.  Undecideds are getting fewer though and Eidsness is gaing momentum as well.

    1. Yeah it seems pretty stable, likely Paccione will be in striking distance but need to trounce Musgrave in GOTV to win.  Given how much extra resource is available from nat’l GOP groups to fund late ads and GOTV, I don’t see it happening unless the GOP base just isn’t motivated to turn out this year no matter how hard the party tries – i.e., the “national tide” Sabato and Cook keep carrying on about. 

  2. Man!  Not bad at all for Eidsness.  That is porobably the most surprising thing in this last poll for me.  Although it does not seem to break the numbers down by party affiliation.  Or did I miss that?

  3. Here’s some blatant, uh, shilling, but send Angie money.  Through Act Blue, her website, whatever.  Musgrave is vulnerable this year and Angie is within striking distance.  She’s run a solid campaign, but at this stage in the game, the only thing that can overcome that gap is spending.  She’s getting help from national groups as well, but there are a lot of tight races to knock out GOP heavyweights in the West this year, and Angie is competing with all of them for dollars.  If you’re a Coloradan and don’t like what Musgrave stands for, contribute to Paccione so we can get that bigoted old bag out of Congress.

        1. i love it…if you support anything but my views get the hell out!!! thats what makes for great democracy. screw dissent, lets get everyone to think alike and rule the country!!! i dont like musgrave, but posts like that scare me…

            1. i dont really think you have any power upon others. i simply think people who wish opposing viewpoints didnt exist need to realize how wonderful conflict can be in producing truth (read locke).

    1. Incumbents do lose every once in a while, Musgrave isn’t untouchable, how about some PMA!  Seriously though, local donation attracts broader attention, or at least volunteer for a day or something.


    Musgrave campaign spokesman Shaun Kenney said the collection of polls, all of which show Musgrave ahead, are a good indicator Musgrave has a firm lead and that “people have made up their minds.”

    He wouldn’t say why the Musgrave campaign wouldn’t release its own internal polls.

    “We’ve got our reasons, I guess,” he said.

    Their campaign manager doesn’t even know why they won’t release their own internals?

    Do they let him look at them?

  5. Eidsness is up because of protest voters.  I should know – I’m one of them.  I voted Republican for a long time, but not in this race.  I’ll continue to vote in protest until the Republican Party runs a candidate that’s not a gay-bashing, immigrant-hating, Luddite.

    Better yet, folks, how about a pro-economy, pro-free trade, pro-science, pro-growth, pro-nuclear energy, pro-school-reform candidate?  Is that too much to hope for these days?

  6. Donate to Paccione today! 
    Should she get elected…  Here’s what you get: 
    – You can get tours of the Capital floor for a $2000.
    – Throw dog poop at the Constitution for $1500.
    – Spit on the liberty bell for $1000.
    – Draw graffiti the Washington Monument for $500.00.
    – Be introduced to the President and yell peacenick slogans for a $10 per slogan.  You get to say things like “NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL” – “Hillary for President!”  “You’re a dumbhead” – 

    Or volunteer.

    Here is a list of Paccione Volunteer Needs:
    1.  The campaign needs new people to put dog poop into the Musgrave Mailbox.  Our last volunteer got busted.
    2.  Paccione Shills needed to post on Colorado Pols Blog.
    We are winning the battle on Col Pols.  We can totally swamp them with your help.
    3.  Fill out bankruptcy papers for Paccione and her staffers.
    4.  Destroy Musgrave yard signs.  We need all the help we can get for this.  They are popping up all over the place.

    1. Aside from her coprophilia (that means poop obsession, Marilyn), I haven’t seen any Musgrave signs in either Fort Collins or Longmont. Lots of Paccione signs, though. Of course, it _could_ be that all the Musgrave signs are getting destroyed… Or maybe people just don’t support her.

      BTW, sock-puppeting under the alias “Sybil” is pretty clever. I wonder who explained the joke to Marilyn.

      1.   Marilyn Musgrave and coprophilia?  Janet Rowland and her beastiality rant?  Tancredo singing Dixie with Klansmen in South Carolina when not penpaling with the one time Nazi-sympathizing Pope? 
          Whatever happened to the party of Hank Brown, Scott McGinnis, Don Bain, Dottie Wham, Chuck Berry, Tom Norton, Norma Anderson, Martha Kreutz, etc.
          Hell, even John Andrews praying over a salad bar to help those mung beans grown up to be big and strong looks pretty stable and normal these days compared to these three freaks!

      2. I lived in Fort Collins during the ’04 congressional race between Musgrave/Matsunaka.  While it is probably true you don’t see many Musgrave signs in Fort Collins, you rarely do.  Most people in Fort Collins despise Musgrave in my experience and the rest of CD 4 makes up for it.  This is why Musgrave does not have an office in Fort Collins (or Allard for that matter).  Musgrave rarely even makes appearences in Fort Collins, it is for the most part pretty hostile.  That is why the congressional gerrymandering of CD4 is total crap, Fort Collins (in my opinion) does not have the same interests as the rest of CD4 yet we are clumped with the east and the Republican will usually win by a slim margin.  I pray to God that Angie wins, but she is going to have to do some serious outreach (which she is working on) in the east and in other northern colorado communities (i.e. loveland, greeley etc) to pull it off.  Remember how close Musgrave/Matsunaka was in ’04, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this year’s results are similar.

    2. Sybil — I’ve enjoyed your humor and posting the past couple of weeks — in fact you’ve given me more laughs than anyone — but this post is over the top and I’m disappointed.  This is why our party is going down in flames this election period.  I don’t know Angie personally, but I do know that Colorado’s largest farm organization, the Colorado Farm Bureau, just gave Angie their annual “Friend of the Farm Bureau” award.  Now, in case you didn’t know, Farm Bureau is a very Republican-leaning, conservative organization.  Nothing you posted above is consistent with the ideals and principles of their organization.  Let’s focus on what the candidates stand FOR, deal???

      1. You should really get to know Paccione personally.  Then you will understand what I am talking about.

        As far as I can tell Paccione stands for ONLY one thing

        P O O P !


        Have you forgotten she got in trouble for using the State Capital for fundraising?  Have you forgotten her financial troubles?  Is this who you really want to represent you?

        1. Colo Spgs.

          What principles does she oppose?

          My guess is she is pro gay unions, yes?
          My guess she is not pro-life, yes?

          What else?

          Fundraising I have a real issue with, ok.

          If financial troubles were an issue, GWB would not be president (I personally knew the company that was run into the ground while he was a director – don’t go there). Many people make mistakes, I came dang close a couple times – if she had troubles, do you have info on how she got out of them?

          What other principles and how does she oppose them?

        2. “Trouble”? You mean when Marilyn Musgrave got Sally Fox and Chuck Fox to send a complaint to the Rocky Mountain News they forgot to file with the Speaker? That was unanimously dismissed.

          Or when Musgrave got Ron Buxman to file an FEC complaint? DISSSSmissed! Unanimously too, probably.

          That doesn’t spell ‘trouble’ to me. It spells “hacktackular.”

          What a joke. No wonder Marilyn’s going down.

        3. If she really stood for the things you claim — the Colorado Farm Bureau wouldn’t come within 100 miles of her.  Given they have given her their highest award that a legislator can get — I’m going with the notion that she must espouse a whole lot of “principles” that the good people of rural Colorado hold dear.

          1. The Angie Paccione that grew up in inner-city New York?  I bet she woke up every mornin’when the cock crowed just to milk them cows.  I bet she knows a lot about the business of farmin’ FarmBoy.  The good folks at the Farm Bureau probably know that she understands all about farmin’ and they gave her the highest award they could just about think of ever givin’ to a legislator.  Bet it’s all gold and shiny too. 

            1. …and yes, the good folks at Farm Bureau must know that she knows all about “farmin” — otherwise they wouldn’t have given her the award.  Your language and inferences are disgusting and offensive.

              1. of the farm bureau giving a “friend of the farmer” legislative award to someone who knows nothing and has never had any experience in the farming or ranching business will only cause them to be regarded as a non-credible organization by the farmers and ranchers.

                I think Fright Wig is right to point out the hypocracy and to expose the bureau for being a political prostitute rather than truly being concerned for the business of farming.

                The farm bureau has been taken over by people with a political agenda and should be exposed for the shameful organization that it has become in eastern Colorado.

                You’re right Mr. Toodles and Farm Boy, you should be, as I am, offended by how the farm bureau has cheapened itself and it’s meaningless plastic award.

                1. is guilty of anything — it’s leaning towards Republican, conservative politics.  So what’s your point?  Just how does the recognition of a legislator that supported Farm Bureau policies in 2006 equate to Farm Bureau cheapening itself? It might just insinuate that Rep Paccione isn’t the left wing nutcase you would like everyone to think she is??  It’s other recepient (they give two each year) was Senator Greg Brophy from the northeastern corner of the state – conservative by any measure and very supportive of Colorado agriculture.  BTW:  I’m not offended by what the Farm Bureau has done — they are by all meausures thoughtful people.  If you think they would ever be considered non-credible by the Colorado farming community — you sleep under a rock.

                  1. is a farmer.  I’m glad he got the award.  He knows the business of farming. 

                    Angie Paccione on the other hand,  is a liberal left-wing nut (she has a record) who grew up in New York City.  What does a liberal New Yorker with no background in agriculture have in common with the “conservative” values of rural eastern Colorado? NADA…Nothing…Nieto.

                    She is a fish out of water.  Out of touch with the people in her district.  Why would common sense voters vote for someone who believes in gay marriage, supports amnesty for illegals and can’t get enough of deficit spending?

                    Angie is such a strong proponent of deficit spending, she
                    engages in it personally.  How could you ever support someone whose personal finances are in such disarray?

                    In the end, Angie Paccione will not win because the common sense voters in CD 4, will not vote for her.

                    Farm Boy, the best shot you guys ever had of winning this seat was with Stan Matsunaka.  He didn’t have the baggage that Angie has and he was the Senate President.

                    What does Paccione bring to the table? a bunch of baggage and no leadership. 

                    1. is a term that only applies to the far right. Stick to your old insults for liberals and leave the ones we come up with to us, capiche?

                    2. being such a speech nazi Ari.  Last time I checked, this was still a free country and I believe the first amendment is still in play.

                      I like the terms left-wing nut.  But of course I could always use the terms leftist zealot and leftist fanatic, what about Leninist or Pinko-Commie sympathizer? 

                    3. like my criticism of your word choice somehow is an infringement on your rights. Call me whent the jack-booted thugs kick your door down for the crime of being a wingnut. BTW those other terms are much preferable. Don’t forget “wacko,” that’s a family favorite.

                    4. Stop telling people what can and can’t be said and maybe you’ll stop being compared to the jack-booted thug that you are. 

                    5. Yes, booji, much to the chagrin of Bush and his Gonzales/Ashcroft/Rummy trifecta nut job types, whom you oudoubtedly voted for, the first amentment is indeed “still in play”.  They still have two years left to try to kill it though.

                    6. you have no idea how I would vote even if I was in that district.  State budgets by law have to be balanced — so how do you defend a statement that calls her a “deficit spender” in regards to her legislative role? I know agricultural-related people in the Ft. Collins area that thinks she is great.  The point is — my party always wants to label anyone with a “D” behind their name as some left-wing, baby killing, tree hugging wacko — which is soooo much easier than actually thinking.  According to the latest polls — at least some of the “R’s in CD-4 must not hold that opinion — given that MM has less than 50% of the vote and I believe that district has a +60% Republican registration.  Let’s focus on what each one of them would do (that goes for all races) and quite this mindless BS that you’re engaging in. As for being out of touch in her district — didnt’ she win overwhelimingly in her house district last time?  Ft. Collins — the same Ft. Collins that sits in CD-4 — hardly a bastion of left wing nuts.

                    7. Let’s deal in reality.  The fact is, that you’re not in “that district” and I don’t believe that you really are Republican (depite you’re denial and forthcoming protestations.)  And although you don’t want to believe it, Paccione is a left-wing nut job that does believe it’s okay to kill unwanted children, that deficit spending in DC is great, that amnesty to illegal aliens is a wonderful idea and that the war against terror is just a racist excuse to go after the poor Islamic Jihadists.

                      I think my point was lost on you, and bears repeating:

                      In the end, Musgrave will win again.  Why?  Because common sense voters in CD4 will reject Angie Paccione and her extremist views. 

                      Again, Stan Matsunaka was your party’s best shot at winning that seat.  He was not regarded as a “moderate”, he didn’t have any baggage and he left his office in the state Senate in a leadership position. 

                      None of the things which Paccione can claim.

                      Matsunaka tried twice and twice he failed.  Paccione can do no better.

                    8. of Republican is how I must be judged — then yuou’ve got me….I wouldn’t be one.  I happen to have another definition — as do many others.  I’m a Christian, believe our party should stand for the “little guy”, I believe that Christ himself chose not to “mandate”; he gave us free will — and a lifetime of grace to fix our failings.  Christ wasn’t a hate monger — and if you’re really interested in following his path you might start with “thou shalt not bear false witness”. After that you might go back and study what Jesus had to say about people transacting business in the temple and apply it to today’s Republican party.

                    9. FarmBoy, I would think then that your Christian world-view would dictate how you vote.  I don’t think God would be pleased with voting for someone (Republican or Democrat) who thinks that the killing of unwanted children is okay.  (Since by Him – Christ – and through him all things were made).  I also think that you would be concerned about supporting candidates that promote marriage and family as well as concern for the environment and helping families keep more of their money rather than giving it to the never satisfied politicians who use your tax dollars to bring home more pork that translate into more votes, that just feeds spending cycle of politics.

                      I fully agree with you that the Republican party has left behind the values that I think you and I hold dear.  They care very little if any for the “little guy”. Indeed, as we can see at the state level, it has become not about the issues or the message, but rather about keeping certain people in power at any cost.  I think you and I can agree that neither of us support that. 

                      I do appreciate the fact that I think you are a thoughtful individual FarmBoy, but if you are a Christian, don’t lose sight of what you believe at the polling booth.

                    10. I also don’t think God would be particularly pleased or advocate pre-emptive wars that kill thousands of innocent people (just who would jesus bomb?).  I’m pro-marriage and family — but that shouldn’t be interpreted to say I am anti-gay.  I have friends who are a member of the gay community and they some of the finest people I know. I also have friends and family that are pro-choice but would be unlikely to ever consider having an abortion; I know women who have had an abortion — and would be the last person to judge them for their decision.  All that said, I’m sick of labels.  I’m unwilling to blindly follow Republican mantra under the guise of “pro-family” values while we don’t address the fact this congress is spending us and our following generations into obliviion, the middle class is disappearing, environmental challenges go unattended to — and abortions are going UP under our total control of government.  Our message obvioulsy isn’t working — and I doubt that mandating morality will change much.  It all boils down to personal choices; if we are the party of life, let’s don’t consider “life” just from conception to birth — how about we make sure we have a society that values not only children — but their parent(s) ablity to have a REAL opportunity to advance into middle class, have reasonable access to health insurance and education and a shot at a better life.  I frankly don’t see one thing our party has accomplished in the past eight years to move us toward that bar — maybe I’ve missed something.  I am not a one-issue voter — I’ll look at the package and make my decision from there.  There is too much rhetoric and not enough action and we (the Colorado Republicans) blew it — and I’m of the general opinion it’s time to clean house.  It’s all about keeping the power — and damn the rest of us. 

                    11. You also forgot that Musgrave was recently listed as one of the most corrupt members in congress.  Vile scum that she is, it is only fitting.

                    12. means “Grandson”.  Nunca means never or none, which is approximately the chance the hate mongering Musgrave has of retaining her seat.  Will she show up at W’s elbow when he lights on Denver?  Kiss ‘o Death. 

                2. of the worst side of politics.  Someone makes a degrading and absolutely unjustifiable bigoted comment like that; but it’s okay, because he supports your candidate.  Grow up.

            2.   Next thing you know, the Musgrave shills will allege that the Farm Bureau has ben taken over by, and is promoting, the Radical Homosexual Agenda by its support of Angie Paccione. 
                Sure, Angie wasn’t born on a farm, but maybe she was willing and able to educate herself about rural, agricultural issues unlike her opponent who sees the biggest threat to C.D. 4 as being two grown men in a committed relationship wanting some degree of legal recognition of that relationship (and not necessarily something labeled “marriage”).
                Maybe the Farm Bureau is interested in supporting someone who is interested in learning about, and advancing, its priorities, instead of those of Ayatollah James Dobson.

            3. Paccione doesn’t need to be a farmer to be supported by farmers, a candidate doesn’t need to be in a union to be supported by unions, and a candidated doesn’t have to be a gun owner to be supported by the NRA. What matters to these groups is that the candidate supports legislation that benifits them. So, obviously, the Farm Bureau believes she will spend more time representing them and less time hating gays.

  7. There are absolutely no signs for Marilyn in Fort Collins, nor Windsor, and very few in Loveland.  And why should there be?  Marilyn has proven that she is an extremist bigot, outrageously corrupt, and the girl can’t dress!  Has she even visited Fort Collins, or for that matter CSU… a major university in her district… no!  It seems that Musgrave has been avoiding the issues and a huge number of her constituents.  Even if she is re-elected (i would rather be castrated), she has already alienated a large number of people and she is an embarrassment at the national level.  Let us all come together and chuck the pink lady in November! 

    1. …out in the Southeast (Otero, Bent, Prowers) along US-50 when I was out there two weeks back.  For someone whose strength is in the eastern farming communities, she’s not got very enthusiastic support.

      As someone before said, signs don’t vote.  But voters with signs do, and I didn’t see anyone who was that willing to put up a sign for Marilyn.

        1. I am neither hateful nor ignorant.  I don’t hate Marilyn.  I do however know that Marilyn thinks that it is more important to interfere in individual’s private lives than to solve the true issues that affect her district.  What happened to her “conservative” ideals?  It is not the woman, nor her party that I hate.  It is the fact that she uses her position to attack a minority group and to complicate their lives more than they already are.  Besides her stance on “traditional family values”, I believe that she has not kept any of the other promises to her constituents.  She has not brought home the bacon… instead, she has made people across the country think of the CO 4th district as a bastion of hate and intolerance. 

          1. Poor guy. What should be a slam dunk for MM is turning into a real nailbiter. He probably didn’t sign up for a real contest, otherwise he would have gone to CD7 to work for ROD instead. He clearly missed the humor in my earlier posts.

  8. I’ve been following the posts on the Paccione/Musgrave debate.  I must say it is fascinating to me as a life-long Republican just how sensitive this new crop of Republicans are when their beliefs are challenged.  Having the advantage of age and experience over these apparently young blokes, I feel compelled to throw in my two cents.

    I have been a businessman my entire life.  The party I grew up in no longer exists; at my age I’m not sure I even can muster up the energy to fight the extremism that has permeated both the state and national party.  I believed in small government, that local government was the best government; I belive in the rights of the ordinary man, loathed corporate dominance in any sector, and thought the issues of women’s rights and sexual preference were best left to the individual. I’ve always been very sensitive to the enviroment and how we keep our air and water clean. I am also a devout, tolerant Christian.

    What has my party given us?  No Child Left Behind, the largest ursurpment of local power in the history of our government; we passed an energy bill through Congress worth nearly $13 billion dollars last year supported by our Congresswoman. It was the traditional industries of coal, oil and natural gas that benefitted inordinately from the federal trough, leaving the fledgling renewable industries to divvy up a small portion of the pie.  In light of the overwhelming scientific data that demonstrates that human activity is affecting our atmosphere, the federal administration, enabled by our very own representatives continue to protect these industries from accountability at the same time they are making profits that are almost unimaginable.  We have our struggling rural communities on the eastern plains that are in dire need of new industry like ethanol and wind.  When Amendment 37 was put in to place nearly two years ago, our very own state legislator at the time, Rep. Greg Brophy, opposed the initiative.  This initiative has now given Colorado two of the largest wind farms in America.  Just this past year both our very own Rep. Cory Gardener and Senator Greg Brophy went on record as opposing Referendum C.  Had Referendum C failed, Morgan Community College, Northeastern Junior College and the Community Colleges in SE Colorado (all Congressional District 4 colleges)would have closed. I am an old sage and it is no secret that both Senator Brophy and Representive Gardener take their political cues from Congresswoman Musgrave, who also opposed Referendum C and I believe opposed Amendement 37 on ideological grounds.

    There was much discussion two days ago about the award given by Colorado Farm Bureau to Angie Paccione.  Congratulations Angie.  I have been a member of Farm Bureau for a number of years.  In fact, Congesswoman Musgraves husband is a Farm Bureau insurance agent in our county.  I was taken back by the comments by the two individuals who were taking aim at Farm Bureau.  It is an organization of utmost respect and it’s President is a fine farmer from Washington County.  One might ask why the Farm Bureau which is a conservative, yet thoughtful organization would choose Angie Paccione over Congresswoman Musgrave.  I believe I have at least part of the answer.  I had a friend of the family share with me recently that a letter was sent from the Farm Bureau to the Congresswoman describing their weariness of her near total fixation on gay marriage issues while ignoring eastern Colorado agriculture; there was the promise that if she did not change her focus they could not support her in the next election. I also know that many local sugar beet farmers were stunned by her vote to pass CAFTA.  This was one of the 11th hour votes the administration needed to pass this bill,  and Presidnet Bush counted on Congresswoman Musgrave to support the administration’s policies over the wishes of her constituents.

    All of these things keep adding to my uneasiness in further supporting the Congresswoman.  I have always believed that representatives should first and foremost represent the wishes of their district and not subordinate those responsibilities just because the President needs someone to carry his water.

    This past week Congresswoman Musgrave spoke at a family values convention and made the statement that the most important issue facing America today is the preservation of traditional marriage. I would respectfully disagree with the Congresswoman.  In fact, given the many struggles we face today I’m not sure I would even rate it in the top 10.

    This is what bothers me as someone who worries about his family.  How much longer can we spend like there is no tomorrow?  There was a reference in yesterday’s blog to Angie’s personal finances.  I know people struggle, and I have experienced financial difficulties myself.  I would suggest that Angies issues would likely pale in comparison to the financial disaster that is occuring in Washington under the watch of our current Congresswoman.  I worry about our rural communities in Colorado.  Just when will we have sufficient reform in the utility world so that farmers and communities can reap the benefits of an inexhaustible natural resource?  I had the chance to hear Angie speak earlier this year and she is very vocal about a new energy economy for Colorado.  The flip side for this is that I know the Congresswoman works closely with the fossil industry in this state.  This is not a personal attack on Marilyn (or Bob Beauprez for that matter) but the real world reality is when you take siginificant amounts of money from those industries in your campaign, you will vote their dollars.  It’s just the way politics have become.  Money driven.

    I’d like to close this with the admission that for the reasons above I have decided to vote Democratic for the first in my life.  This is not a personal attack on the Congresswoman, just something I must now do.  I do not believe that statement she made last week in any way reflects the values or the concerns of my family or the 4th congressional district.  Although I do not know Angie, I believe we should give her the chance to show us what she can do.  If Farm Bureau believes in her strong enough to give her their top award, it gives me the confidence to know I’m not making the wrong decision. While her husband, who is a local Farm Bureau agent may not agree with my decision to vote for Angie, I believe we would agree that Farm Bureau is a sterling organization.

    I imagine my comments will be the subject of much tongue lashing by the obvious suspects on this issue.  I have little tolerance for ignorance and don’t intend to debate their ill-philosophies.  It’s a saying in farm country that it’s not a good idea to wrestle with a pig in mud; all you do is get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

    Thank you for your time and the opportunity to give my opinions on these matters.

    1. I really do. At times I get so frustrated with people’s unwillingness, on both sides of the aisle, to take a look at what a politician is doing. This blind faith in leadership is disturbing, and, ultimately, destructive. I do not live in CD-4, nor do I know many of the issues that are discussed and concerned. I can only infer that there are issues that are greater than gay marriage (rather, I hope there are).

      Your post is so spot on that I feel like my complimentary post will do nothing, but be in awe of your common sense. By the way your saying at the end has me laughing uncontrolably, I will have to use it in the future, I hope you oblige.

    2. Your comments, coupled with my knowedledge of her last campaign manager’s (the one from Washington state with the drinking problem, DUI and assult charge)unethical activity has troubled me to the point that I no longer believe I can vote for the Congresswoman.  I’m not sure that I can go so far as to vote Democrat, but we do have a third option in this district with Eric Eidsness, the Reform candidate and former Reagan appointee. I believe the adage “absolute power absolutely corrupts” applies to this congress and I am convinced it’s time for a change. 

      I appreciated the tone and respectfullness of your dialogue.

      1. and am most intrigued about your information.  I’m afraid that if we knew all of the shenanigans that are going on in Congress as we speak we would be either 1) disillusioned to the point of non-participation, which usually bodes well for incumbents, or 2)declare a revolution.  It’s my hope the good people of Ft. Morgan and Greeley (forgive me assumption based on your name) will do the latter.

      2. but thank you for the lead.  I will follow up on his candidacy platform and see what I can conclude. I must admit I hadn’t given him any thought because he is only polling 8%, but a strong showing for a Reform candidate in the district would send a good message to the establishment.

        1. I’d be very interested in carrying on a civil debate with those two participants last week that were calling the Farm Bureau a non-credible ag organization and insinuating they are pushing a gay agenda.  I doubt that the Congresswoman’s husband, who makes his living with Farm Bureau, would appreciate those comments.  I’m also intrigued by the latest news information on the Karl Rove book that is coming out.  I know Mr. Rove was in Colorado earlier this summer for a fundraising event and he has been instrumental in pushing our party’s Family Values agenda.  We now find out that he tried to have portions of this book removed — portions that unveil that the man he has also spoken of fondly — his step-father — has been in a long-term committed relationship with another man after leaving Rove’s mother.  This is what bothers me about the hypocrasy of what is going on now.  And then we have the daughter of the Vice-President in a similar situation.  It just goes to make my point that these matters are best left to the individual.  I doubt the Vice President would want to prevent his daughter from being in a long-term, committed relationship that enjoys the same legal rights that you and I enjoy.

          I’m worried that this post is nearing the bottom of the news leads.  Will we bumped off and unable to carry on this conversation after today?  Is there anyway we can stay in touch?

          1. in your upper right corner, you’ll come to a page that has various headings like “dairies” “comments” and “recent replies.” Click on “recent replies” and you’ll be able to see these new comments. Going back to this original diary is not necessary.

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