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August 05, 2022 12:12 PM UTC

New Dark Money Group Targets Polis with Violent Rhetoric

  • by: Colorado Pols

FRIDAY UPDATE #2: Attorney General Phil Weiser calls for this video to be pulled down and for candidates on both sides to condemn its violent rhetoric:


FRIDAY UPDATE: In a press release, the Colorado Democratic Party calls on Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl to condemn this language:

A new dark money group supporting Heidi Ganahl’s weak run for governor released a video saying they wanted to “put lead on the target” this election cycle, referring to Governor Polis.

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll released the following statement in response:

“In a state that has experienced multiple, horrific mass shootings, this kind of language is not acceptable. The use of violence, even as a metaphor, cannot be a part of normal political discourse. I am appalled at the levels Republicans will sink for political gain. Heidi Ganahl needs to condemn this ad and the group behind it immediately.”


[Original post:  at 2:48 PM MDT]

[mantra-pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left” width=”40%”]Restore the Rockies’ is the best way to put lead on the target and keep it there until November 8.”[/mantra-pullquote]

We got word about a new Independent Expenditure Committee (IEC) that popped up today in Colorado called “Restore the Rockies” that plans to run advertisements and other electioneering communications attacking Gov. Jared Polis and supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl.

This particular IEC lists an official address as a UPS store in Highlands Ranch and appears to be organized by a Utah-based group called McCauley and Associates PC. A quick online search led us to a video that seems to be an advertisement for potential donors who might be interested in contributing to “Restore the Rockies” and the lost cause of a Republican campaign for Governor in Colorado.

Judging from the video, these apparent Ganahl allies are at least as incompetent as the candidate herself — but with a much more sinister tone. We uploaded the video to our own YouTube channel because “Restore the Rockies” will probably try to change the script as soon as someone realizes how terrible it sounds. You can see the entire video at the end of this post; here’s the relevant part and a transcription that follows:

Restore the Rockies” is the best way to put lead on the target and keep it there until November 8. [Pols emphasis]

“Join us in the fight. We can defeat Polis together. Help us restore the Rockies.”


“Put lead on the target” is absolutely disgusting rhetoric. Full stop.

There have been at least 337 mass shootings in the United States in 2022 alone. This sort of violent rhetoric is completely unacceptable in any political campaign and should be immediately condemned by Ganahl herself. We’re not saying Ganahl is responsible for the content here, but no candidate for public office can stay quiet on this subject.

As for “Restore the Rockies,” they might as well just pack up shop and forget about trying to be involved in the 2022 election cycle. Once you use violent, threatening rhetoric about another candidate, anything else you say thereafter is meaningless; you will forever be known as the organization that metaphorically suggested shooting a politician.

The full video can be viewed after the jump below, along with the committee registration information for “Restore the Rockies.”





There are other problems with the rest of the video, including this weird sentence:

“Independent, non-affiliated voters make up a large population of Colorado and will play a key role in this election.”

Maybe it is common in Utah to refer to a subsection of the electorate as “non-affiliated voters,” but in Colorado we refer to these folks as “Unaffiliated voters.”

Here’s the full promo video for “Restore the Rockies”:


15 thoughts on “New Dark Money Group Targets Polis with Violent Rhetoric

  1. Odd … I used to live in Salt Lake City and East South Temple was one of the routes I used to bike up to the University.  So, I went to take a look at the address.

    And then looked at who was there:

    I found that Utah's 2nd district rep, Chris Stewart, has a map that pins his SLC office at

    Salt Lake City
    420 East South Temple #390
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111
    Phone: (801) 364-5550
    Fax: (801) 364-5551

    There is a McCauley & Associates firm nearby.  McCauley & Associates, a CPA firm Address: 370 E S Temple St # 580, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

    Mike McCauley's LinkedIn account says he was the Utah GOP treasurer 1999 until 2014

    Of course, political offices move around and the websites aren't always up to date and accurate.  …


    1. Why is it that every story of  political corruption, financial grift,  and batshittery in the Colorado GOP has Lauren Boebert swirling away at the center of it, like a turd that just won’t flush?

      1. In this case, it is pretty clear — Boebert needed SOMEONE who was competent taking over campaign accounting, and a bit more reading says McCauley & Associates has been doing it for awhile and has a good reputation in the CPA/GOP constellation.

        1. If failing to file compliance reports, and allowing a report to be filed that your client represents a different  state is being a great treasurer, than sure McCauley did an awesome job for Boebert. 

          From that leftwing rag, Forbes.


    2. The McCauly CPA firm lists on its web site a specialization in running campaign back-offices.  So I assume the sponsors of this web site used the firm’s services to set up the site and/or legal organization. And, according to the registration, to act as their registered agent

  2. Violence, violent imagery, denying people the right and/or the ability to vote, achieving through corrupt, self-stacked courts what they could never hope to achieve at the ballot box, lies, intimidation, fear, character assassination, bigotry, racism, facism, authoritarianism, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

    It's all these stunted, monstrous, reprehensible, mentally ill reprobates, felons/future felons and/or traitors have to offer.

    1. I don't think that violence and violent imagery can hold a candle to folks receiving TABOR refund checks in the next couple of weeks.

    2. The fact that these spooky nazis are escalating their use of rhetorical violence in campaign ads at the same time the nation is experiencing a wave of mass shootings and political violence is troubling.  The fact that it appeals to their target audience gives us a hint as to the mental health thereof.  The fact that the official GOP tacitly endorses it….

  3. And what a stupid name for this menacing little clot of fascist grifters. What does it even mean?

    Are they going to plant trees? Revitalize wetlands and burn areas? Un-dam rivers and streams? Help reconstitute degraded wildlife habitat? Tackle air pollution and human-caused global warming?

    Of course we know they promote and represent the exact opposite of these most worthwhile ventures.

    Perhaps they mean they’d like to exhume the old Colorado chapter of the KKK, or slaughter and displace Native Americans again. How about hydraulic mining? Japanese internment camps 2.0? Maybe trapping beavers to extinction once more, and obliterating whole herds of bison with their cosplay military-grade weaponry — this time from the comfort of their coal-rolling, fuel-guzzling SUVs rather than the passenger trains from which they mindlessly, indiscriminately slaughtered them the last time.

    Precisely what is it these radically extreme right-wing outside agitators wish to ‘restore’ for us in a state not their own?

    Hard to say, but we know with certainty what they desperately want to take away from us….

  4. Interested to know if Weiser's weighing in implies that the ad might run afoul of something in the legalistic sphere. No doubt they would claim some type of artistic license, but it doesn't take that much imagination to consider "put lead on the target" as a not-so-thinly veiled reference to assassination.

  5. We have the 2nd best economy in the US, and our Covid response was pretty good. He’s done a decent job by just about every metric.. I don’t understand all the anti-Polis hubbub. Oh wait…

  6. This is all the fascists aka republicans have to offer violence. They're upset that Polis was a very effective governor and makes the CO GOP look like the bumbling redneck fools that they are.

    I hope people wake up to the fact that the GOP is gone and has been taken over by the trumpist/fascist wing of the party and all they care about is power and will do anything to achieve it.

    The next four to eight years in America is going to be ugly as hell, because these racist fascist cucks will try and overthrow the government again.

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