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May 14, 2012 06:48 AM UTC

Colorado Repubs say...Roll back those rules!

  • by: Duke Cox

(We’re not going to need this planet later, are we? – promoted by ProgressiveCowgirl)

A press release from the group, Colorado Conservation Voters, declares a successful year on the environmental lobbying front.

Colorado’s conservation community praised a productive 2012 legislative session, which they entered with priorities to create jobs and clean up our air and water.  Conservationists accomplished precisely that, highlighting two major bipartisan bills passed with wide majorities and signed into law: the Electronic Recycling Jobs Act (SB 133) which creates 2,500 jobs and the Electric Vehicles Act (HB 1258) which will kick start the electronic vehicle market in Colorado.  Conservation groups also turned back harmful legislation which threatened our clean air, water and public health and secured funding for renewable energy which has brought thousands of jobs to Colorado.

That’s great news, of course, to a tree hugger like me, but the part I found most interesting was the list of anti-conservation bills thrown at the legislature by the repubs. I don’t know if this list was published anywhere other than the CCV website, so I will provide it here, after the jump:  



The list of anti-environmental legislation below the list of good bills reads like a Craig Meis wet dream.

Pro-Conservation Bills Passed  

SB 133 – Electronic Recycling Jobs Act – Creates 2,500 jobs, bans electronic waste and protects water by keeping tons of toxic materials out of landfills.

HB 1258 – Electric Vehicles – Kick starts Colorado’s electric vehicle market by increasing the availability of electric vehicle recharging stations.

HB 1032 – Continues forest restoration program for five more years.

HB 1050 – Extends tax check off for non-game and endangered wildlife.

HB 1028 – Extends funding for low income energy assistance.

HB 1315 – Reorganization of Governor’s Energy Office – Provides critical funding to ensure the office remains.  The GEO has been instrumental in making Colorado a recognized leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency, bringing thousands jobs to Colorado.  

Anti-Conservation Bills Defeated  

HB 1172 – Prohibits the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) from considering carbon when making decisions on energy generation.

HB 1121 – Permits the PUC to waive the renewable energy standard.

HB 1102 – Increases cap rate from Clean Air Clean Jobs to 1%.

SB 88 – Pre-empts local governments on oil and gas regulations.

SB 17 – Prohibits the Water Quality Control Commission from adopting rules to regulate water pollution.

HB 1103 – Permits counties to exempt themselves from auto emissions testing as part of compliance with ozone standards.

HB 1322 – Requires the federal government to cede federal lands to the state.

HB 1014 – Reduces funding for repairing bridges and improving transit by reducing vehicle registration late fees.

HB 1066 – Requires counties to allow ATVs/OHVs to be driven on county roads, thereby increasing the likelihood of OHV damage to sensitive public land ecosystems.

HB 1021 – Eliminates state transit and rail advisory committees.

SB 126 – Extends time new vehicles are exempt from air inspections from 4 to 8 years without scientific evidence to show that these vehicles do not break down and pollute as they age.

HB 1136 – Eliminates the ability to provide electric vehicle charging stations at rest areas and RTD park and rides.

HB 1160 – Allows the capture of coal bed methane to be considered a renewable energy source under the renewable energy standard.

HB 1161 – Delays water pollution rules on nitrogen and phosphorus.

HB 1351 – Includes energy produced from gas created by burning waste and methane gas from coal mines in the renewable energy standard.  

It is hard to pick the most absurd of the bunch of anti-conservation bills…I came up with a tie for the two bills that want to re-write science the most….HB1160 and HB1351.

I am sure we can all find a favorite in this crowd.  


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