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July 27, 2022 09:08 AM UTC

Welcome Back Friends To The Show That Never Ends

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Let the slow heavy metal music play:


Steve Bannon and Tina Peters celebrate raising cash for a recount, 7/26/22.

As Colorado Newsline’s Zoe Schacht reports, two Republican candidates for statewide office, who not coincidentally are major proponents of 2020 presidential election fraud conspiracy theories, submitted a second request to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold for a recount of the primary elections they each lost by substantial margins. Joining them in this new request are a few new friends:

After hosting fundraisers and asking for donations to fund a recount of the Colorado primary election, five Republican candidates who lost their races, including Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and state Rep. Ron Hanks, filed recount requests with the secretary of state’s office Tuesday, the last day they could.

Four of the candidates are part of the Colorado Recount Coalition, a group that says it’s “demanding” a hand recount of the June 28 primary.

The secretary of state’s office is due to tell candidates how much a recount will cost them.

The Republican candidates and Colorado Recount Coalition members who filed requests and the offices they sought are Peters, secretary of state; Hanks, U.S. Senate; Summer Groubert, state House District 18; and Lynda Zamora, Colorado Senate District 19. Also filing for a recount was Karl Dent, who lost his race for state House District 21 but is not listed as part of Colorado Recount Coalition.

That’s how it works: once you convince yourself that elections are all fraudulent, and you start telling other people that your loss in the recent election was fraudulent, fellow losers can’t help but start thinking the same thing! Since no evidence is required any more than Donald Trump needed any, GOP sore losership is becoming quite contagious.

This is why Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and state Rep. Ron Hanks should have been stopped by the high cost of a recount conducted in a race outside the narrow margin required for an automatic recount under state law. Last week’s request by Peters and Hanks was met with a cost estimate of over $230,000 per race, followed by silence since neither Hanks nor Peters had that kind of money.

Except now it appears that at least Peters might:

Peters, an election conspiracy theorist who denies the result of the 2020 presidential election, appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast “War Room” Tuesday morning. She said she had raised $190,000 from individual donors in time to request a recount.

That’s right, folks–on election coupmeister Steve Bannon’s War Room program yesterday, Bannon more or less took credit for raising the funds required to conduct a recount for Peters, claiming the “The War Room Posse put their shoulder to the wheel” to raise what should have been a prohibitively large amount of dough to move forward. If Bannon and Peters are to be believed, these funds were raised in small increments within the donation limits for Peters’ race. It’s not clear as of now whether Ron Hanks has also benefited from the “War Room Posse’s” largesse, or where these state legislative candidates plan to get the smaller amounts needed to pay for recounts in their races.

But for Republicans hoping that Peters and Hanks would go away and let the winners of the Republican primary consolidate the base, that’s not going to happen–at least not yet. Remember, none of this is about proving anything–it’s just about keeping the uncertainty going for another news cycle, allowing the mass delusion common to Karl Dent, Donald Trump, and everyone in between to live on.

With help from Steve Bannon’s “War Room Posse,” that mission is accomplished.


7 thoughts on “Welcome Back Friends To The Show That Never Ends

  1. The pursuit of a recount got a little harder with this announcement from the Secretary of State's office:

    Denver, July 25, 2022 – Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has announced the certification of the 2022 Primary Election.

    “I am excited to announce the certification of the 2022 State Primary Election. Once again, Colorado has shown that our state’s elections are safe and secure. From the bipartisan Risk Limiting Audit to bipartisan Canvass Boards, the 2022 Primary Election met and exceeded our high standards of security,” said Secretary Griswold. “I’m proud of the elections team in my office, thankful for the hard work of our County Clerks across the state, and grateful to every voter who cast a ballot. The 2022 General Election is right around the corner, and we’re hard at work to ensure Colorado has another great election!”…

    Each county’s canvass board then signed off on the final results of the Primary Election and submitted them to the Secretary of State’s office by Wednesday, July 20, 2022. There are still a small number of recounts in county and municipal races, which are not conducted by the Secretary of State’s office. Updated totals and official results will be available at the end of the recount process.


  2. As a wise man once said to me: "There's an ass for every seat." Presuming those were small donations, there are apparently a lot of seats!


  3. If she thinks the County Clerks purposely miscounted the votes, how on earth does she figure the second time around they'll do any different?

    Also, isn't it too late to matter? And can she even request a recount at this point?

    1. "If she thinks the County Clerks purposely miscounted the votes, how on earth does she figure the second time around they'll do any different?"

      Because when you are a Q-anon, MAGA imbecile, wisdom is defined as doing exactly the same thing over and over again with the expectation that eventually you will get a different result.

  4. She wants a hand recount? People in hell want ice water. Hand counts are much less reliable than machine counts. And she wants to be SoS? Yeah…no. 

  5. If she really raised that amount of money in legal tender (as opposed to Sovereign Citizen currency or Monopoly money), I find it extraordinary that she found enough fools to give it to her.

    One would think that after the spotlight was focused on Steve Bannon's Build-the-Wall foundation scan, even the MAGA morons would think twice before giving away $$$ which could better be spent on cigarettes, ammo, booze, meth, and that dream vacation to Myrtle Beach.

    Griswold should take the money, give her the recount – which I anticipate would show little if any change in outcome – and tell Peters and her stupid donors, by the way, since the results have already been certified, any variance in the results would not change the outcome.  And no refunds.

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