ICYMI: The Farce Of “Democrats For Heidi”

The press release went out Friday from Heidi Ganahl’s campaign, though most local media missed it:

Heidi Ganahl is pleased to announce a new coalition of Colorado Democrats voicing their support for her campaign for governor. This group is made up of a growing number of Democrats who agree that Colorado is moving in the wrong direction under Jared Polis’ leadership, including Las Animas County Commissioner Luis A. López II, who has endorsed Heidi Ganahl for Governor.

The Democrats for Heidi Coalition is led by Derek Ayers, a Combat Veteran and Medical Services Officer for the 10th Mountain Division and father of two.

“I believe Jared Polis is incapable of unifying Colorado. He does NOT have my best interests or the interests of my children at heart. Polis is divisive and is ruining Colorado for all who call Colorado home.”

On Twitter, Ganahl’s campaign posted photos from the “Democrats for Heidi” launch event Thursday night:

We count a total of nine adults in the photo in the upper left of Ganahl’s Tweet. One of them of course is Ganahl. And in the far left of the photo, there’s another familiar face:

That’s Lynn Gerber, the Republican candidate for Colorado Senate who lost to Rachel Zenzinger in Arvada’s Senate District 19 in the 2020 elections. Gerber is not merely a registered Republican, but a full-blown QAnon wackadoodle who promoted a video about “COVID 911: The DEEP STATE Insurgency” during her campaign.

Understandably, 9NEWS’ Kyle Clark found Gerber holding a “Democrats for Heidi” sign to be a bit curious:

In you’re standing in a photo with seven fellow adults representing themselves as “Democrats for Heidi,” but you’re actually a well-known Republican–memorable if for nothing else than her Boris Johnson in drag hairstyle–there’s no excuse for holding up a “Democrats for Heidi” sign. There’s no way that doesn’t come across as deceptive, because it obviously is deceptive. We haven’t looked into the other seven so-called “Democrats for Heidi” in this picture, but obviously we no reason to presume good faith in any of them now.

Not to mention, there’s only seven.

In maximum fairness, in the release Friday announcing the “Democrats for Heidi” initiative, the campaign disclosed the first names, last initials, and hometowns of (wait for it) twenty-seven “Democrats for Heidi.” We suppose the campaign can rightly claim there’s a valid safety reason for concealing their last names, but of course this makes it much more difficult to verify who they are, whether they support Ganahl, and (key point here) whether or not they’re actually Democrats.

And again, only twenty-seven? That says more than anything.

In every political campaign, even the successful ones, there’s always a ploy or two that misfires.

With Heidi Ganahl, every ploy is a misfire. In this sole and sad respect, she is truly exceptional.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Republicans for Jared makes far more sense since Polis has been good for Colorado business.

  2. unnamed says:

    If I didn't know Lynn Gerber was a candidate against Sen. Zenzinger in 2020, I still would peg her as a fake in that picture.  Heidi REALLY is not good at this.

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      No, she is not. If you watch the 9News clip her 27 endorsements from purported "Democrats for Heidi" don't even list full names so there's no way to verify these people actually exist. It's just a bunch of made-up shit.

      Democrats for Heidi – no such animal.

  3. DavidThi808 says:

    Dogs for Heidi are very excited to voice their support for her.

  4. ParkHill says:

    Are you saying that everyone in that picture is a crisis actor?

  5. Short Stuff says:

    Well, whoever they are, there's a divisive crack in their relationships.

  6. JohnInDenver says:

    Press release says Derek Ayers is leading the group.

    I did a quick search … His LinkedIn profile has been pushing Ganahl social media consistently.  He's a military vet, and has lots of "Wounded Warriors" and "DAV" and "Veterans Administration" material. But reading through, I also found the occasional personal comment, like this one:

    Derek Ayers out of network 3rd+ — 2mo

    Jason Crow is threatening Russia… unacceptable to have a Colorado rep, travel with Pelosi and Schiff, representing Jared Polis administration, using such diffinitive language.

    Polis is Biden’s right hand man. Vote him out of office. And Crow too

    I stopped scrolling after awhile, but came away wondering:  is there a Democrat that he DOES like?

  7. MartinMark says:

    Look at the background, they held the event at a sports book.  Classy!  What, was Hooters already booked?

    The Don't California my Colorado slogan was used by a Polis recall campaign a couple years ago.  So, no, Democrats… I don't think so.

  8. notaskinnycook says:

    Don't you just hate it when someone talks to you like they think you're stupid? That's Hiedi Heidi.

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