Last Call For Lauren Boebert’s Tainted Pork Sliders?

Now-Rep. Lauren Boebert gathering Recall Polis signatures in front of Shooters Grill in Rifle.

The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger reports on the latest threat to freshman GOP wrecking ball of crazy Rep. Lauren Boebert’s infamous Shooter’s Grill in Rifle–and this time it’s not back taxes, COVID-19 restrictions, or even food poisoning threatening to close the doors, but rather a landlord looking for a better quality tenant:

Shooters Grill, the gun-themed Hooters parody restaurant that put Rifle, Colorado, on the map and elevated Boebert to local celebrity status, has run into some trouble with its new landlord—a marijuana retailer. [Pols emphasis]

But her landlord isn’t all that new. And the story, which has gone through several iterations over the last week, isn’t exactly adding up…

She didn’t explain exactly why her business was being kicked out. A person familiar with the arrangement said the property manager felt he had a “moral” imperative to close the business, and had planned to lease the space to another restaurant.

Boebert told The Daily Beast at one point that she and her husband were “at peace” with ending their run, and did not plan to fight the order. But as the plot thickened politically, she bought some time.

After Boebert’s factually-challenged smear campaign against her Republican opponent Don Coram over Coram’s support for hemp agriculture, including silly attacks over “hot hemp” that seem terribly quaint in a legal marijuana state, it’s not hard to understand why a property owner in the marijuana industry might want to find a more agreeable tenant than Boebert’s firearm-themed restaurant.

The choice for the Boebert family seems clear: close the family restaurant which has been by most accounts a huge money loser, or buying the building so that no landlord can send them packing. Given how the Boeberts are doing extremely well financially since Lauren Boebert took office, that ought to be an easier proposition.

But the most interesting part of the whole story could be Boebert hedging her bets:

Now she says she’s entertaining two contradictory options: The original shutdown plan, or buying the building outright from the new owners. She won’t say which she and her husband are choosing until after the primary. [Pols emphasis]

If Boebert holds off Sen. Coram next Tuesday, it’s more likely that Boebert will simply choose to end the era of Shooter’s Grill. After all, between her congressional salary, Jayson Boebert’s paradoxically huge income from the oil and gas industry, and Boebert’s upcoming book that her campaign recently bought $36,000 worth of copies of, Boebert hardly needs the low-profit hassle of running a small-town greasy spoon.

But if Boebert does go down, obviously, she’s going to need a job. Or at the very least, a tax shelter.

That does present a bit of a dilemma for the voters of Rifle, Colorado.

Bad food, or worse representation?

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    How did I miss hearing about the book contract and the publication date of July 12, 2022?   Barnes & Noble's page has an artful description: "Boebert, who has made headlines for her controversial statements before and since taking office, is listed as the author. "

    Amazon has this listing:

    My American Life

    by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (Author), Ted Cruz (Foreword)  Publisher: Bombardier Books.

    How Lauren Boebert, the gun-toting Congresswoman from Rifle, Colorado, joined the fight to make sure we never live in a socialist country…..


  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    The Boeberts have acquired so much pork from their new jobs that they don need no stinking diner.

  3. Blackie says:

    Peter Zeihan, the political and economic predictor, (who is from Morrison by the way), had his fourth book come out in June 14th, it hit the NYT best seller list on the 24th.

    Let us see if Boebert can get anywhere near that record. 

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