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September 19, 2006 12:24 AM UTC

Beauprez Sets Up for Hit on Ritter "Cold Case File"

  • by: Colorado Pols

An unusual press advisory was sent out by the Bob Beauprez campaign today, promising they will “unseal” old cases handled by opponent Bill Ritter during his tenure as Denver DA. These cases, according to the release, have “not been subject to sufficient public examination.”

No links or other information, just a picture of a big manila folder that says “sealed file — do not unseal until 9/19/2006.”

It’s kind of weird as press releases go — this had better be good.


28 thoughts on “Beauprez Sets Up for Hit on Ritter “Cold Case File”

  1. What makes them think that hammering away at his DA record is going to be anymore successful than it has been?

    I think it’s safe to say that we can expect some Willie Horton-style viciousness with this one.

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    This attempt to smear Ritter’s record as DA will just remind Colorado voters how unprofessional and unqualified Beauprez and his staffers are to run a statewide campaign for Governor.

    Watch this fizzle, just like the rest of their lame ideas and bring more negative attention to Both Ways Bob.

  3. After spending the afternoon with a group of Republican farmers at the local coffee shop — I’m convinced there is nothing BB can do to turn their opinion on the Republican party….lights out — these guys are onto the BB campaign and have already had their fill of negative advertising. This is just icing on the cake.

    1. They are straight shooters, and they see right through BS. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than I would like, but they always seem to know when the milk is starting to curdle.

    2. I know of three farmers who have NEVER voted Dem in their life who are voting for Bill this year.  They think he is a straight shooter — and they’ve had it with where the party has gone. If they are any indication of the rest of Colorado it might even start to affect the congressional race in CD-4. My neighbor has a daughter that is an Independent in Larmier County that recently got a call from the Musgrave Congressional Office asking her if there was anything the Congresswoman could do for her.  She was furious that MM has her staff calling from the congressional office.

      I’m predicting this latest move by BB will put Ritter up by 24.

        1. I am checking on that right now. I dont know if it would be necessarily illegal though because congresspeople can contact their constituents and are actively encouraged to do so through their franking expense which comes out of their offices.

          1. but a staffer calling to see if there is anything Muskrat could do for the constituent, don’t think that is illegal.  Could be dead wrong on that.

            I wish my Congressman would call me and ask what he could do for me.  I’m thinking a vacation, nice bottle of Ruffino chianti ’88, free daycare…

            1. here is a link to an article about MM:

              I infer that the campaign contact from her office is illegal because of the clip at the end:

              “Rep. Mugrave appears to have misused the franking privileges afforded Members of Congress by sending a letter on congressional stationary endorsing district attorney candidate Bob Watson. Rep. Musgrave claimed that the endorsement was sent on campaign stationery rather than congressional stationery because the address on the paper was “Suite 777” (the “phantom” campaign office discussed above). In all other respects the stationery used was identical to Rep. Musgrave’s congressional stationery.

              Federal law prohibits the use of franking privileges for campaign material. By mailing campaign material from what appears to be her congressional office, Rep. Musgrave may have violated the law. Therefore, the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct should investigate this matter.”

        2. reps in the house are encouraged to communicate with their constituents, if a LA calls you it is probably to get feedback on their specific issue.  there was downtime a couple weeks ago when congress was out, staffers were probably looking for something to do.

    3. I witnessed two Republican farmers write $1,000 checks to the Ritter campaign at a house party over the weekend. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. They will likely affect the votes of a lot of people in their small town…especially if this negative advertising by BB goes into full swing.  They’ve had enough. 

  4. Beauprez and Trailhead have spent the last five weeks attacking Bill Ritter on radio and TV and what did they get for it, a 17% margin in favor of Ritter.  And they attacked him based on his record as a prosecutor.

    Now Beauprez has chosen to attack Bill Ritter on his home territory, the law and specifically prosecution, something Beauprez knows nothing about and he can’t learn it in 24 hours.  It usually takes three years of law school and then a great deal of hands on experience.  Beauprez is probably either going to trot out a couple of disgruntled victims who didn’t like the outcome of the case or he is going to make accusations he can’t back-up with legitimate facts.  This is a real concern based on the lies BWB and John Marshall have told the newspapers and their supporters.  Once the reporters start asking questions it should turn into a really silly event which will further add to BWB’s downfall.  If Beauprez hasn’t looked at the case files, and I’m betting he hasn’t, how does he know whether the case was mishandled.  If he attacks Ritter because a particular defendant was aquitted, he won’t be attacking Ritter, he will be attacking the jury system and our third branch of government but I forgot, one of the right-wing standard mantras is that all government institutions whether the executive, legislative or judicial are evil and must be destroyed.

    This an act of desperation.

  5. Has anyone seen the latest ad by Bob regarding education?  What the hell is he doing in the barn talking about “shaking up the educational system?” Why isn’t he standing in one of our struggling rural schools delivering that message?  What a contrast to the Ritter/O’Brien ad where they are both IN the school sitting WITH the kids…and talking about 21st century tools like distance learning that will make us (and our rural kids) competitive.  Is he getting his advice from Mr. Ed?????

    1. His ads make me uncomfortable. He’s trying too hard to be casual and laid back. His speech is a bit too slow and somewhat akin to W, whom I think sounds like he has rocks in his mouth.

      I fear the new stuff will be even more embarrassing.

    1. Where is it? If you’re going to send out a teaser like that, you should release first thing in the morning so the press can run with it the next day. This is stupid.

      1. This is marketing 101. Actually, this is marketing 102. Marketing 101 is not lying to the press. Marketing 102 is dont send out a teaser and then dont follow up like you said you would. People lose interest. If this “shocker” is released tomorrow, next week, or post election. It will have little to no impact. BWB’s people really screwed up on this one.

  6.   The old “sealed” files on which Ritter is most vulnerable are those involving his failure to prosecute Denver cops accused of using excessive force and other forms of misconduct. 
      This stunt will boomerang on the Both Ways’ campaign.  Suburban, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant heterosexual men (most of whome are Republicans) who appreciate law and order are not going to lament the fact that Ritter essentially turned the police loose and kept crime from escalating.
      This strategy is predicated on the assumption that African-American and Latino voters (who are more often than not the victims of police misconduct and usually vote Democratic) will refrain from voting from Ritter. 
      But the strategy ignores the fact that many of those white, conservative, suburban men (who are pro-life like Ritter) may see in this tough prosecutor supporting tough cops a second reason to vote for Ritter.  Richard Daily and Frank Rizzo were two conservative Democratic mayors of Chicago and Philadelphia would kept conservative white men in the Democratic Party by running law-and-order platforms.
      Yeah, such a strategy on the part of Both Ways may suppress Ritter’s vote total in north Denver, but at the same time, it will drive Ritter’s numbers up in Douglas, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties!

    1. … if I went down to BWB’s campaign headquarters blasting Ice-T’s “Cop Killer” at full volume? I bet all those R’s are so sick of police brutality that a huge pit would erupt. That’ll show Ritter and those other law-and-order types!

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