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June 07, 2022 01:54 PM UTC

Why are leftists propping up far-right candidates?

  • by: Moderatus

Sage Naumann is the former spokesman for the Senate Republicans, and that means most of you won’t care what he thinks. But today he made some points about the left (and even some who call themselves conservative on this blog) meddling in the Republican primary election that I would like answers for:

This week, leading Colorado progressive group ProgressNow is putting together a “rally” against Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Joe O’Dea, at the Colorado State Capitol. Beyond the clever “No Way O’Dea” catchphrase they’re tagging the event with lies the fact that by attacking O’Dea before the Republican primary has concluded, they are clearly propping up Ron Hanks – O’Dea’s only opponent.

Why does that matter? Because ProgressNow has labeled Hanks as an insurrectionist, a conspiracy theorist, and a racist.

Regardless if one agrees or disagrees with ProgressNow’s assessment of Representative Hanks, the fact is that they are now the largest outside supporter of his campaign for U.S. Senate. They have not scheduled a similar press conference to bash on Hanks. Indeed, they want the “insurrectionist” and “racist” to be the next Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.

If I was a donor to ProgressNow, I’d be livid.

As a Republican who has done all I can to disprove the false idea that the 2020 election was stolen, I’d like to say that I’m surprised at the move. I had thought, however, that the group wouldn’t be as brazen as they’ve chosen to be.

The other day, one of the readers here at Colorado Polis who calls himself a conservative announced he is voting for Tina Peters, who is facing jail time, and Ron Hanks who has raised no money and is running on a platform that the 2020 election was stolen. Like the far left wing socialists at ProgressNow, this “conservative” commentator hopes that Peters and Hanks win the primary so that Republicans will lose.

Here are my questions. How can anyone who calls themself a conservative support candidates that will result in Democrats winning? Secondly, how can any “progressive” take actions they know will hurt the more reasonable candidate in the race and boost the far right? How can they still call themselves progressives?

If you’re a conservative supporting Ron Hanks to punish Republicans, you’re not a conservative. If you’re a leftist helping Ron Hanks defeat Joe O’Dea in the primary, you’re playing a dangerous game AND you have no values.

Prove me wrong.


4 thoughts on “Why are leftists propping up far-right candidates?

  1. you are assuming ProgressNow, "by attacking O’Dea before the Republican primary has concluded, they are clearly propping up Ron Hanks – O’Dea’s only opponent." 

    Do you really think the opinions of an organization called "ProgressNow" is going to sway many voters in the Republican primary?  

    You'd need to ask the people who decided on the catchy slogan and hope they would give an answer to know their intent(s).  My uninformed opinion is the group is campaigning against O'Dea, and using the current interest in reading about him to help "lock in" an impression for the general election.  In short, to try to avoid allowing the possibility of disregarding whatever O'Dea says NOW and letting him redefine himself after the primary. 

  2. Why should I raise even a little finger to "prove you wrong," Moderatus? 

    Why would I want Democrats to win the Senate and Secretary of State races? Because neither Ron Hanks nor Tina Peters are good enough to carry Ronald Reagan's jock strap.

    Hanks and Peters are CINOs (CINO = Conservative In Name Only). Both candidates are frothing at the mouth, anti-democracy, rabid Trumpists and strongly support Christian nationalism.

    Reasonable people who have studied Trump's history; as I have for several decades; know he is a grifting, crooked conman. I've studied the religious right for 40 years. Suggest you look up what Barry Goldwater had to say about the religious right and Jerry Falwell Sr. in particular.

    I suspect that I'm much more of a conservative than you, considering your history of support for Trump.

  3. Methinks thou doth protest too much,… “Propping up” an opposition candidates in order to sow confusion and fragment the votes is an old political  trick, favored by Republicans and Democrats alike. You all are better at it, though. And y’all don’t care much about following the law, either.

    For example: in 2010, Tom Tancredo got more votes than Scott Gessler in the primary, and came within 14,000 votes from Beauprez. So Tommy T being the egomaniac he is, didn’t care that his Constitution candidacy would spoil the chances of more moderate (seeming) candidates. ( They are all lyng, racist anti-immigrant fearmongers-  but Tommy was just more upfront about that. )

    In that race, we Dems didn’t have to do anything except regular canvassing and voter outreach- no negative ads were needed- the Repubs and Tommy’s Cons did all the work of turning off voters, trying to outdo each other in immigrant- bashing. 


    I think that the 2022 election will be much like Colorado 2010- Republicans are beating each other up just fine without our help , so anything we do to nudge the chaos along is just gravy.

    In 2016, Putin’s hackers and operatives spent a fortune flooding Democratic social media accounts with disinformation that Hillary Clinton was murderous, feeble-minded, promoting child molestation, etc. Coupled with this was the push to vote for Jill Stein or any third party candidate to be “pure”. Some of that crap was pornographic and disgusting- I reported it, and it did turn out that those weren’t actual human users. 

    Now it’s no secret on this forum that I was curious about Stein, actually went to hear her speak, but didn’t end up supporting her. I did support Bernie Sanders in the primary, and Clinton in the general. But Putin heavily promoted Stein, inviting her to that famous  dinner in Moscow where she sat with Putin, General Flynn, and other dgnitaries. So of course all that was a Republican plot to fragment the opposition.

    This year, Democrats are just following in those footsteps- democracy is on the line, and all legal tactics are fair game. 

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