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September 18, 2006 06:23 PM UTC

U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar endorses Gail Schwartz for State Senate

  • by: Gail Schwartz for Senate

State Senate candidate Gail Schwartz, who is running for one of the most competitive legislative seats up for election this year, announced Saturday that she had received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Ken Salazar. 

Schwartz, currently a CU Regent representing the 3rd Congressional District, made the announcement while barnstorming through the 5th State Senate District with her campaign chair, former Governor Roy Romer.  In the statement released by his office, Senator Salazar said:

“Gail Schwartz is a person worthy of serving in high office and I support her.  As Colorado Senator, she will champion protecting the water of the Western Slope and the San Luis Valley, addressing our health care crisis and preserving our rural communities.”

In response to the Salazar endorsement, Schwartz stated, “I am humbled and honored to  have received the support of Senator Ken Salazar, and I am particularly proud in light of the fact that the 5th Senate District is the home of the Senator and his family. Senator Salazar’s endorsement acknowledges and reinforces the energy, commitment and integrity that I will bring to the State Senate in representing the interests of the 5th Senate District.” 

The 5th State Senate District covers 11 counties extending from the San Luis Valley in the south to Gunnison, Chaffee, Delta and Pitkin.  Political analysts have dubbed the district as one of the top three senate races to watch as both parties fight to gain the majority in the State Senate.  Presently the Democrats hold a majority in the upper chamber by one seat, 18 to 17.


8 thoughts on “U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar endorses Gail Schwartz for State Senate

    1. Sen Entz is the incumbent.

      All I know is Entz has been involved for YEARS in government and is now fighting for his seat.  Apparently without much help from the Republican party.

      1. I hate to come across as one of those people that refuses to know anything about the outlying areas of their state, but I have no time! And there is so much to know!

  1. I thought he was PROMISED a ton of $$$ from Trailhead but it had not yet materialized.  There was fear that Trailhead wouldn’t put out as promised because they were desperately pumping money in the bleeding Both Ways’ campaign.

  2. Conventional wisdom had both Salazar brothers staying out of this race because Entz had endorsed Ken in the past and took a lot of heat from his party over it.  This is a surprise, and I think is another indicator that Entz will not be back in Denver next January.

    Schwartz is running a strong campaign and is raising a lot of money.  None the less, the Salazar name and endorsement in the Valley is huge.  It takes a lot away from Entz.

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over……

    1. And did not Ken endorse Lew Entz four years ago in this same race, incurring the wrath of the more ideologically pure Democratic liberals for failing to support a fellow Dem?  Perhaps Ken has exhausted his current rations of support for non-Democrats (his endorsement of Joe Liberman post-8/8 primary defeat being the most recent illustration of crossing party lines), and will be rooting for his own team from here on in……..or maybe not.

      1. I just don’t rember for sure. 

        I do know that the R party chair at the time of Entz’s endorsement of Ken Salazar was Both Ways Bob Beauprez.  BWB really read the riot act to Entz for his endorsement.

        As I have often noted on this blog, Colorado Politics gets stranger and stranger – I once described it as feeling like a Fellini movie.  The synergies in all of this are just bizarre.

        None the less, I think this ensures at least an 18-17 Dem Senate, though, this could certainly be the 19th seat for the Dems, and it opens the possibility of a 20 – 15 Dem majority, depending on SD 11 or SD 2.

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