Who Wants To Tell Ron Hanks?

Here’s a clip we were forwarded of a recent appearance by GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ron Hanks along with Secretary of State candidate Tina “OITNB” Peters and multimedia fringestravaganza Sherronna Bishop, talking about a poll that says 80% of readers of some such blog think Hanks is going to win the June 28th GOP primary:

And yes, despite the fumbling between our name and that other Colorado politics blog, they’re talking about our online poll from last week! Flattering though it may be to us to know our friends on the right still read this blog, now we’ve got to disclaim clearly that this poll is totally unscientific, subject to anonymous abuse and whim and “script kiddies” and any number of other flaws we haven’t even bothered to research let alone stand behind for accuracy. Our unscientific web polls are solely for the purpose of provoking discussion, and every time that successfully happens we’re thrilled on general principles. Like this time.

So if Hanks doesn’t win the June 28th primary like 80% of our readers appear to believe, please don’t start the revolution.

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  1. kwtree says:

    The consolation prize is that District 60 will be better represented, one way or another. 

    Loren doesn’t have much choice – looks as though he won’t be returning to District 60 when his term ends. He wasn’t redistricted out – he lives in Cañon City, right in the middle of the redrawn district 60. But he’s not running to represent it in 2022. I don’t know if the redrawn district is more moderate, or if he just likes a bigger megaphone, but Hanks is apparently going all in on the Senate bid instead.

    Stephanie Luck, formerly of District 47, is a relatively sane Republican ( low bar)  who will represent those D60 constituents better. She’s virulently anti-choice and wants  to report all abortions to state vital statistics. She’s a COVID conspiracist and an election truther. But other than that, she has a pretty low profile in the legislature. So under the principle of “Do No Harm”, Luck would be better than Hanks.
    The Democrat in the race, Kathryn Greene, would be better, but apparently Dems aren’t even phoning it in for her. 

  2. Voyageur says:

    Ron Hanks is the choice of the commie liberal crowd — and he's proud of it!

  3. JohnNorthofDenver says:

    It sounds like Hanks is unenthusiastic either because he knows the source or is unenamored by Sherronna Bishop.

    Bishop sounds like she is 100 of the 200 votes. 

    Personal read on Sherronna Bishop… she's friendless.  Alienates people, needs to be center of the fight, fear of abandonment.

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