Rep. Dave Williams Has Already Been Out-Jackassed

Rep. Dave Williams (R).

As Colorado Newsline reports, Colorado’s hardest-trying edgelord in the Colorado House of Representatives, Rep. Dave Williams, just pulled the world’s least clever press stunt masquerading as a court case:

Williams, a state representative who is running in Colorado’s 5th congressional district to unseat incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn, wants his name to appear as “Dave ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Williams” on the June primary ballot, arguing that Colorado law allows candidates to use widely-used nicknames…

Williams submitted his request for his ballot designation on April 4, two days after securing the top-line spot for the primary election with 74% of the delegate vote. Secretary of State Jena Griswold then rejected the request to include the nickname, claiming “Let’s Go Brandon” is a slogan and not a nickname.

Now, Williams wants the Denver District Court to compel Griswold to print his purported nickname on the primary ballot.

We evaluated the pros and cons of mentioning this nonsense at all before deciding that the news day was sufficiently slow to we guess justify it. It’s unfunny derivative trash that’s clearly electioneering, and underscores the silliness of the recent court ruling upholding another obvious political catchphrase as a “nickname” suitable to identify a candidate on the ballot.

And yes, a big slice of the Republican primary electorate in CD-5 will absolutely love it. Maybe enough to fill in the box next to it because why the hell not. It’s a sad statement about today’s political culture that breaks much too cleanly on partisan lines.

If Rep. Williams wants to really impress us, though, there’s another step he needs to take.

Talk to us when Williams proves his MAGA devotion like “Romney Face Tattoo Guy.”

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  1. AuroraPolitico says:

    No one in the history of ever has once referred to Dave Williams as 'Let's Go Brandon'. 

  2. Thorntonite says:

    Send him the paperwork to officially change his name.

  3. spaceman2021 says:

    Dave "Let's Go Brandon" Williams' counsel?  Of course, it's Scott Gessler

  4. JeffcoBlue says:

    What an idiot Romney Face Tattoo Guy feels like now that Romney is a traitor too. He just hated Obama that much!

    • Lauren Boebert is a Worthless POS says:

      Which Romney?

      Rona Romney McDaniel may be a traitor. At a minimum, she clearly is a Trump ass-kisser.

      Her uncle, however, has grown a set of balls since losing to Obama.

  5. Chickenheed says:

    I need someone to interview him and repeatedly refer to him as Representative Letsgobrandon but emphasize the syllables differently so it sounds something like Letsgob-ran-don.

    What a, and I say this with all the respect Williams has earned,  fucking idiot.

  6. davebarnes says:

    Dave “Asshole” Williams

    How could he object?

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