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April 08, 2022 02:50 PM UTC

Hold On to Your Hats, Republicans!

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: This is going well:


UPDATE: Over in CO-07, it looks like Republicans will have a three-way Primary on their hands. Erik Aadland (63%) and Laurel Imer (34%) both made the ballot through the assembly process. One other Republican candidate, demon enthusiast Tim Reichert, made the ballot via the petition route.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder…

Incumbent Republican Congressman Ken Buck (R-Greeley) damn near failed to make the Primary ballot at today’s GOP congressional assembly for CO-04, finishing with about 38% of the vote. As Sandra Fish of The Colorado Sun reports via Twitter:

Republicans are also holding assemblies for CO-02, CO-03, and CO-07 today. Given the craziness that has already ensued in other Republican assemblies, we could be in for a wild day on Saturday as the GOP selects nominees for Governor and U.S. Senate.


23 thoughts on “Hold On to Your Hats, Republicans!

    1. Roger might well have won the nomination against the trio of idiots contending for it now.  But Brittany Petersen would kick his butt in November.

      Go Baal.  Take state!

    2. THIS is the election cycle in which Roger Edwards should have run for Congress.

      Opportunity knocks, but ya gotta open the goddamn door! It's not every day one gets the opportunity to live the RepubliQan dream of banging on the table and screaming about the evils of taxation while collecting nearly $200K per year in taxpayer money.

  1. What's the deal out there? Is "Buyer's Remorse" Buck no longer trumpy enough for the smooth-brained of Eastern Colorado? If so, that Bob Lewis guy must be truly horrifying.

    1. Buck backed Liz Cheney when Republicans wanted to oust her from leadership over her support of small-d democracy and lack of support for the Big Lie.

      Liz’ father, Dick Cheney, was Ken Buck’s mentor, during the Iran-Contra coverups, when Buck was just a young lawyer with no shit on his boots. So daddy Cheney called in the favors owed – that’s my reading. 

      And now Buck is getting primaried, as revenge for doing the right thing by Liz Cheney…No good deed goes unpunished.


  2. Bob Lewis, whoever he is, has not filed a report with the FEC to run for House CD4. 

    The only “Robert Lewis” I could find was this guy, (Robert Lewis Dear,who is locked up in the Pueblo mental hospital, after he murdered three people at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in 2015).

    Unfortunately, it’s not beyond belief that today’s GOP would choose that Robert Lewis to primary Buck in CD4.

  3. From Marshall Zelinger: Court says unaffiliated voters can still vote in primaries. 😁

    This makes the QOP sad cuz they have to appeal to sane people, too. Democrats: (shrug)


    1. They won’t appeal to sane people. They are angry because they believe that it’s a massive conspiracy that democrats and unaffiliated vote for Republicans out of the mainstream who won’t pursue ending abortion, increase persecuting gays, spend millions on firing superintendents without cause, firing police chiefs without cause, creating a conservative thought indoctrination center at CU… 

  4. Dude who got like 42% at the GOP assembly for Attorney General despite not yet being legally able to practice law in Colorado also was not a registered Republican. Can't make this stuff up – from Jesse Paul of CO Sun on the twitter machine:

    The @cologop has invalidated Stanley Thorne's spot on the Republican attorney general's primary ballot because he is registered as an unaffiliated voter.

    1. That's not very nice of them. How will they ever grow their party if they do not accept new members?

      Does he check off the four boxes on the application that really matter: (1) white, (2) male, (3) heterosexual, and (4) slavishly devoted to Donald Trump?

      Party affiliation and law licensure are secondary and tertiary considerations.

      Where they go one, they go all! 

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