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March 06, 2012 04:00 PM UTC

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Your Local Caucus

  • by: Middle of the Road

Yep, it’s here. It’s Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 and it’s caucus day for the Democratic Party. Some of you have state house or state senate primaries. Some of you don’t. Half of you don’t have so much as a single primary, even on a local county commissioner level this year. And you’re thinking to yourself, so what’s the point of showing up?

Here’s the point. It’s time to get organized. It’s time to get involved. It’s time to see those folks that you only see every two or four years (they’ll be wearing name tags so don’t panic if you blank out and your social skills abandon you.)

It’s time to push back. Hard. Maybe harder than we ever have before. Push back against an agenda that is set on undoing just about every single good thing that has happened in this country in the last 45 years.

Does that sound like a dire overstatement? It isn’t. If you’re a Democrat, it’s your reality.

So get off Facebook, get off your ass, get off the phone, stop watching MSNBC, stop listening to your AM radio and get to caucus. Catch a ride, take a bus, carpool. Walk. Crawl. I don’t care how you get there. Just get there. And stand up, speak out and volunteer to get out the vote.

Trust me, you’ll be there an hour tops–plenty of time to zip back home and watch the Avalanche kick Minnesota’s butt, Part Deux.

If you don’t know where your caucus location is today, go to the Colorado Dems website, click on “Where Do I Vote” and type in your street address and zip code. If you have any difficulty finding your location, call 1-800-311-8683.

I can’t make this any easier for you. It’s your choice whether to sit on the sidelines and bitch for the next 9 months or actively participate.

I’m choosing to participate. What are you choosing to do?


24 thoughts on “Turn On, Tune In, Drop In…to Your Local Caucus

  1. President Obama will be our candidate regardless of whether or not any Colorado Democrats go to the caucus or support him.  It is locked in stone.

    If you expected a lot more from Obama and our Washington D.C. Democrats, you have one option that won’t hurt Obama’s reelection chances in the least but might help you get what you want in 2013.

    Since no one is challenging Obama, our Democratic Caucus will nothing more than a Pep Rally for Obama, with nothing said in the Media about what we expected of him and didn’t get from him.  To get the attention of The Media and thereby Obama and other party elites…

    You can “Stay Home” or attend as “UnCommitted”

    and the results will be reported as Democrats

    unhappy with his performance.

    You can still Vote For Obama In November or contribute money or work for him.

    Staying Silent is not an option Unless You Want More Of The Same Democratic Cowardice after January,

    Such As:  Failure to Prosecute Bush/Cheney Administration Torture, War Crimes, WMD Lies  and corruption; Failure to fight for Single Payer or Public Option, instead selling out to the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Corporations;  Failure to hold Wall Street accountable for the housing disaster;  Failure to regulate the Banks;  Failure to repeal the Patriot Act abuses;  Failure to End the 10 year plus-Endless War on Terror;  Failure to cut military spending and divert the money in rebuilding our infrastructure;  Failure to stand up to the Generals;  Failure to End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich;  and Obama’s Failure to Veto NDAA and Senate Democrats disgusting Failure to stand up for our Constitutional Rights.

    There is a long list of disappointments.  Making the point at caucus that a great many Democrats are not happy will go a long way to getting different results after January 2013.

    If at least 15% of your caucus is UnCommitted your precinct can send delegates to convention for UnCommitted.  It will give you some power to change policy.

    The Caucus really Starts at 6:30 pm, as you need to get signed in before the 7:00 pm start of caucus

    You can present resolutions to be voted on by your caucus for inclusion in the party platform.   You can offer a proposed platform plank for any topic you wish.  To read the existing state party platform go to http://coloradodems.ngpvanhost

    To read your county party platform go to your county party web site.

    My impression is that the State Party will try to greatly reduce the number of planks this year, especially those Obama and Washington Democrats don’t want to deal with, such as prosecuting Bush/Cheney and Torture Lawyers.  Or repealing the Patriot Act and NDAA.  Make sure your plank makes it into our State Party Platform.  Keep it short.  And then raise hell if it doesn’t make it into the national party platform.

    Even if you don’t have the time to attend caucus Obama will still be our candidate and you can vote for him in November.

  2. A Democratic Party that Refuses To Prosecute TORTURE is disgusting and Terrifying.

    Help get a plank in our platform demanding Obama prosecute Bush, Cheney and all of their Torture Lawyers.

    America has very clear Federal Laws against torture and it is time that Obama stand up for a nation of laws.

  3. That we didn’t get everything we wanted the first 4 years.

    But the whining about what didn’t happen looks foolish in light of what the President did accomplish despite the teabag take over in Congress and over 300 republican filibusters in the Senate.

    I wanted shooter, uncle awol, all of that rotten gang in chains, but that simply isn’t going to happen. It’s not realistic.

    I know not re-electing President Obama is not an option.

    We have a great opportunity to take back the House and keep the Senate, giving the President what we need to move the country forward.

    The republicans have given us the gift of revealing what they are through their leader, Limbaugh.

    Life’s about seizing opportunities and we can start by showing absolute focus and solidarity tonight.

    Here we go.

    1. That ought to be a sig line.

      Life’s about seizing opportunities and we can start by showing absolute focus and solidarity tonight.

      Here we go.

      1. Yes there is a substantial difference between the two parties. But if the Democrats use that as an excuse to continue to sell out to everyone with a large enough checkbook, then we’re continuing to have Washington owned by Wall St and Colorado by the O&G companies.

            1. to have exactly the discussion you want to have. Lots of other people go with the same agenda, and you can complain all you want, and it will actually have some effect (unlike everything that’s said here).

              So did you go? Or was spending three hours complaining about Obama and Bennet a waste of your time? If so, why waste time here complaining about Wall Street to people who remember all the months you spent fluffing Ken Buck?

              1. You replied:

                Go play with John K, Dave

                I guess what’s good for you is reprehensible from me.

                My concern is not discussing things with elected officials. It’s that I didn’t want to end up talking to a close minded individual like you – there’s no benefit to the discussion.

    2. Politics is always – and only – about choices.  Because of the media saturation in recent months by Republicans, each trying to outdo the others’ extremism, there should be no doubt among those who possess a healthy dose of rationality what we need to fight for this year.  Asking President Obama or Democrats to be perfect does not in any way reduce the true threat to this country that the Republican Party presents right now.  We are not perfect, but we are rational and we understand that we must move forward as progressives, not try to return to a time that never was.

  4. Unhappy about ONE person who represents you in the WHOLE of City, County, State, and Federal Government? Don’t go to caucus.

    How more myopic can this advice be? In Lakewood, there IS a contest for HD 28. But caucus isn’t JUST about nominations and it is especially about more than nominating the President as MOTR pointed out. It’s a place to get organized, to get to know your fellow Democrats, to make sure that we do our part to give the President a Congress he can work with, to bend the arc of history a little more toward justice even when we can’t get EVERYTHING we want. To hear the names Casey Tighe, Irene Griego, Andy Kerr, Brittany Pettersen, and Brian Carroll and realize that governance isn’t only about what happens in DC and it is definitely more than the talking points made by talking heads on television.

    Caucus is going to have naturally low attendance simply because their isn’t a sexy top of the ticket race. Those of us trying to organize the grassroots don’t need to be hindered further by idiotic suggestions to send a message by shooting ourselves in the foot.

      1. They could have been elected precinct committee person, which could lead to a role as a county party officer, which could lead to a role at the state level or even election to be a DNC representative.  Or they could have been elected as a delegate to the county assembly and convention, which opens up possibilities for election to state assemblies and conventions, which in turn could lead to election to the national convention.

        But those are missed opportunities if you stayed home tonight.

  5. There just aren’t that many important decisions facing Democrats at their caucuses in many parts of the state.  HD-1 and HD-9 will have intraparty contests, as will a few other Democratic state legislative races statewide.  But, most of nomination contests that the caucuses start in motion are foregone conclusions.  If you hate disagreements, this is your year to caucus.

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