Not An April Fool’s Joke: “Poop Guy” Alex Walker Is For Real

One of the less graphic scenes from “Poop Guy” Alex Walker’s campaign launch video.

When we first were shown the well-produced but shockingly graphic campaign launch video for Alex Walker, a previously unknown Democratic candidate running in the CD-3 primary to challenge GOP freshman outrage epicenter Rep. Lauren Boebert, we’ll be perfectly honest: we thought it was fake. If you haven’t seen this video, and we still haven’t worked up the courage to watch it a second time even though it’s received almost half a million views, suffice to say that it will challenge your intestinal fortitude in ways you can scarcely imagine.

But in a press release today, “Poop Guy” Alex Walker answers critics who say he’s not a legitimate candidate with a strong fundraising performance in a short period: a sign that even though we couldn’t stomach Walker’s copro-tastic launch video, plenty of viewers slurped up the message.

Today, Alex Walker announced that he’s raised an impressive $128,796 in just over one month since launching his campaign to defeat right-wing extremist Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s third congressional district. The grassroots effort is powered by small-dollar donations, with an average donation of $32 from nearly 3,500 individual donors. The campaign has roughly $50,000 cash-on-hand. Walker, the first Democrat to qualify for the June primary, is on track to raise millions of dollars to take down Boebert in the general election.

“This is just the beginning. We’re electrifying people across Colorado and around the country who want real change brought to the third congressional district,” said Walker. He added, “Thanks to the thousands of donors supporting our campaign, Lauren Boebert’s days of embarrassing our state, unapologetic bigotry, and wasting taxpayers’ time achieving nothing in Congress are soon coming to a close. This campaign is all about one thing – victory. I’m the best candidate to beat Boebert, and today we’re one step closer to sending this lunatic packing.”

…After his launch video received national media attention, Walker’s candidacy took off and showed he’s taking the fight directly to Boebert.

“We’ve received a lot of praise and criticism for the video,” said Walker. “I’ve concluded that people want more. Stay tuned.” [Pols emphasis]

All we can say is, God help us.

Whether “Poop Guy” can convert the attention he got for his campaign launch video into long-term competitiveness in the CD-3 Democratic primary is anybody’s guess, but if nothing else he’s given the world a brain-searingly unforgettable counterweight to Boebert’s daily onslaught of awfulness. That we suppose is a service even if it doesn’t get Alex Walker personally over the finish line first in the primary.

For the next video, we’ll know not to watch near meal times.

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Definitely "in your face" political advertising.  Who knows …. maybe it will work in CO-3.

    Here's hoping he can make a turn to also clarify how he will

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    People need money, money

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    People need understanding
    People need freedom
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  2. Genghis says:

    Gonna be a long 10 years for Dems in that district.

  3. Voyageur says:

    Lauren Boebert as the lesser of two evils?  Will wonders never cease?

  4. gertie97 says:

    Resort town Democrats couldn't win the 3rd even back when it was still hospitable to Democrats. Now that it leans heavily R, somebody out of Glitter Gulch is toast.

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