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March 27, 2022 10:55 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

No slapping, this is a family show.


36 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. Sure, if Ali were a girl. Smith apologized later to the Academy, but not to Chris Rock. Smith’s wife, Jada, has alopecia, so is bald now. Rock joked that she would be in “GI Jane 2”.

      Let’s all forget about politics and burrow into the security of celebrity gossip. 

    1. If you think slapping another man in the face on tv is outrageous behavior, wait until I tell you about the people who tried to overthrow the government.

      1. Yeah, it was everywhere. And, sure it was stupid.

        But, rich people do lots of stupid things. I guess it is just that thing about billionaires mistreating millionaires. Hard for me to take a side.

        More Gaga and Liza, less Will and Chris, please.!

  1. The Oscars non-news for Colorado — David Sirota did NOT win for work on a film.  I was told Emily his spouse (my Representative) was not at a meeting because she was in LA for the Oscar awards show. 

  2. Biden's statement about Putin "this man cannot remain in power" reflects what we all believe. It will be repeatedly used by propaganda master Putin on Russian media as clear evidence that the West wishes to defeat Russia. He'll use it to build national sentiment and deflect from the genocide in Ukraine.

    1. I think Biden's comment was brilliant. It clearly came from the heart and is what we all (except Trump & Carlson) are thinking.

      I was not wild on Biden. I expected him to be a good caretaker president returning us to a semblance of normalcy. I wanted more, but I'll take that.

      But he's shown himself to be equal to this existential challenge. I am so glad we have him as our president. Not just for that speech, but for his actions too building immense support for Ukraine.

    2. It wouldn't have raised an eyebrow but for Russia being Russia. Certainly Dubya's ultimatum to Saddam Hussein generated little response despite the pretense for the war being false. Or the EU's demand for Gadaffi's ouster. Or…

  3. While everyone is talking about Will Smith/Chris Rock…I'm all Lady Gaga whispering to an obviously struggling Liza Minelli, "I've got you."

    Most touching moment of an Oscar Ceremony in a very long time….

  4. Can’t we just enlist Ben Kuck’s Julesburg Jihad to take on these zany Corn 🌽 Huskers with bulldozers? Maybe our little watermelon farmer can enlist his army of fearless watermelon hunters to shore up Ovid? 

    Nebraska wants to build a $500 million canal over the border. Can Colorado stop it?

    That includes the great-great-grandparents of Jay Goddard, whose big white Suburban is fishtailing around the edges of the cemetery and through the muddy remnants of the last canal Nebraska tried to dig in Colorado. Goddard, a fifth-generation farmer, points out century-old footprints of the canal Nebraska wants to revive. Goddard’s ancestors likely got a kick out of watching 600 Nebraskans with shovels, struggling to sculpt the rolling hills into a waterway before they finally gave up and went home in 1894. 

  5. Doesn’t that guy know water’s for fighting over? When we’re in a “persistent dought” I don’t think we’re going to be feeling generous with the little water we’ve got. Let Nebraska solve their own problems.

  6. Months ago when Pfruit was parading around as a supply chain expert we discussed the work of Ryan Petersen of @Flexport and his 21st-century ideas of how to build a resilient supply chain.  He's landed himself on the cover of the current edition of Forbes.  Turns out that Brandon (whose doing an apt job on the world stage right now) wasn't the core problem.  Who'd have thunk?

    Flexport Is Silicon Valley’s Solution To The Supply Chain Mess—Why Do Insiders Hope It Sinks?

  7. Here's one for the "At Least He Isn't Your State Senator" file. Seems Sen. Bruce Bostelman (R-Of Course) took to the floor of the Nebraska Senate to explain "furries" to his colleagues. And hoo wee, what a goddamn mess.

    1. There are students who constantly wear cat or other animal ears. Being a “furry” is a fashion statement, another silly thing adolescents do to stand out from the crowd. They understand that they are biological human beings, not critters. 

      Apparently Bosterman does not remember his own teen years, nor understand fashion. But his rant about “furries” is really just an attack on trans kids, and an attempt to avoid accommodating their changing names and pronouns, let alone bathrooms and sports team issues. 

      1. Approaching from a different direction, these young people are examining the phenomenon native Americans call "the Totem".

        Most people are aware of "totem poles" as a tall obelisk with one animal on top of another. This symbol is part of the native understanding that each of us has a special relationship to another animal. That animal is our totem and discovering which animal that is and studying its ways will help unlock a better understanding of yourself.

        I watched a report about "furries" somewhere, and as memory serves, they have a metaphysical relationship with the animal they select to emulate. The fashion thing is an undeniable attraction, but I got the idea it goes a little deeper than that.

        It is likely I completely misunderstand the whole thing…but I think it is interesting. And the furries are cute. 


  8. Public charter and “innovation” schools must treat teachers equitably, the Denver School Board ruled March 25. Charter and Innovation schools must

    • Follow the teachers union contract, which guarantees a duty-free lunch, a maximum class size of 35 students, an arbitrator to settle grievances, and more.
    • Abide by the state law that grants teachers Colorado’s version of tenure, known as non-probationary status. Teachers with non-probationary status have job protections if they are laid off and the right to due process if they are fired.

    This reform is much  needed, and hopefully, other school districts will follow suit. I’ve subbed at various charter schools, and seen and heard how teachers are often abused, taking on more classe with  no planning periods, being subject to administrator whims and favoritism, and more. 

    “I don’t think we need to sacrifice teacher rights as a means for innovation,” [Board member] Laurvick said.

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