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February 24, 2012 09:33 PM UTC

Spread The Word: Women Who Get Abortions Should Be "Put To Death"

  • by: Colorado Pols

We talked Wednesday about the testimony in favor of a bill specifying “crimes against an unborn child,” Colorado House Bill 12-1130, in the House Judiciary Committee from one Bob Enyart of Colorado Right to Life. In that discussion, we juxtaposed Enyart’s comparatively mild testimony in favor of HB-1130, noting the “abortion neutral” language and scoffing at opponents’ “hyper-concern” over the possibility the bill could be a step toward outlawing abortion, with comments from his own talk show arguing that women who have abortions should be “put to death.” We reposted an excerpted version of this Youtube clip of Enyart’s remarks.

Yesterday, we were notified that our video clip was being removed from Youtube:

We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from Bob Enyart Live, Inc. claiming that this material is infringing:

Bob Enyart on women, abortion, and the death penalty…

Please Note: Repeat incidents of copyright infringement will result in the deletion of your account and all videos uploaded to that account…

Now folks, what we did was edit a four-minute publicly-available Youtube video clip of a much longer program down to the relevant minute or so of footage for our purposes. It’s a perfectly acceptable fair use of that video. But since Youtube’s policies on this sort of thing don’t really favor our position, we simply extracted the audio from this clip into a convenient .MP3:

Can’t see the audio player? Click here.

Note we’ve further edited the original to include a clear “beep” between the two segments we clipped. At a mere 550k, it’s easy for us to host this audio clip right here, no Youtube necessary! If you’d like to download the file at absolutely no charge, and under the circumstances we’d say please go ahead and download it, right-click here and select “save as.”

And just so we’re all clear on what Bob Enyart of Colorado Right to Life is saying in this apparently extremely valuable intellectual property, here again is our transcript:

CALLER: Do you think women who have an abortion should have the death penalty, and if so, could you give me like one or two Scriptures in the New Testament…

ENYART: Alright. Uh, yes, but ex post facto law is wrong…

So, do we have to put 30 million women to death? No. But we say, like in Colorado–Colorado, the law was, abortion equaled manslaughter. And Colorado did arrest and prosecute, convict and punish at least one man that I know of for manslaughter because he performed an abortion. So it should be murder, abortion on the law should be murder, and if you commit murder you get put to death. And if the woman is a willing accomplice, she also would be put to death. As a result, literally, no one, you’d go many years and there’d be no abortions at all. [Pols emphasis]

CALLER: Yeah, that makes sense.

ENYART: There might be one abortion in years. And you find those people and you put them to death, [Pols emphasis] and as a result, you would save the lives of thousands of thousands–millions of innocent children.

Bottom line: it’s our opinion that our display of this freely-available material, properly excerpted and cited, amounts to fair use under federal copyright law. Beyond that, we believe the statements of CRTL spokesman Bob Enyart, calling for women who undergo abortions to be “put to death,” should be widely disseminated in the public interest–at least as long as Mr. Enyart sees fit to testify in favor of legislation regarding “crimes against unborn children.”

And we won’t be taking down the audio clip, folks. If Mr. Enyart wants, he can learn the hard way how misusing copyright for censorship has a tendency to backfire.


24 thoughts on “Spread The Word: Women Who Get Abortions Should Be “Put To Death”

  1. The truth is out there whether the Enyarts or Newt if-You-Quote-Me-In-Context-It’s-Still-a-Lie Gingrich like it ot not.  Facts don’t have a liberal bias.  Repugs just make it seem as though they do.

  2. That doesn’t account for illegal abortions in countries where women/children are stoned to death for being raped. Africa sees an estimated total of 5 million illegal abortions every year. American lady jail, or Somalian militant justice? Maybe women just think differently than I do.

    I don’t suppose it would help to point out where abortions, legal or not, decrease, would it? I’ll give a hint: the countries have mostly free health care and wide access to birth control in common.

    I’m all for saving babies. So let’s save babies. Socialist health care for everybody! (Is that redundant?)

  3. 1. Enyart speaks for himself, no one else.

    2. Enyart has the right and obligation to defend his copyrights.

    3. This isn’t your first copyright problem, is it Pols? Maybe you’re the ones who should be careful.

    1. It’s funny to me that you have such an issue with that and assign it to something/one else when no one else did. He says the bill is fine, but has a different idea of “fine” than 3/4 of the state. Blog didn’t force him to testify.

      YouTube policy doesn’t mirror copyright law exactly. Nice threatening anyway. If you’d like to explain how this is a “copyright problem”, please look over the law and feel free to do so. I’m sure the random blog you can’t stop masturbating on would love your unqualified advice.

    2. or it wouldn’t be getting scrubbed, would it, ArapG?  

      The fact is, only anti-abortion candidates need apply in today’s GOP but they are all scared to death of being cornered into answering a simple question: What do they think the penalty for women should be if they get their way and abortion becomes illegal?  

      But I get it. You’ve got your whistling past the graveyard spin orders to follow. Talk about lame.  The farther to the extreme wacko right your clown car inmates force each other to go, the better Obama does against any and all of them in polls. Waah!  

        1. Who knows if anyone there even has a registered account, much less which? Someone is reading Pols who has a relationship to this “gentleman,” clearly. I work in social media myself, and typically at that type of organization, monitoring of blogs is a task assigned to interns. I’m merely expressing my doubt that Bob Enyart, who favors the death penalty for women who get abortions, is personally monitoring Pols for mentions of himself.

          1. for rotating guest front page editors who are elected by fellow posters. You probably couldn’t find it with the google because the site’s hegemony doesn’t extend all that far.  

  4. ArapaGOP (and JeffcoGOP, DougcoGOP and the rest of your brethren) can kiss the suburban Republican woman vote goodbye with this crap. You never learn, do you?

    1. unaffiliated over recent cycles. I know plenty of them.  Quite a few live within a couple of blocks of me in a neighborhood that used to lean heavily R but is now closer to even thirds of U first then R then D. Used to be R first and the Us who were mainly R lite, with Ds seriously trailing.  Not so much anymore.  Some of their husbands have switched, too. Some of the Us have gone all the way to D. This is a south suburban neighborhood where people mainly see themselves as pretty moderate and not terribly partisan or tuned in to politics and in the 80s and 90s skewed heavily R in their voting.  They’ve gone for many Ds at various levels in cycles since.

      Bear that in mind when you see polls showing support among R women for whatever. Many of the ones who would be against are no longer R women at all and the remaining group of R women are more conservative than R women on average used to be.

      1. Probably all of them, if there are many universes. I wonder a lot about what goes through the collective GOP’s head. Do they think eggmendments failed because they didn’t go far enough? Have they not put the fall in suburban birth rates and birth control together? Maybe they think women aren’t putting out because they’re sick to death of working instead of being barefoot and pregnant for half their lives. Until men fix it, I’ll tell you what.

        Aren’t you supposed to be enjoying the weekend? Step away from the keyboard (while humming “Bad Cat, bad Cat, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the internet weekend police come for you?”).

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