Gov. Polis has an admirer at The Bulwark

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This week, The Bulwark’s Tim Miller shares an interview teaser for an episode of Not My Party on Snapchat  (in his own style) and writes an article about Jared Polis.

In the article, the theme is “Look to the Colorado governor for a model of how you can build a coalition of the normal and decent.”

it has been Polis, more than maybe any other Democrat in the country, who has succeeded at delivering for Colorado on the central promise of the Joe Biden presidency—one that has consistently flummoxed the president himself: returning a bit of normalcy to our tumultuous partisan politics.

Polis has brought down the temperature, brought politicians from across the aisle into the fold, and governed in a way that appeals to (or at least earns grudging acknowledgement from) many Republican voters.

In a midterm year looking ugly for Democrats, Polis is running for re-election—and that normalcy is paying big dividends for him.

Interesting to read a conservative, never-Trump, political orphan gay man talking about about a not-conservative, never-Trump, gay man who is a Democratic governor.

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    The word in the title should be "Bulwark" (without the quotes).

    I saw the article. It was well done. Our governor would be a formidable candidate in 2024 if Biden doesn't run. I had hoped to be more impressed with V-P Harris, but that hasn't happened.

  2. Lloyd42 says:

    Yes, he's a libertarian, but he's our libertarian…I think

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