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February 23, 2012 12:54 AM UTC

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Colorado Right To Life Edition

  • by: Colorado Pols

Can’t see the audio player? Click here.

This is an excerpt from the testimony of Bob Enyart, spokesman for Colorado Right To Life, in favor of House Bill 12-1130 yesterday. We discussed earlier this month the defeat of Senate Bill 125, a measure “concerning crimes against an unborn child,” and HB-1130 is the equivalent introduced in the GOP-controlled House. HB-1130 passed the House Judiciary Committee yesterday on a 6-5 vote. Here are Enyart’s remarks from yesterday transcribed:

This bill seems to be very carefully crafted to be, for one, ‘abortion neutral,’ which it seems that not only the public and our prosecutors, but the media is anxious for Colorado to address the injustice against the unborn child who’s a victim of a crime. And so this, this wording, it doesn’t even say, ‘an unborn child,’ I think in deference to those who are hyper-concerned about the effect this would have on legal abortion. Representative Joshi, and in the Senate Sen. Ted Harvey, were careful to write wording that specifically indicated any crime codified in this Title 18 which is the Colorado Criminal Code, or Title 42, which involves drunk driving, driving recklessly. So when someone is committing a crime, and recklessly or intentionally injures or kills a pregnant woman, then the public, the family, the mother, the prosecutor, they have the opportuntity then to seek justice also for the unborn child that was injured or killed.

That’s the same argument we’ve heard from other proponents of this year’s so-called “fetal homicide” bills–they’re written to be “abortion neutral,” and not to unintentionally (or intentionally) confer the rights of a person on an unborn fetus. After all, that’s something Colorado voters have now rejected overwhelmingly in two consecutive elections.

The problem is, that’s the same Bob Enyart of Colorado Right to Life who once said this:

CALLER: Do you think women who have an abortion should have the death penalty, and if so, could you give me like one or two Scriptures in the New Testament…

ENYART: Alright. Uh, yes, but ex post facto law is wrong…

So, do we have to put 30 million women to death? No. But we say, like in Colorado–Colorado, the law was, abortion equaled manslaughter. And Colorado did arrest and prosecute, convict and punish at least one man that I know of for manslaughter because he performed an abortion. So it should be murder, abortion on the law should be murder, and if you commit murder you get put to death. And if the woman is a willing accomplice, she also would be put to death. As a result, literally, no one, you’d go many years and there’d be no abortions at all. [Pols emphasis]

CALLER: Yeah, that makes sense.

ENYART: There might be one abortion in years. And you find those people and you put them to death, [Pols emphasis] and as a result, you would save the lives of thousands of thousands–millions of innocent children.

So, do you trust the guy who says women who have abortions should be “put to death?” When he promises a bill establishing “offenses against an unborn child” is not a step toward that end? Suddenly this legislation feels quite malevolent, no matter how “carefully” it’s been worded.

Sometimes, a bill’s supporters tell you what you need to know despite what they say.


22 thoughts on “Tell Us How You Really Feel, Colorado Right To Life Edition

  1. My skin began to crawl but I couldn’t remember why.

    Thanks, Pols, for reminding me that there is an excellent reason. This is one truly sick human being.

    1. Colorado Pols knows that the relationship between Enyart and the party is far from cozy. In fact, they talk about that all the time. So why should I or anyone else care that he testified for this bill?

      This is guilt by association, plain and simple. But Pols has inadvertently shown why Enyart is too far out for the mainstream, and doesn’t hurt Republicans.

      1. He’s consistent.

        a. He thinks abortion is murder.

        b. He supports capital punishment for murder.

        c. In his mind, women who have an abortion commit murder and should be executed.

        Most Republicans believe (a) and (b) but can’t bring themselves to publicly state (c), even though it’s the logical conclusion.

      2. You make apologetics for anything with GOP on it, and it should gross out even most Republicans. Even the Republicans I know will occasionally admit mistakes, but not you.

        You are the perfect shill. It’s too devoted for you to not be on the payroll.

  2. There is no difference biologically between you and me and a child in the womb. If the child’s life in the womb is subjective, then everyone’s life is subjective. If the child in the womb isn’t valuable, then no human being is valuable. If a judge can say they can be killed, then a judge can say you can be killed. Deeming human beings persons from the moment of the beginning of their biological development, i.e., conception, means human life is objective and not subject to the whims of holier-than-thou elitist judges in black robes who think they know better than we do how we should live our lives. Deemed a human being from conception = objective. Deemed a human being any other time = subjective. I’ll take objective, please.

    1. I think a woman knows better than the whims of holier-than-thou radical right-wing social engineering extremist politicians and religious zealots who think they know better than she does how she should live her life.

    2. Is a woman responsible for the death of her fetus if she does something too strenuous, or goes out for dinner and falls down?  Under the equivalent law for people, these acts would constitute negligent homicide.

      Is complication from a pregnancy that endangers a woman’s life then subject to some kind of court decision as to whether the woman or fetus is more important to save?  Or do you consider that there is a moral distinction that says saving the mother reliably is better than potentially allowing both to die?  Is ending an ectopic pregnancy, which will not result in a born child, still murder?

      1. … are why abortion is still legal.

        Biologically, there are differences between a developing fetus and a born person.  Those differences become less over time, but it’s simply not true that a zygote is biologically similar in any way other than raw DNA to a breathing person.

    3. You try overtly advocating for the death penalty for abortion, including birth control methods you deem abortificants, and see how far that takes you in elections.  Heck, I hope all  allegedly “pro-life” pols which means every Republican, takes this stand. Forget how being pro-life and pro-death penalty  is an oxymoron.  Forget that it’s hard to argue pro-life when you lose interest in a fetus as soon as it is born and becomes a person  you don’t believe has a right to quality, life saving health care.  Just go for it. Please. Dems would love it.  

  3. “Due to a copyright claim from Enyart Live, Inc.” Sucks I didn’t download it before they got it.

    Fair use. The world needs to know Bob Enyart thinks women who get an abortion should be “put to death.” Fight back, Pols!

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