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February 20, 2012 05:58 PM UTC

HD41 Candidates Debate Next Monday

  • by: IndyNinja

According to an email sent out by party officials, the Dem candidates in HD41 will be debating each other next Monday, the 27th at the Arapahoe County party headquarters.

Full text:

Dear Colorado House District 41 Democrat,

We have too very important meetings coming up in the next few weeks.

Our Colorado State House District 41 Representative Nancy Todd is term limited and we will be electing a new House District 41 Representative this November. There are three Democratic candidates who have filed with the Secretary of State’s office. They are, in alphabetical order: Andrew Bateman http://www.batemanforcolorado…. Jovan Melton, and Terry Todd

You’ll have a chance to get to know them and learn about how they plan to represent you at our Arapahoe County Democratic House District 41 meeting on Monday, February 27 at 6:45 PM at the recently relocated Arapahoe County Democratic Party Headquarters located at 10730 E. Bethany Dr., Suite 240, Aurora (See map below). The candidates will be debating each other. Please submit your questions to me at no latter than February 24 so that I can combine the duplicate questions.

My thoughts after the jump.

First and foremost. I am excited to see these three debate. They are all coming from very different backgrounds and it should be fascinating.

Terry Todd, of course, is the husband of incumbent Nancy Todd, who is term limited from the house and is instead running for the Senate. The Todds have held many of their campaign events together, though many people supporting Nancy, either with endorsements or money, seem to be holding off on supporting her husband. Before being the husband to a legislator, Terry taught PE for an elementary school and coached high school football. He is also a military veteran.

Andrew Bateman comes from the non-profit advocacy world. I met him when he was the head of the state-wide student advocacy group, the Associated Students of Colorado, which peaked in effectiveness under his leadership. Andrew was constantly testifying at the capitol, holding joint press conferences with other major organizations, and authoring editorials in the major papers. At one point, he managed to get over a thousand students to an event on at the capitol protesting education cuts. That event made the front page of CNN’s website that day. Since then, he has worked raising money for a few different non-profits, including the ACLU, and currently sits on the budget advisory committee for the City of Aurora.

Jovan Melton I don’t know much about. I haven’t met him, but according to his website, he worked for Lt Gov OBrien and has been a staffer on a number of campaigns, mostly in the denver-metro area. I also read in the Aurora Sentinel that he was the campaign manager for Aurora’s Recreation Center initiative this past fall. I find that interesting because if I remember correctly, there was an opponent position arguing against that measure in the blue book, but not a proponent position arguing for it. Now, I don’t know who’s fault that is, but in my experience, the campaign manager generally oversees that stuff for initiatives. So that makes me wonder. His endorsements, on the other hand, are impressive. Mayor Webb, a couple current legislators (most of whom he helped elect) and several other interesting names.

Of the three, I think Andrew will have the advantage in the debate. His work for most of the past several years has been directly involved with state policy and he is really good at talking about it. I also think that, in a caucus setting, he is mostly likely to win over activist-base type voters. However, I think if two or all three of them make it through the caucus process or petition onto the primary ballot, that Terry Todd will have the advantage, due to greater access to special interest money (which he is taking full advantage of) and the name recognition perk. So if Jovan or Andrew hope to win, they need to keep Terry off of the Primary ballot.

And finally, as to who I want to win. I dont know. When it was just Todd and Bateman, the choice was pretty clear for me. I don’t like the feel of nepotism and, in my opinion, no one would consider Todd a serious or qualified candidate if he wasn’t married to Nancy Todd. But after Jovan entered the race a few months ago, that preference became harder. They both seem like good solid candidates with a background in showing good work. They’re both younger, which I like, and I think I will just have to see them argue before I’ll be able to tell for sure.

Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter much, since I don’t live in that district and I’m not a democrat, but I do plan to donate to one of them, most likely after the debate.

I encourage dems in the area (or other interested folk like myself) to check this event out. It should be a lot of fun.


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