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February 18, 2012 08:17 PM UTC

Colorado Pols' Top Commenters Of All Time

  • by: Colorado Pols

A new administrative feature from our blog software platform, Soapblox, gives us a simple view of the most active users of Colorado Pols, going back almost to our founding in late 2004 (the Soapblox and imported archives date to mid-2005). We thought you’d enjoy this snapshot of the most active voices in our community over the years:

Top Ten Colorado Pols users by number of comments:

1. DavidThi808: 22,328

2. Ralphie: 12,813

3. Phoenix Rising: 11,710

4. RedGreen: 11,407

5. parsingreality: 11,367

6. BlueCat: 10,971

7. Aristotle: 10,301

8. redstateblues: 9,776

9. MADCO: 9,658

10. Middle of the Road: 9,553

As we’re proud to note whenever we get the chance, the reason Colorado Pols is the state’s most read and discussed political blog by orders of magnitude is the insightful contributions and lively dialogue from our astute readers–in many cases, political insiders themselves, and others representative of informed opinion from communities around our state. Led by the users you see above, our readers make this site cool: entertaining, educating, and even sometimes correcting the rest of us. Here’s another opportunity to say thanks to all of you.


59 thoughts on “Colorado Pols’ Top Commenters Of All Time

      1. Rsb isn’t regularly commenting either. Nothing personal! I just don’t think of him gone because he’s still around. That’s all. Don’t hold it against me.

  1. Who has had the most front-paged diaries?

    Over the last year, I bet ColoPols wins hands-down. Jason Salzman is probably a distant second.

    And yes, there is an agenda to with my question.

  2. everybody’s somebody’s statistic . . . gotta be a way to monetize this information . . .

    Hey Pols, based on your extensive data — anyone in that top 10 getting ready to buy baby clothes?

    On the bright side, as bad as I feel I’ve been getting about spending way too much time here, I see things could be much, much worse.  Thanks for this information, I’m feeling much better about myself all the sudden.

    In all honesty, I don’t see anyone in your top ten that I don’t enjoy reading.

    (PS. BTW, were banned former polsters automatically excluded from this count?  Maybe it just seems like it, but didn’t several of those SH/BJ-are-you-a-communist? threads go on for hundreds-of-thousands of posts?)

    1. Like how Harvey has had several handles. Nancy Baldwin? The blog software can’t track that, but would it make the ranking different?

      You have nearly as many comments as I do. Did you know there’s an outside? It’s full things like grass and air. 😀

          1. I thought he was describing women in general. But our ancestors haven’t done that. We’re just naturally this awesome.

            Then I thought it would be somehow inappropriate. Then I realized I desperately needed a post to post.

  3. To drop out of the top ten by this time next year.  So Good evening all and I will not be checking before bed after I get home tonight. Home from doing something social that involves leaving the house, I’ll have you know. So there.

    1. Colorado Pols Anonymous.  12 Step programs are appropriate.  Actually after the Bennet/Romanoff throw down I locked my self in a cave for about 6 months to regain my sanity and my love for all Democrats. It worked.

      1. would pull back the curtain on my anonymity. And, then you all would be disappointed to know I am not Libby nor am I any of the trolls who show up at election time; they should be showing up very soon too.

        Almost all of us have met at least once if not several times.

        And most importantly, I am not Rock climber turned progressive Dem. That would be funny.

        Aloha for the day.

  4. I’m not the official Pols historian and many have been here longer than I, but I think bjWilson83 wins for his “let’s debate creationism, evolution, and the inferiority of Islam” post.  I think that got well over 500 comments.  I hope he’s feeling better these days.

  5. Better half was yelling at me about that idiot JR just hitting 3s with his first and second shots back in the NBA. Love Linsanity, though, so now after rooting for Nuggets and ancestral team, Bulls (love Rose, too), it will be Nicks.  

    Wonder how long it will take JR to get into trouble in a city like NYC. Wonder how long before he loses them more points then he makes, being his usual uncoachable bone head self.  

    Being in China seemed to help him stay out of trouble.  First return I can remember without some legal difficulty.  See you tomorrow boys and girls. I’m taking recovery seriously.

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