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March 15, 2022 07:01 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Is being an idiot like being high all the time?”

–Janeane Garofalo


46 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

    1. Somebody on YouTube will tell you, and then show step-by-step moves to deal. 

      You can decide if you want to follow the steps or find a more trained/experienced person to use his or her skills.

    2. According to google, on a Bosch, e 15 that means your safety switch was detected water.  You need to tip it out to drain it though letting it stand a few days might do it too.


      1. In that case, what the “E15” probably means is, “call a repairman” . . .

        . . . or, if you’re Powerful Pear it means, “Blame Joe Biden, mewl some blather about Angie’s list like a nasty old man suffering from dementia, and tell your wife to stop interrupting Tucker Carlson and get back in the kitchen and do the dishes by hand.”

  1. A key part of winning a war is the troops need to learn to hate their opponents. The Ukrainian people have learned to hate the Russians. That is a key part of their success.

    We had the same thing in the Civil War where both sides fought lightly at first and it took time for them to develop their hatred (Shiloh was a major turning point in this). Same with the U.S. facing the Germans in WWII where the hatred was developed in the Africa campaign. (Hatred of the Japanese came very quickly – the Pacific theatre was in many ways a race war, from both side's perspective.)

    Anyways, if the Ukrainians hate the Russians while the Russians wonder what the fuck are they doing in Ukraine, that's a giant advantage to Ukraine.

  2. War update – no change on the front lines in days. Russia continues to brutalize Ukraine, but they are not able to advance.

    Meanwhile Russia is asking China for MREs. How fucked up must your military and economy be that you can't feed your troops? I think they're going to run low on missiles and bombs soon. Not to mention bullets.

    And after Wednesday's speech by Zelenskyy to Congress, we'll be providing them with aircraft and more advanced anti-aircraft systems. Maybe even Patriot batteries. And that will be a game changer giving Ukraine dominance of the air.

    1. Definitely going to be a big speech to Congress.  I am wondering if Boebert will call him a liar or murderer during his speech.  She never misses a chance to grandstand regardless how inappropriate it is.

    2. There was an informative podcast from Michael Kofman on the Third Week of the War.

      He expects Russia to hold off or pause to attempt re-supply and re-strategizing. 

      Russia is able to destroy, but they are not able to win. That doesn’t mean Ukraine can win, but UKR can bid for time and continues to gain by not losing. Russia has a lot more forces, but they are finite and they can commit them at the cost of losing options if the war escalates to include other countries or NATO. This includes a finite number of cruise missiles and other guided bombs.

      I’ve seen some comments that Russia is attacking Ukraine’s industrial infrastructure.

      As for airplanes. They come with the huge cost of maintaining them, meaning secure airports, ground personnel, supply chains. I’m not a military expert, so what do I know, but Ukraine’s strength is in small units and urban warfare (sadly). Ukraine’s weakness is in the vulnerability of cities to missiles and bombs,maintaining supply lines delivering food and ammunition. 

    3. I've seen some reporting on the "MRE's" that have been given to Russian troops — some (many/most) carry expiration dates from the late 90's to the early 2000's. 

  3. Idea for the day – every day the war continues give Ukraine 10B of the frozen Russian money.

    Right now it's frozen and Russia assumes they will get it back when it's all over. But if it's turned over to Ukraine then it is permanently gone. And doing it daily gives them an incentive each day to stop the loss.

    1. "I though[t] I logged on to Colorado Pols,"

      "I thought." Roger made a funny one. Who said you lack a sense of humor.

      But he still has problem with his spelling.

    1. Another Fox employee wounded in the same attack:  "Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall in the town of Horenka when the vehicle was struck by incoming fire. The network said on Monday that Hall, a State Department correspondent, has been hospitalized with his injuries, but no further update has been given on his condition. "

      "Fox offered no update on the condition of Hall, their correspondent wounded in the same attack, but said he remained hospitalized on Tuesday. "

  4. The war in Ukraine will destroy two entities, the Russian State and the Democratic Party. All of your group think and keyboard warrior efforts will not stop the American people from stomping all over your precious social justice scam and climate change hysteria. But please don’t stop! We need a little more hate out of you silly PolCats. You can do it…….just think…..yes we can.

    1. Funny thing there, Pear. You never answered my question to you about why the glaciers on Kilimanjaro have been receding. Same has occurred on Mt. Kenya and in the legendary Mountains of the Moon (the Ruwenzoris). 

      I've seen the same thing in the Alps. But, of course, being the good non-conservative Trumpist that you are, you continue to peddle your line about "climate change hysteria."

      1. "Funny thing there, Pear. You never answered my question to you about why the glaciers on Kilimanjaro have been receding." 

        And nor will he. Because Roger's a moron and unless your question closely fits with one of his rote, talking-point responses, he is incapable of answering.

        Besides, you are making reference to geographic locations to which Roger is clueless. Ask him about the Mountains of the Moon between Uganda and the Congo? Well, his likely response would be how does global warming affect the lunar landscape. 

        Try explaining to the simpleton something closer to home. Like the wildfires in Colorado and California – although to the Pear, California is a foreign country.

        1. Pear may be one of those persons who contacts the tourism office in Santa Fe wondering if one needs a passport to enter New Mexico.

        1. Dipshit, glaciers are the source of streams and rivers all over the planet. Streams and rivers are water . . .

          And, as if their receding isn’t enough of a problem by itself, it’s also clearly visible evidence of a warming climate (in refutation of a tiny number of blathering dumb fucks, yourself fully included, who pretend denial) that is producing thousands of other life and habit threatening changes on this planet (you won’t be around on all that much longer).

          You can be a stupid asshole all you want, but you don’t have to be such a willfully ignorant stupid asshole . . .

    2. That's awesome Mushroom Cloud.  If you have your way, the war in Ukraine will destroy the entire world.  So, yeah there won't be any social justice or climate change talk.  There also won't be anymore aimless ramblings from Pols' resident nasty old man suffering from dementia.  

      1. My money has gone and will continue to go to an intelligent and sensitive pastor, Sen. Raphael Warnock.  Walker is just Gene Talmadge with a history of fumbling in the big game with Clemson!

  5. March 15 was the deadline for turning in petition signatures for the primary.

    Going to be a blizzard of news of who withdrew, who did not file signatures, and (in a week or so), who did not qualify for the ballot. 

    Erik Aadland, running in District US House – District 7 as a REP, was 46 valid signatures short.  So he announced he "will try to win a spot on the June primary ballot at next month's 7th Congressional District assembly"

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