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February 14, 2012 06:58 PM UTC

Attention Fake Reporters: Put Up Your Fake News Site First

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Some time after this post went up (see our screenshot), so did The Colorado Observer! Sorry if we abbreviated anybody’s deadlines, that can really suck.


A very brief note as operatives of all stripes come up with their latest bright ideas for the coming election season. We’ve received word of a new “news organization” making the rounds in the last few days, the latest in a significant number of such web properties that have sprung up recently–usually run by GOP staffers with names you can either recognize or Google right up. In the 2008 and to a lesser extent 2010 election seasons, we saw a similar explosion of new “independent” blogs and alleged news sites run by conservatives, most of whom disappeared right after.

Case in point for this morning is Tyler Sandberg, formerly an organizer with Jane Norton’s U.S. Senate primary campaign. Only this election, Tyler’s not working for a Republican candidate–he’s the “political correspondent” for something called The Colorado Observer!

Kind of like an actual journalist would, Sandberg is now sending out very reporterly-sounding emails identifying himself as “working on an article for The Colorado Observer,” and asking a question that sounds very, very suspiciously like it’s meant to facilitate a Republican talking point. Now even for a green political staffer, the fact that neither this guy’s name nor his publication in any way spark recollection should set off some alarm bells. But if that doesn’t, try visiting the website Tyler’s email points to–

So here are the lessons of this story, as clear as we can make them:

1. Easily identifiable GOP staffers do not transition well to fake journalism (see: Google),

2. If GOP staffers attempt fake journalism anyway, be somewhat subtle with your questions, and

3. Put up your fake news website before you send emails requesting GOP-friendly quotes.

The first two let you know what’s going on. The third is proof that they aren’t very good at it.


33 thoughts on “Attention Fake Reporters: Put Up Your Fake News Site First

  1. They ask:

    Should Senator Mark Udall return $4,600 in campaign donations he received from former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine?

    As of 9:30 am there are just 4 votes. Vote “no” just to mess with their preordained result.

            1. They should sent a thank you note to the Guvs for driving up their first day traffic.  

              Obviously, we got more enjoyment out of their drivel than their target market did.

    1. Report: Denver, Boulder “Hot Spots” of Left Wing Terrorism

      AHHHHHHHHHHH, run, be afraid!   Ohhh, in the 1970’s…

      Denver and Boulder both made the cut, with Denver defined as a “hot spot” of “extreme left-wing” terrorism…

      or, rather

      For both counties, the majority of attacks occurred in the 1970s, when a flurry of left-wing bombings hit multiple locations on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado and government buildings in Denver. From 1970 to 1975, at the height of the Vietnam War, students and “left-wing militants” targeted military recruiting offices, police stations, and government offices in both counties. Racial tensions in Boulder and Denver over issues like integration and school busing saw additional public buildings attacked, including schools and courthouses.

      Here’s a headline worthy of the Observer when they get around to scaring readers with historical reports from the 30s.  

      Colorado Politics, “Hotbed” for the KKK

      1. That’s the latest from Michael Sandoval, eh? I wondered where he would wash up after his epic spin fail for NRO in 2010. He’s a fucking loon.

        Guess I can stop wondering where he washed up.

      2. In 2007, Grant Barnes, a suspected ELF-affiliated sympathizer, torched several SUVs over a span of four days near Denver.

        Seven cars in four days.

        If he hadn’t been caught, that would be 6387 in a decade.

      3. When you look at the map of “hotbeds” of lefty terrorism, the most activity occurs around large cities, as opposed to, say, Cheyenne, WY. Odd how things are more likely to happen near population centers.  

  2. The last time I clicked on a rightie  pol’s site just to check on something, I found myself receiving all kinds of rightie crap. I once e-mailed a neighbor at his official leg e-mail years ago while he was serving as an R and ever since I get notices reminding me to “renew” my membership in the GOP.  

        1. by the subject line.  It’s always the original when it’s along the lines of  Obama is the worst president ever because, Dems are ruining the country bcause…  

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