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February 14, 2012 04:34 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.”

–Alexander Hamilton, from Federalist #70


23 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. …so let’s help him out, shall we? A plethora of wonderful headlines about the Republican’t Party’s discovery that middle class people vote!

    Is the GOP caving on the payroll tax cut?

    House Republicans Yield on Extending Payroll Tax Cut

    GOP Payroll Tax Cut Switch

    Why The GOP’s Payroll Tax Cut Cave Is An Even Bigger Deal Than You Think

    GOP Leaders Blink In Payroll Tax Cut Standoff

    Republicans retreat on tax cut

    But my favorite:

    In surprise move, GOP leaders admit defeat in payroll tax battle

      1. So right now it’s all just talk.

        Second, R’s want to sever this issue from unemployment and the Medicare “doc fix.” That way, they can turn it into a us-vs-them issue. It’s so much more acceptable to screw the poor than to screw everyone.  

      2. is that they divorced the Doc fix and extended unemployment benefits from the payroll tax cut bill.

        They can vote against extended unemployment and the doc fix without voting against a tax cut.

        1. Why would any Republican want to sever the doc fix from this cave on the payroll tax?

          Republicans are always going on about Democrats not passing the doc fix (because it’s always attached to some obnoxious Republican hate-on-the-citizens bill) – and now they don’t want it put in a bill that would easily pass?

          Republicans don’t want the doc fix to help Medicare patients or doctors; they want it as a political football.

      1. Because, as was explained to her last week, they are of limited interest.

        Case in point.  The Cory Booker diary, which contains an embedded video.  Nancy says:

        This is 37 minutes long. The first 12-13 minutes are a little slow

        How many people are going to watch a 37-minute video?  I’d rather watch re-runs of “Pawn Stars.”

        Or get a root canal.

    1. ’cause I don’t think a 1500 work rant about CSAP with uncredited/unrequired blockquotes is “good stuff” — really, just how diverse is the opinion that the CSAP requirement or standardized testing has proven somewhat detrimental to education?  

    2. I tend to hesitate unless I feel it has general interest. Even the Guvs post things from time to time that don’t receive much of a response.  

      I’ll try to be more attentive to the diaries in the future.


      1. I don’t have firm rules, but in general I do promote:

        * Original news reporting

        * Diaries that are the first Pols take (as in, beat the Guvs to it or the Guvs ignored it) on a general-interest story about national or Colorado politics — one that has relevance to the majority of the Pols audience.

        * At least marginally viable candidates and/or elected officials diarying in person.

        * Interviews, if with a person of general interest to the community.

        * Well-researched and readable op-eds on a topic currently in the news. These I’m picky about. I prefer that they cite sources or include original reporting.

        In general, I don’t promote:

        * Stories that are only relevant to a small fraction of the audience

        * Op-eds that are more like rants/letters to the editor

        * Walls of text, unless they’re really good and the poster has an email where I can offer to clean up the formatting in order to promote

        * Additional personal takes on a story/topic that’s already been on the front page recently; in other words, diaries that are more like really long comments

        I’m not always GOOD at this, but that’s what I try to go by.

  2. GOP Voters: ‘Can We See What It Looks Like With Huntsman And Perry Again?’

    WASHINGTON-Claiming something “just seemed off” with the combination of candidates currently seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president, voters asked Tuesday if they could see once more what the GOP field would look like with Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry back in the race. “Could you just show me Huntsman next to Santorum again, and maybe Perry in there, too, trailing just a bit behind Romney? Not too close, though,” said Cleveland-based voter Alan Sanders, squinting as he contemplated the grouping of presidential hopefuls.

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