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March 03, 2022 10:39 PM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I am surprised and embarrassed to be a part of the first American generation to leave the country in far worse shape than it was when we first came into it.”

–Hunter S. Thompson


25 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

    1. GM from Rachel Bitecofer:

      Good morning to everyone except Putin, his goons, and whatever asshole came up with the idea of investing KY teacher's pension in Russia's largest bank.

      1. Митч Макконнелл?

        Coal miners pension funds didn’t find the Minority Leader to be a staunch advocate. Maybe the teachers will find a friend in the Old Crow?

  1. I think very few people realize how horribly Fucked Russia’s economy is. Their stock market will go into a death spiral – if they ever dare open it. And as the inbound supply shutdown hits companies will shut down and stores will have widespread shortages.

    There’s unlikely to be a single day it crashes, it’ll just be this constant slow down to nothing. It’s happening now and worsening at a fair rate.

    1. How does the fucked economy impact the political will to keep up with the Ukrainian invasion? The Russians have a well-deserved reputation for enduring suffering and hardship. But sacrificing in defense of the motherland is a lot different than sacrificing in service of Putin's aggression.

      1. Krugman speaks to this today. "Autarchy"

        Today's world economy is extremely interdependent, and Russia is mostly an exporter of primary materials, and importer of industrial machinery and consumer goods.

        Short-term, things can pickle along. Medium-term, they are really messed up. How do you repair your computers or BMWs or Volvo steam shovels as they start to break down,.

        Long-term, perhaps China & Russia can rebuild via trade with each other.

        The other factor is whether the world cancelling Russia, and declaring economic war will make Russians "rally around the flag". I'm sure that nationalism in a time of war works for many. Many others, perhaps more middle class and educated, will be royally pissed off.

        I think Putin (ex-KGB) did this on his own. I've read things where Putin architected his rise to power using false-flag attacks within Russia to manipulate public opinion. He seems to prefer sneak attacks for his aggressions and territorial expansion, rather than more strategic advances.

        1. I think Krugman is wrong. When a system is robust then problems are localized and can be repaired or worked around.

          But when you remove key parts of a system's framework, and the system as a whole was already fragile, then problems tend to cause additional problems and you get this growing negative feedback loop.

          It's like sometimes a transformer blowing takes out a neighborhood's power. And sometimes it takes out the entire East Coast. The Russia economy has a ton of transformers blowing up and most alone can take out the East Coast.

          1. To your point, this is Spring planting season. Where does Russia get it's seed? A WORLD WAR OF ECONOMIC ATTRITION

            But wheat futures are only the tip of the iceberg. We are looking at the unfolding of a world war aimed at economic attrition; its effects need to be gamed out.

            An important if informal assessment by Maxim Mironov, professor at IE Business School—Madrid (Instituto de Empresa, S.L.), was shared in a Twitter thread (translated here from original Russian into English):

            Many people ask me to comment on the sanctions.
            In short, my scientific conclusion as a professor of finance, doctor of the University of Chicago is FUCKED.

            And double fucked up that the inhabitants of Russia, even the educated, for the most part do not understand what awaits them.
            I explain on…

          2. Josh Marshal finds some warning signs. "Cornered"

            In a new article in Foreign Affairs, Liana Fix and Michael Kimmage explain how even if Russia loses its war in Ukraine, the international outlook that creates is a dark one. Far better than it winning. But still very dark. Looking to a post-Ukraine war world order, the authors write: “History has shown that it is immensely difficult to build a stable international order with a revanchist, humiliated power near its center, especially one of the size and weight of Russia.”

            (Above, I'm thinking you were reflecting on my points, not PK's.)

    2. Russian stocks are now penny stocks on the London Exchange:

      The London Stock Exchange said it had suspended trading in shares of 27 companies with links to Russia, including some of the biggest in energy and steel, such as Lukoil, Gazprom, Sberbank, Rosneft and Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works. Those shares lost most of their value prior to the suspension. Rosneft shares dropped from $7.91 on Feb. 16 to 60 cents on March 2, while Sberbank shares plunged from $14.90 to 5 cents in that same time frame.

  2. Hi. I'm back. Lurking at the mo' but I wanted you to be aware that I have turned extreme left.

    I still see the Rethugs are still morons, and Dems not much better, and I'm ready to vote in third party in '22.


    The circlejerk for decades has to end.


    1. can we start off small?  like actually demonstrating a 3rd party candidate can win a county commission seat?  Or an Aurora City council seat?  Or perhaps a state legislative seat? 

      The Working Party candidates have won in NY — by "borrowing" a Democratic nomination, as well.  I vaguely recall the Greens electing some on their own. 

      But a third party vote at the federal level, or even state-wide level, is a "message" vote; and so far, the message seems to be (at best) "we're 12%."

      1. “But a third party vote at the federal level, or even state-wide level, is a “message” vote; and so far, the message seems to be (at best) “we’re 12%.””

        Actually, Ross Perot hit 19% in 1992 which was the high-water mark since Teddy Roosevelt ran in 1912.

        But while those third-party candidates cannot win, they can make the rest of us lose and have to live with the consequences of their egos and their vanity trips.

    2. What do you mean, "turned e xtreme left," Dust Pan?


       you've always been left of Lenin.

      Useful idiots

      like you are Donald Trump's lawful prey.

  3. Just 17% of registered voters in Texas cast a ballot in the 2022 primaries this week.  That's pathetic.  Only about 50% of registered voters bother to cast ballots in most general elections. 

    Add in voter suppression and voter nullification laws being passed throughout the country and American democracy is on its death bed.  Killed by fascists and worse, by apathy.

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