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February 08, 2012 04:39 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The impossible often has a kind of integrity which the merely improbable lacks.”

–Douglas Adams


100 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. What good is it being the well-heeled scion of (former) political royalty if one cannot buy/assume the nomination?  Damn it Michelle Rick Herman Newt Rick!  Don’t you know it’s Willard’s turn?  

      1. On the downside, what if the website gets bumped on teh Google? What then?

        (Savage has made a good point there about being too happy about this, but I can’t think of an honest way Santorum becomes POTUS. Well, one way. Almost. Frankly, even Biden could probably beat him.)

  2. CO GOP analysts were predicting 2012 would match the 2008 figure, but it fell short by about 7%. In fact 5,000 fewer showed up than the turnout in 2008 when Romney won, and 55,000 fewer than the Democratic caucus in 2008.

    Colorado Republican establishment types have got to be reeling here this morning. Most of the reasonable GOP figures endorsed Romney, and about 65% of the electorate voted for someone else.

    On the plus side, Colorado did end up being highly influential in shaping the race, just like the CO GOP wanted when they moved the caucus up to February. Maybe not in the way they were hoping it would though.

    1. this is the GOP version of their own ‘Colorado Model,’ also known as the ‘Dan Maes Strategy.’

      How long before Mr. Call has to walk that back a bit…

      1. Mr. Call won’t be the only one.  Those damn Democrats changed the leg. districts and the congressional map and the election folks down at the county courthouse are always an easy target. Those damn precinct maps…

        It’s everyone’s fault but the local party crazies who took over the Repubs four years ago, don’t ya’ know.

        1. Those crazies took over the party 20 years ago.  But, there is some satisfaction knowing this morning that all those big money guys that I warned about this crap 20 years ago are running around this morning scared to death.  All I can say is, I told you so.  The inmates now run the asylum and you guys are on the outs.  Welcome to the nightmare of your own creation.  You invited these people into the party and now they’re going to throw you out.  You just never believed me.  Hahahahahahahaha!

              1. If by that you mean Bruce Benson, Hank Brown, Bill Armstrong, Walt Klein, Mike Coffman, and a number of rich dead guys, well, then I guess I don’t get to crow.  

                  1. Considering most of what you say I agree with, I still find myself skipping your comments more often than not–not because of content but because of tone.

                    If you talked to your awesome A-List of dead and name dropper friends this way, I can see why they ignored you, too.  

          1. How could they have known redistricting was going to come just before their new caucus time?  Wait, you mean it’s not a totally unforeseeable random factor?

    2. You bet. A-BOT isn’t even here to provide the weak spin that’s already making the rounds (e.g., that this is only one February contest, and that relatively few delegates were at stake – true, but very much beside the point).

      1. the crazies had their drunken little fling and Santorum was everywhere, but in the cold light of a Colorado Wednesday morning we’re feeling sheepish, but glad they finally have that curiosity out of their system.

        Onward to a unified victory and the .00001% presidency .  .  . !

        Still trying to sober up, really love ya guys,


      1. If you saw him on the Today Show this morning, well, I gotta tell you he looked absolutely shell-shocked.  He’s also so disappointed as he knows that a Santorum candidacy makes for a very one-sided and boring election.

      2. Hope you have a big hangover guy.  

        This is your worst nightmare.  I hope they’ll start playing the tape of when you said that Santorum was unelectable.  Indeed you said no person who concentrates on the social issues like Santorum will ever be elected President.

        By the way Mike.  They’ll soon be after you.  Remember, you’re not the right religion and you aren’t a social conservative.  Your days on KOA are numbered.

    1. On Tweety’s 3:00 show, some pundit said, “To the Republican base, Romney is like a cat  struggling to cough up a hairball.  They can’t swallow him, but they can’t quite get rid of him either.”

  3. He managed to muss up Mitt’s hair, a feat I thought impossible.

    If you didn’t see it, after Mitt made his speech to his supporters, he started going through the crowd shaking hands, and a young man “glitter bombed” the guy.

    At first it was rather scary because you could not see what was going on, only that secret service pounced on someone and moved Romney from crowd rather quickly.

    As soon as they all realized it was nothing threatening, Mitt went back to thanking his supporters, but his hair was out off kilter rest of the way through.

      1. Frothy is now in the clown car drivers seat with his 4+ wins, Mittens is riding shotgun with just NH & FL, and I’m not even sure Sta-Puft has a seat so who is more deserving of Secret Service protection?

        Not sure how Treasury figures that out — is it based on # of threats or all-around assholery that causes a disgruntled public?  Just seems that the R-Money entourage isn’t really deserved.    

              1. Romney’s campaign requested the protection, an administration official said. The official said the administration determined that Romney met all the conditions for protection. Those include being a major presidential candidate who has raised a certain amount of money.

                Published 2/1/12 — so he only JUST got protection.

                Via Faux News:

                    1. Just so you can get it all out of your system at once.

                      * Have anywhere near the depth of knowledge about local politics that most of the older posters here do.

                      * Have any way to get rid of that obnoxious “sponsored post” webinar ad.

                      * Diary daily

                      * Refrain from diarying at all.

                      * Know the square root of 8,545,012 without a calculator.

                      * Speak Italian.

                      * Own an iguana.

                      * Always answer my email.

                      * Date Republicans.

                      * Miss BJ.

                      * Refrain from posting bullshit now and then… for instance, I actually DO kinda miss BJ, in a Joker/Batman way.

                      * Clean house as often as I should.

                      * Cool my shit online.

                      * Cool anyone else’s shit on line.

                      * Play a musical instrument.

                      There you go. Go on, complain about all of it, then cry me a river, build me a bridge, and walk to the other side where there are two other lovely FPEs, presumably both being more to your taste.  

    1. this kind of shit is “scary” as well as stupid and dangerous . . . no need to pelt Mitt or any other jerkoff candidate with anything other than their own stupid, insensitive, uncaring words?

      Why make people feel sorry or afraid for some asshole, just to get yourself on YouTube?

      1. Whatever you think of Mitt, including that he is a bigot, it is wrong to be throwing things at him, jumping out at him, or even making sudden movements with your hands in his direction at group events. Candidates (RFK) and people around them have been shot and killed in this country on an all too regular basis. This type of protest is outrageously inappropriate.

        1. Not to mention that it’s just plain stupid on the part of the perp.  Really, you could get shot.  Not to mention, that the Republicans could turn it around on the Dems and get sympathy for Mitt.

  4. Gave him a victory the same day he publishes this hate on his Twitter Feed:

    “7M Californians had their rights stripped away today by activist 9th Circuit judges. As president I will work to protect marriage.

    15 hours ago”

  5. I’m guessing it was not his money or his organization but maybe more a reflection of the changing Republican Party in this state — it truly is more extreme than in the past.  Santorum provides a likable candidate – with extreme views.  

    Gotta go buy more popcorn . . .

    1. so many moderates have become unaffiliated  or just stopped voting so reliably R over the past 8 years.  I’ve seen it on my block. Since I used to canvass I got the precinct lists and, by 2006, saw  four near neighbors (two couples) on my circle alone cease to be registered Rs, some of them in time for 2004. One couple went from U to D in time for 2008. One R couple didn’t switch but started voting mainly for Ds in 2004, including for Obama in 2008. I know this from talking to them.  Of course precinct lists don’t tell you how people voted.  

  6. has signed up yet for Mike Dillard’s amazing wealth secrets webinar?

    It looked so awesome good to me that I signed up three times myself.  (Webinar — che techy, no?)

    (Fuck, . . . why not? — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.)

      1. and not show up, just to know this twit is going to give a presentation to 2 people with 100 empty seats, wondering where the fuck everybody is.  Might be a good idea.

          1. FWIW, I’d rather have an ad instead of a douchey scam that looks like CoPols is endorsing.

            Poor Newt is still having “truth” exposed by Ron Paul on the side. That could be in the center.

  7. Why would having two pending traffic violations prevent one from releasing to an ethics committee your emails, calendar notes and other relevant information pertaining to where you were prior to being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving?

    And if you were sober, why would a cop put you in a cab instead of sending you on your way home in your own car?

    1. to keep that approval rate down, that’s saying something.  I’ve seen Rassies as much as 10 or 12 points off and scewed right compared to the multi poll average at Real Clear many times.  

      1. Maybe THIS was what was giving Libertad conniptions last night. I hadn’t pegged him as a R-money supporter, but if his precious Rassie is reporting numbers like this…

        1. So don’t make it worse by telling him …

          Democrats currently are more excited about voting this fall than Republicans are, a sign that doesn’t bode well for the GOP effort to reclaim the White House, according to a poll Wednesday.

          Almost 6 in 10 Democrats, 58 percent, said they are “very excited” to vote later this year, compared to 54 percent of Republicans that said the same, according to a Public Policy Polling survey conducted for Daily Kos and SEIU.

          True, it’s not much but, as of pretty recently the gap was supposed to heavily favor the GOP.  Wasn’t that the story of 2010?

  8. Been avoiding it all this time but just accidently clicked on that stupid ad! Oh well. Just rechecked the Monday prediction thread and clearly, I’m not the only one here who is no genius.  In our reality, Romney rocked it!  

  9. We can file this with the sage wisdom of the GOP on the failed stimulus package….

    Bernanke-Led Economy Shows Critics Wrong About Fed

    More than a year after Republicans from House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio to presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas warned that the Fed’s second round of asset purchases risked a sharp acceleration in prices, the surge has failed to materialize. The personal-consumption-expenditures price index rose 2.4 percent for the 12 months ending in December, near the central bank’s 2 percent target.

    “The statements were politically motivated,” said John Lonski, chief economist at Moody’s Capital Markets Group in New York. With unemployment stalled above 8 percent for three years, “I don’t see how anybody in their right mind could form a strong argument for persistent, rapid inflation in the United States without the participation of the labor market.”

    Even though the economy is showing signs of strengthening and inflation appears in check, Republicans Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, who also are running for president, have said they wouldn’t keep Bernanke, 58, when his second four-year term as Fed chairman expires on Jan. 31, 2014. Gingrich said in September that Bernanke was “the most inflationary, dangerous and power-centered chairman” in the central bank’s history.

    (note Commie-pinko Left Wing news source)

    BTW, we’re now 400 days into the Republican’t Control of the House of Representatives – any idea when they’ll get around to that “jobs plan” they ran on in 2010?

  10. surely Maine is for Mittens and he claims some birthright allegiance to Michigan. Arizona could be a Paul surprise but just not sure.  

    Next few weeks will see Ricky rolling over to get his belly scratched by more fundamentals and likely getting a little tickle in the wallet. His name is gonna be dropped in quite a few pulpits as the J-freaks get some mojo. I can’t see how Newt gains any ground or big $$ donors before Super Tue.

    One thing assured is that Mittens is gonna be one ferocious kitty. There’s gonna be more money thrown @ Super Tue than we’ve ever seen before and airwaves are gonna be thick with acrimony. There is a Battle Royale brewing for the righties and it’s gonna leave marks come the convention.  

    1. …I saw on another webpage he was was referred to as “the Mexican Space Lizard.”

      I also like the Tom Tomorrow RomneyBot and RomneyBot 2 (depending on his position on a given day on an issue).

      “The Waffle” is another one blogged on many pages.

      “Slick Mitt” makes me think of 80’s Rap Star.

      Or is it time for a world-famous CoPols poll?

            1. But doesn’t draw distinction between him and Newt.  Or almost any R pol still claiming job loss got worse under Obama, Obama is a weak (killed Osama, freed hostages) apologist for America, come back touted in Chrysler ad had nothing to do with bail out, tax breaks for “haves” pay for themselves by creating jobs but payroll tax breaks for the “soon to haves” (the latest non sequitur righties are trying to pawn off on us) are costly, won’t create jobs and must be paid for, most of Planned Parenthood’s funding pays for abortions (less than 3% abortion related services), abortions raise risk of breast cancer,  human involvement in climate change is a discredited hoax…. wow, I’m exhausted. The lie list, however, is very close to inexhaustible.  

  11. From Lynn Bartels in TPTSNBN

    Two of the legislature’s most conservative lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that critics say would criminalize abortion and establish “personhood” status for a fetus.

    You’d think with such a lede, that there might be a quote from one of those “critics” actually saying that, but no, there is no comment from any pro-choice person at all.

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