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January 23, 2012 10:28 PM UTC

Doug Lamborn: Still Not Hugging The, Uh, Petroleum-Coated Infant

  • by: Colorado Pols

FOX 31’s Eli Stokols:

Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, who just learned last week that he’s facing a primary challenge from another Republican candidate, Robert Blaha, has decided not to attend the [State of the Union address] simply because he “does not support the policies of Barack Obama,” his office confirmed.

Last summer, Lamborn apologized to Obama after comparing his presidency and politics to a “tar baby”, a term many found racist, during a radio interview.

Lamborn’s office tells FOX31 Denver that he “respects the President personally, and the office of the President”, but “is doing this to send a clear message that he does not support the policies of Barack Obama, that they have hurt our country.”

Funny, we really thought Doug Lamborn’s “tar baby” joke made that plain as can be. To be fair, Lamborn is reportedly upset with President Barack Obama over a number of items, from the Keystone XL oil pipeline’s rejection to what Lamborn calls “draconian” cuts to defense.

So Lamborn won’t be part of “the problem” now, much like he said about the “tar baby.”


12 thoughts on “Doug Lamborn: Still Not Hugging The, Uh, Petroleum-Coated Infant

  1. any cuts involving the military-industrial industry would be considered catastrophic.  It’s all they’ve got down there besides hating government.

    I’d like to see Lamborn take a lie detector test saying he personally likes the president.

  2. Y’know, Pols, not everyone shares your adulation of the Dear Leader. Lamborn is entitled to protest Obama’s policies as much as you or any American. Spare me the Pravda style denunciations.

      1. a rather pasty hued and somewhat masculine version of Ms. Parks . . . maybe a less Semitic, and much older version of Abbie Hoffman?

        I wonder why history hasn’t given us more dumpy, middle-aged, WASPy, conservative protest role models?  I mean, with all their long history of victimhood and oppression, don’t you think that they’d of had at least a couple by now?

    1. 434 men & women and 1 f*cking CD-5 coward (and his ColPols apologist).    

      Big whoop that Lamborn is gonna tune in from his office telly rather than man up in person  — that’s really mature.

      And ooh Lamborn is all upset over “… the administration’s rejection of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, as well as Obama’s recent decision to recess appoint his nominees to head both the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.”  F*ckin’ idiotic crybaby. Grow up & get a pair Lamborn, you’re supposed to be one of the adults in the room but that’s hard since you won’t even be in the room.  

      And as for shills like AGop & others why stand up for these idiots?  Funny that you’re continually defending their stupid ass statements & actions.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to raise your head in pride for  once and have honest facts on your side.  Hilarious that the one toeing & spewing the party line casts dispersions of the truth.  

      And remember pravda was Russian for truth long before it was bastardized by the likes of the autocratic group-think mind control of a single state party (which is really a GOP wet dream).

      1. I think this Republican wet-dream was described as a “permanent majority” by Karl Rove.

        Docile Democrats were supposed to be the fig leaf for pretending we lived in a true democracy but the real Republican goal has always been a totalitarian state where their president rules like a king.  What a bitch it must be to them to have the Kenyan communist n##$$$ usurp their rightful rule.

    2. You’d be accusing the Democrat of being unpatriotic, or worse.

      Lamborn’s act is exactly what’s wrong with modern politics today.

      And it’s not coincidental that Lamborn is doing this when there’s our first-ever African-American President in office. He respects the office of the Presidency when that office is in the hands of a white male, but if it’s being held by a black man, well then he’s leaving the room.

      What a disgrace to his office Lamborn is.

  3. to a Democratic Representative refusing to attend a George W Bush State of the Union speech.  “Disrespectful”? “Unpatriotic”? Or would Lamborn have considered that an act of principle?

    1. that Colorado’s now deep into the Tebow era?

      This reminds me of John Elway (aka Denver’s first Messiah) not visiting the White House as a protest in demonstration of his revulsion at Clinton’s extramarital infidelities . . .

      Damn, is there anything much funnier than a Colorado Republican making a stand on “principle”?

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