Did Mitt Romney Really Win Iowa?

Reports from news agencies are surfacing with some bad news for Mitt Romney; he might not have won the Iowa caucuses. From the Des Moines Register:

Mitt Romney received 20 fewer votes than were reported in a Moulton precinct by the Republican Party of Iowa, the Appanoose County GOP chairman said Friday.

The issue came to light after Moulton resident Edward True signed an affidavit saying that he helped count the vote at the Garrett Memorial Library in Moulton and that the precinct had two votes for Romney, not 22, as reported online by the state GOP.

Terri Haub, a Moulton resident who was secretary of the precinct, also confirmed Friday that the count signed in True’s affidavit is accurate. Haub, who works at the Elmer Wood Co. in Moulton, said she checked the numbers twice.

The official count shows Romney winning by only 8 votes. Voting discrepancies have also been reported in the Illyria and Westfield townships in Fayette County. The two-week certification process is underway and the Appanoose Republicans are sticking to their guns. Here is a statement from Edward True, who certified the vote:

Dear Iowa GOP, I am a nominated delegate for my Precinct and the true winner from the vote count in my caucus was Santorum with 21 votes. I am not a person in a position controlled by you I am in a position to serve the interests of the people I was nominated by. The 1st Amendment of the Constitution gives me the right to speak up and make sure the numbers are correct and reported honestly.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially since Iowa Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn has stated that he doesn’t believe that the review process will reveal a new winner.

An interesting side note: a Durango resident’s participation might have changed the outcome of a presidential caucus. From True’s affadavit:

Later that night, about 10pm CST, I saw the screen shots captured by Judy Spady of Durango, Colorado showing that the Iowa GOP state website had 22 votes for Romney, instead of 2 votes for Romney, which we actually voted and witnessed at our local caucus


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  1. Pam Bennett says:

    One of the more interesting comments was something from a person who was keeping a running tally on his scrap paper and when he compared what he wrote (some hours after the caucus was finished)there was a discrepency. There were more votes than he had written down. To his defense, he was also working on something else at the location. And he had his tally showing the “S” word leading. duh

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