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January 07, 2022 09:00 AM UTC

Joe Biden Heads For Colorado Disaster Zone

  • by: Colorado Pols


9NEWS reports, President Joe Biden accompanied by Gov. Jared Polis, Rep. Joe Neguse of Boulder, and both of Colorado’s U.S. Senators will visit Louisville and Superior this afternoon to assess the damage from devastating wind-driven wildfires that destroyed nearly 1,000 homes one week ago:

Biden will be joined by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) and Neguse (D-Colorado) on Friday’s tour. It was announced Friday morning that Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and Sen. John Hickenlooper will also join them. Both will travel with the president on Air Force One before touring fire damage and visiting with survivors…

Once in the area, the officials, also including First Lady Jill Biden, will tour an area of Louisville that was damaged by the Marshall Fire. Following the damage tour the president will meet with survivors at the Louisville Recreation & Senior Center and deliver brief remarks about the federal response to the fire.

“This week, many in the Boulder County community – throughout Superior and Louisville – are beginning the long road to recovery in the wake of the unprecedented and terrible Marshall Fire,” Neguse said in a statement.

Traffic through the Denver metro area is not expected to be disrupted, with the President taking a helicopter from Buckley Air Force Base across town to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Jeffco. President Biden’s remarks are scheduled for 5:15PM local time (video will stream above).

All we can say is, it’s refreshing to have a presidential President in these moments of need.


13 thoughts on “Joe Biden Heads For Colorado Disaster Zone

  1. I’m betting there won’t be a single roll of paper towel in sight.

    Nor will there be any statement similar to what Trump said on a number of visits to areas with catastrophic damage.  Here’s what he said after a hurricane:

    “This is some devastation,” he said to the assembled crowd, asking Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards how many people affected had insurance. The governor responded that about 50% did.

    “I’m here to support the great people of Louisiana, it’s been a tremendous state for me. I love the people,” Trump said. “One thing I know about this state, they rebuild it fast, there’s no problem. And we’ll supply what we have to supply.”

    * measured by impact on him: “it’s been a tremendous state for me”

    * measured with no awareness of costs: “they rebuild it fast, there’s no problem.”

    * relief at low cost, doing what “we have to do”

    1. I guess they were really looking forward to those paper towels being tossed out by the former guy?? . . .

      (. . . If I were you, I’d take ’em over a roll and put it by their sign.  If they ask you about it, tell ’em you saw some fat, old, orange guy kind of dressed up like a clown, who couldn’t get up the ladder onto their roof . . . you thought you heard him saying something about “bones spurs” . . .)

  2. Frank Luntz criticizing #DontLookUp pegs the irony meter today given he literally designed the #DontLookAtScience marketing strategy for Republicans long ago: 

    1. Fast forward almost 20 years and over in #UpsideDown world poor Frank just can’t get a break. 

      “Left Wing NGO” = “I don’t agree with them” 

      1. Thanks for pointing a finger at Frank Luntz, the wordsmith who was pivotal in shaping the culture of lies and misdirection that has  been the hallmark of the Republican party since the Reagan era.. 

        He calls himself a pollster. But he is a cretin and a criminal. He deserves nothing but contempt.

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