Tuesday Open Thread

“There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.”

–Albert Camus

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Good morning…

    Welcome to the demise of the Republican party.

    Democrats and Independents need to press forward for a better nation, a stronger democracy, while the Orange Horde tears the GOP apart.

    It appears that the Republican parties' plan to USE Trump, not STOP him is going to backfire on them. Republican unity, unless something changes, is impossible. It will, I believe, fall to the selfishness of the the various power centers.

    When it comes to the Orange King, fealty is required, not optional. He is a jealous God. I do not believe the GOP will unify to stop the GQP. 

    Conservatives who dream of an ascendant moderate wing of their party are…just dreaming. Perhaps, if they find a leader.


    • Powerful Pear says:

      What planet are you living on? Just this AM Biden approval at 44%. Nobody likes your guy. On any given issue 32% will agree with anything put out by Democrats. These are the KOOKS like yourself and the rest of the PolCats. Add 12% of low information voters (morons) that like Biden and you have your electorate.

      I must commend your optimism!

      • unnamed says:

        Just this AM Biden approval at 44%. Nobody likes your guy. 


        This is rich, coming from a guy who defended a White House pResident for 4 years who never had approval ratings above 50%, was under water for all but the first 2 weeks of his Sadministration, and did not win the popular vote in either of his elections.  

        But, you don't want to talk about that.  Do you?

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Gallup allows comparison from President to President with very similar methodology.

        At this point, nearly a year into his term, Trump's December average was at 36% approval among all adults. The most recent up on Biden, December 1-16, has Biden at 43%

      • Duke Cox says:

        I live here on planet Earth, in an area known as Colorado. I could not stay on my home planet, as the commuting costs were just too much.

        "Nobody likes your guy." 

        Come on, PP. Nobody likes anybody anymore. He is a damn sight more popular than YOUR guy, though.

        As realist said, below…Trump cannot win the 2024 presidential election. Cheating is his ONLY path to victory. And a significant part of the Republican party is trying to help him do it.

        • unnamed says:

          Makes me think of a bit Seth Myers did recently where he said the Mayor of New York pretty much exists to be the target of the rage of everybody who lives in the city.  Regardless of who the Mayor is.

    • kwtree says:


      In my view, Republicans need to follow, not merely find, their moderate leaders if they want to halt theTrumprot. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger nationally, Pam Anderson and Marina Zimmerman locally are examples of Republicans who are fiscally conservative and check most of the culture war boxes,, but still promote the rule of law and reject the Big Lie.

      However, most Republicans are too chickenshit to really get in there and battle for these candidates and more importantly, for these principles. That includes the Republicans and former Republicans who post on here.

      They seem to be more interested in making the Democratc party into “Republican Lite” ( fiscally conservative, check the culture war boxes) than in working to teform their own preferred party.

    • The realist says:

      The GQP is in charge of the Party and will be for the foreseeable. Some of the Liz Cheneys (really very few of them) might survive but they will not dominate Trumpism. Most importantly, for Trumpism (i.e. authoritarianism) to win the Presidency next time, they have to cheat. That's why they're working feverishly to make the vote meaningless. 

      We're in for a tough ride.

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      Hello Polsters, totally off topic, but just coming up for air as we (still) live in Louisville.  The edge of the fire was 580 feet from our house according to Google Earth.  We evacuated and spent a few nights at a hotel and returned yesterday to an intact house.  There is debris, including spent embers and charred pieces of wood, right in our front and back yards.

      While evacuating, the wind ripped my cargo box right off of my roof and blew it 150 feet away, almost into Harper Lake. It nearly blew our car over. While leaving the house there was this eerie orange glow right behind us, and we could barely see from the dust and debris flying through the air.  I had to open and close the car doors for the kids because gusts made the flapping doors erratic and dangerous.  Unreal.

      We have power and the gas was turned back yesterday. Can’t drink the water though so we are showering at friends and have bottled water for brushing teeth, etc.

      Our main thought during the fire was ” oh well, insurance will cover it ” when today I am pretty certain that will not be the case.  991 structures burnt and most of them family homes, that housed people that are suffering and have to fight with insurance for the years to come and rebuild their lives.

      We pledged as a family to give all we can to help our neighbors, since we are so lucky. We will do so.

      Have to go now, and take my daughters 11-year old best friend for some clothes shopping and retail therapy.  Her house burned down to the ground along with everything else she has…

      More later.  Cheers to all of you.

  2. Powerful Pear says:

    President Biden to address the nation today. I’m curious what “they” have told him to say. Maybe, 300,000,000 people don’t have a cold. Maybe Dr. Fauci has resigned because there is no Federal solution to COVID. Whatever is said 68 % of the people will disregard.

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Just saw one of the most humorous takes I've seen in awhile:

    Axios Denver: "Polis steps into the national political spotlight"

    Gov. Jared Polis is set to launch his reelection campaign this month — but many suggest he's eyeing a different office: President.

    State of play: Chatter about Polis, a former congressman, being a candidate for the White House began at least six months ago, close associates say, and is now being amplified at the national level — most notably by prominent Republicans.

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