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January 03, 2012 04:22 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt


24 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. In the last week I’ve seen more of the inside of Java Joe’s in DeMoine than Main Street Bagel, Traders and My Favorite Muffin here in GJ combined. Even Andrea Mitchell showed up there last Thursday and stayed.  Chris Mathews regaled the crowd last night with a shouting poll for their favorite candidate in today’s caucuses – Obama & Romney were the clear winners.  On the Republican side I think Santorum had the most shouts over Paul for 2nd but then it was an older crowd and Bauchmann, I kid you not, got at least one shoutout from the back of the room.

    Lest the viewers of MSNBC thought the producers/anchors had forgotten their base, they did sprinkle in one or two people working on the president’s campaign but I don’t recall anyone with clout in Chicago or Washington.  And there were a few ‘oh by the ways’ – President Obama is going to video cast to the Democrat caucuses tonight.

    In the final analysis no one thinks Iowa will have a significant impact on the nominee selection but what the heck, we now know where to go in Demoine for a meetup if we’re looking for a change of scenery.

    1. at least spell it right.  Dead Moines.  

      A week in downtown DM in late December/early January?  Boy, you sure do know how to live.

      Did you wonder around the Sky Walk?  Have a pork tenderloin?  Check out the sculpture park?  Try some A-E dip (the French Onion is my favorite)? Cook up some meth?  

  2. Brilliant, but essentially a one trick pony; the opposition has figured out how to keep them both fumbling.  One tries to make “nice nice” and the other prays and the opposition team rolls right over them.

    My thoughts on Iowa:

    The republicans always have a strategy; the dems always have an excuse.  The republican strategy is to focus on the state races. No republican in a power position is running for President, because the White House is not important to the overall Republican strategy.

    Keeping the House and taking control of the Senate is the Prize as in “Keep your eyes on the Prize.” That control will happen by winning the state races.

    With the Senate, the repubs will control the Supreme Court.  They have already proved that they can render the White House impotent. The long term strategy is to turn power over to the states and to divest the federal government of its power to regulate the environment, corporations, and  civil rights.

    Obama and OFA have one goal and that is to keep Obama in the White House. There is nothing else going on under the guise of the democratic party.

    Hey, I don’t get paid for this.  This is how I see it from the vantage point of seventy years.

    1. Republicans have emotional — not power — reasons for wanting to defeat Obama this year.  But the rest of it — Congress and the state legislatures and Governorships — is clearly where they can implement their goals: “Back to the 1800’s!”

    2. but D is right – GOP concedes WH for ’12 and console themselves w/ Sen & House races.  Yertle and new speaker Cantor will ramp up obstructionism & grind gov’t to a halt. They’ll not only take the ball off the playground but they’ll pop it & throw it away so nobody can have any fun.

      Obama and the DNCC really, really need to go to bat for Dem candidates in the Senate races.  $s spent in ’12 are gonna be eye-poppingly disgusting with both sides hiding behind Citizens United.

    1. It’s nice to see a faction of the Republican Party finally standing up for this issue, but don’t expect much from it. Read Lundberg’s quote for the party line on this issue (I believe Stephens also echoed a status quo supporting position, though I can’t find the quote offhand.)

      “It’s not just a freedom issue,” &#133 “It’s an issue of what is the definition of marriage in Colorado. That’s absolutely the core point. Are we going to change the practice of marriage from one man, one woman to any gender at any time?”

      Maybe one day the other half or so of the GOP will enter the 21st century.

    1. he’s into pop culture just like a regular guy. This one probably had to be carefully explained to him by one of the kids. Couldn’t he have found something with a less tortured path to follow to “get it”?

    1. makes more sense as a way to preserve traditional marriage than does the contention that letting somebody else get married is a threat to traditional marriage.  Bad idea but it has a certain logic entirely missing from the anti-gay marriage argument. And it will fail just like it did before.

    2. to have a state Senator in my district that actually proposed bills that did something constructive. Sometimes I get the feeling I’ll be stuck with this dimwit for the rest of my life.  

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