1) Why Libya but not Syria?

2) Did we extend the tax cut or not?

3) Why are we not talking about the destruction of al Queda?

4) or the end of the occupation of Iraq?

5) or the millions of injured vets?

6) Why is not surprising that we all know the South can be counted on to vote as a block and no one cares?

7) Go Broncos.

8) And Nuggets.

9) Avs.

10) 2012 will be a good year for the Cubs. (They need to get out of Wrigley, but it will be a good year.)

11) Sometime in June Romney will be the nominee.  Sometime in November Obama will be re-elected.

12) Putin is done, no matter what anyone saw deep in his eyes.

13)  If I had less obligation I would move to Massachusetts to work for the Warren campaign.

14) Money supply has grown very fast. Where’s the inflation?

15) There’s a great article about Chuck Berry in the current Esquire.   I always hoped to hear he had punched Keith Richard in the face- apparently he did.  (He still performs live,   including tonight in NYC.)

16) There are less than 6 10 celebrities I’d like to see naked in 2012.  You know who you are.

17) Will Connecticut take the opportunity to elect a decent Senator? Will Nebraska?   Arizona?

18) Does Hawaii have a deep enough bench to replace Akaka with someone at least 1/2 as good?

19) S&P, DJIA, and the NASDAQ composite will be up 3.5% by August.

20) The Winklvi will not win gold in London and it will be news.

21)  Dec 12 will inspire some great parties. So will Dec 21.  

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