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December 22, 2011 03:22 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: DavidThi808

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

–General Erick Shinseki


32 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. The Fix is taking a little break over the next five days.

    As we go on our merry way, though, here are some fixbits and must-reads to tide you over.

    It’s safe to say no one expects anything in the way of a blink of an eye is going to happen in D.C. until after Tuesday.  

        1. (at least IMHO) the Republican Party hasn’t built up the pyre for its funeral and rebirth quite yet.

          I have to admit, though – it would be interesting to see the Tea Party fanatics win out in this battle over not only Boehner but also Karl Rove and the slightly more sane Senate Republicans.  If the party establishment loses positive control, then we can start watching for things springing from ashes.  (Probably zombies…)

  2. The one everyone said is DOA in October/November after most of the debate debacles.  

    A few of us around these parts said he’s definitely down but not out.  He still has money to burn.  

    Well looks like Rick has built a big old Texas size football bonfire with his media buys.

    Rick Perry is winning the ad spending wars, beating all other Republican presidential candidates in advertising dollars spent so far ahead of the 2012 elections.

    Between January 2, 2011 and December 18, 2011 Perry’s campaign spent $1.648 million to air ads on national cable and in Iowa..


    He still can’t win but he sure has made a lot of small town TV networks and their cable companies happy.

    1. It’s not going to be won with TV.  It’s going to be won with a ground game.

      The national buys are good, but he’d have been better off spending the Iowa money in South Carolina.

      Of course he might not last that long…

        1. First or second place. Everyone laughs, but nobody thought Edwards was going to do well in Iowa in 2004 either. Santorum has done more events than just about anyone (though Paul is up there too).

          Yes, Santorum has a Google problem, but how many rural elderly Iowa Republicans even know what Google is?

    2. Rickster announced on Aug. 13, so he blew that wad in just 4 months — that’s real fiscally conservative.  Or desperate measures of a desperate man.  

      Parry’s polling as good as “don’t Google me” Santorum so it’s gonna be a big ‘ol whippin’ for the Rickster.  Hell, he’s so desperate he hailed Jeezuz with his Tebow comparison and then had to watch his touchstone get a Brady beat down.

  3. At the time, GEN Shinseki was the Army Chief of Staff, and the quote in question was over his proposals to move the Army away from being a mechanized beast that had to slug it out with the Soviet hordes and to a more mobile, flexible force that could fight battles around the world with short notice.

    Turns out he was pretty correct in his vision of the future of combat.

    At the time, BushCo and his cronies in the Pentagon loved what they were hearing. But when he started pushing back against some things that this mob were trying to do to other Army programs (Crusader, Paladin) then Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and their dark minions starting the process of setting him up for removal.

    When he refused to parrot the NeoCon line on Iraq and accurately told Congress what the force levels would be need to be for a SUCCESSFUL Iraqi Campaign, then he was deemed irrelevant.

    Now that the last troops are out of Iraq after 9 futile years of combat, looks like he was right again.

  4. Posted without any additional comment: Takes Viewers To Anti-Newt Websites is an anti-Newt website. As of just before noon on Wednesday, each time someone visits the site, they will find themselves at another site that represents an embarrassing element of the former speaker’s controversial past. It’s obviously being run by a person or group opposed to the candidate.

    When TPM first visited the site, we were linked to a Washington Post article proclaiming Newt was losing his frontrunner status. The second time we found ourselves at The third time, it was Freddie Mac. Another time it was an ad in which Newt appeared next to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Next it was a Greek tourism site.


      1. I believe that poster is still around under another name. Anyway, I can’t remember the exact domain name he registered, but it was something like and it did the same thing.

        1. if you type in ‘corygardner’ on a web browser address bar, it will try to tack on .com if it can’t find a short hostname by that name.  And people will type in ‘’ as a quick guess, too.  The same can’t be said for .net addresses.

  5. in Indiana, where Republican Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White has just been ruled ineligible for office because he knowingly falsified his voter registration to maintain residence in a town he no longer lived in (to remain on the town’s city council).

    The judge hearing a complaint about White’s eligibility issued the ruling today, ordering the state’s election commission to certify the second place vote getter (a Democrat by the name of Vop Osili) as Secretary of State and disqualifying White from his office.

    (A separate trial is not yet begun on the actual criminal case of multiple counts of vote fraud – this was merely an election ruling…)

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