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December 10, 2021 10:24 AM UTC

Nevermind! Lora Thomas for Sheriff, Not CO-06

  • by: Colorado Pols
Lora Thomas

We wrote back in March that Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas was plotting a run for Congress as the Republican candidate in CO-06, where Democratic Rep. Jason Crow has been firmly entrenched since knocking off Mike Coffman in 2018.

Thomas was never going to beat Crow, even before the new congressional redistricting maps created a more favorable district for the Aurora Democrat. Thomas apparently figured that out, so she’s changing course in 2022.

As Colorado Community Media reports:

Commissioner Lora Thomas announced Friday that she will run for sheriff in 2022.

If the Republican’s bid is successful, she would be required to resign from her current position in county government about two years early and would be replaced by a committee of the same party.

Thomas was elected to a second term as commissioner in 2020; her term is set to end in January 2025.

Thomas has been the black sheep of the Board of County Commissioners in Douglas County since George Teal was elected in 2020. Since nobody wants to play with her anymore, Thomas is going after a different job where there is only one boss.

We aren’t familiar enough with Douglas County Republican politics to project whether Thomas can win in a race that includes three other already-declared candidates, but DougCo Sheriff is at least not the complete lost cause that running in CO-06 would have been.


8 thoughts on “Nevermind! Lora Thomas for Sheriff, Not CO-06

  1. is Sheriff Tony Spurlock not running?  or is it a "not decided" situation?

    Colorado Sun said

    So far, there are already three other declared candidates for sheriff in the 2022 election, all Republicans. They are Holly Nicholson-Kluth, a former undersheriff; John Anderson, a former Castle Rock police commander; and Darren Weekly, the captain of investigations for the sheriff’s office.


        1. He strongly supported ERPO and explained his many valid reasons as to why, whenever he was challenged.  He holds such overwhelming respect here that I never saw or heard of a single voice of uprising or calling for his head, even from the most vocal DougCo and ardent gunhumper assclowns.  Spurlock simply showed that he was not, and never would be, in the camp of a Steve Reams or Terry Maketa (thank dog).

  2. Tony Spurlock has been a great sheriff, as was his predecessor David Weaver.  The DougCo Sheriff has long been a well-qualified, competent, and also non-political, professional in this otherwise bastion of 60% nutterhood.

    Thomas ran once before for sheriff (against Spulock, I believe?) — and was soundly rejected.  She’s been completely unqualified for every office she’s ever run for (including her stint in a poorly run, mismanaged, and debacled coroner’s office), and has no recent law enforcement experience. (She did serve 20 years in the CSP prior to 2003.)

    Thomas has almost zero chance, and likely knows that. I can’t believe she’d give up her cushy and over-paid commissioner’s position two years early for what is most likely a last-gasp campaign fund grift?  That she’s running for anything she can register for this cycle probably just shows how much on the outs she is with the other two DougCo commissioners  (who hold similar views as her, curiously — but aren’t as irredeemably incompetent or utterly unintelligent. The other two may be crazy, but they’re not nearly so totally stupid.) I highly doubt that either of the two other commissioners will support, endorse, or assist her run for sheriff.

    Whoever Spurlock endorses (and it won’t be Thomas, trust me) will highly likely be the new sheriff in town.

    Thomas has already overachieved her highest level of incompetence multiple times — she isn’t going any further.


    1. More than two decades as a Colorado State Trooper. Pretty sure that qualifies her as having law enforcement experience.  Not saying she should be elected, but hey, let's get our facts right.

      1. Thank you.  You’re right.  My bad — I wasn’t aware of her feats of incompetence prior to her first election to the coroner’s office.  I’ve changed my misinformation.

    2. I won’t argue either way, any point about “crazy” among the DougCo commissioners. I will say on their behalf, however, that the county commissioners in DougCo have been very strong supporters of the county open space program. For that, they should be commended.

      As an example of the county’s work, next time you’re driving up I-25 from Monument, check out what happens when you cross County Line Road. Before, there is development in El Paso County and subdivisions. Once you’re in DougCo, there’s nothing for miles except open space.

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