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December 16, 2011 04:45 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It’s just been suggested that I call for a meeting between Romney and Gingrich and basically say, ‘Look, guys, you’re embarrassing yourselves and everybody, it’s time to shape up and stop all this childish little ‘He’s got a $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany, and he’s destroying jobs so forth and ruining companies, gotta stop.” If I held the meeting, what would come out of it is they’d both say, ‘Why don’t you run?'”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday


43 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

    1. “It’s been suggested”.  So much like the favorite “It’s been said” or the less passive but related “People are saying”, “Some believe”, etc.  

      Suggested by whom, I wonder?

  1. Washington Post: The nightmarish SOPA hearings

    When Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) proposed an amendment to exempt colleges and not-for-profit institutions from the unfunded mandate of having to shut off access to certain sites – like freedom, Internet censorship isn’t free – it was shot down 23 to 9. When he proposed another amendment to target the restrictions not at IP addresses (which, as he noted, can be dynamic and assigned to toasters) but at domain names, it fell just as easily.

    I have visions of Jared standing there with a sword trying to slay the dragons that would destroy the Internet. And he’s doing his best, but there are too many dragons, that are all funded by MPAA.

    These morons are going to destroy the freedom of the Internet in a futile attempt to stop piracy of movies. The only questions is – are they doing out of ignorance or does the donations from the MPAA trump freedom of speech.

    1. is that we knew the drones were vulnerable – have known for a number of years, in fact – and did nothing to shore up the security of the things.

      I know the military tends to move slowly, but this kind of stuff has to be resolved as a tactical, not strategic, shift.  There should be at least concept agreement on short-term technical workarounds to threats like this within a couple of days, and either implementation or mission restrictions within a month or so.

      This is, to my eye, a failure of the military-industrial complex that builds and flies these things.  And someone should pay a career price for that failure.

      1. Reading the linked articles, a few plausible, if highly unlikely, scenarios were given.

        The most likely being that it was done with Russian help (they’ve been working on GPS hacks for some time).  There was a symposium in October that even gave a high-level presentation of how to do the hack and landing via GPS.  But the challenges, and all things needing to fall into place at the right time, etc., makes it unlikely to be easily repeated, if in fact it happened the way the Iranians want us to believe.

        So, like the one-time-only downing of an F-117 Stealth Fighter over Serbia in 1999 — through patience, ingenuity, coordination, and a great deal of luck — it is possible that the Iranians caused this downing.  But unfortunately, regardless of how, the fact remains, they do have something of incredible value to them, and especially, to Russia and China.

  2. Hell of a ticket if the two could ever decide who is on first!  Think of Tancredo and his Lt. Gov. (anyone remember who that was?).

    Talk about your three way split come November.  

  3. sad day for reason & sanity.  Christopher Hitchens, called a “giant of the mind and a model of courage,” by no less that Richard Dawkins has passed.

    Hitchens leaves the party early but he sure made it brighter and helluva lot more interesting while he was here.


      1. and yes, I found my respect for him seriously shaken by his support & reasoning for the Iraq War.  I’ve had trouble reconciling that transgression against all he wrote & reasoned regarding other issues of the day.

        I still enjoy & re-evaluate his essays and books and must accept his opinion on the war.  He leaves us thinking and for want of the answers to questions others would never dare pose.  

        1. disagreed with him on many points, most of all the war in Iraq which has been the greatest and most far reaching strategic disaster of our time, helping to hand Bin Laden exactly what he was looking for; our destruction through the destruction of our economy, his stated goal. You can’t look at where we are now and not imagine how pleased Bin Laden would be.  

          But Hitchens was brilliant, articulate, witty, urbane and lived the way he wanted to, taking the consequences like a man. And while I myself am not a militant atheist, though I certainly don’t believe in any personal deity (but may the force be with you), I like atheists just fine.  

          They are just as moral and ethical as the religious,if not more so, kind of proving their point that morality doesn’t come from any sacred recipe book but from hun humanity itself. They don’t try to stop other people from practicing their religions as long as they leave the government out of promoting their favorite and they certainly don’t have any interest in killing people who don’t share their lack of faith.

          The worst you see from them are attempts to put the pledge back the way it was in the first place. My 86 year old Mom still stumbles over the Eisenhower era addition.

          Here’s to a worthy man who mattered and will be missed.

      1. he has taken vows of fidelity. 3 times to wives and once to Iowa Values Voters. In Iowa he has even vowed to respect the bounds of other peoples marriages.

    1. here and in several other blog sites, even sites not using versions of soapbox..  From what I’ve read a number of these instances could be traced directly to some issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer, and more specifically some interfering or misfunctioning add-ons.  I don’t know for certain;  I was having similar problems myself until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to finally give Chrome a try — have had surprisingly faster/better response times and am very pleased with the change thus far.  

  4. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Friday that the Justice Department’s extensive three-and-a-half-year probe of his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was all just part of a bid for President Obama to win the Hispanic vote …

    hmm, Sheriff Joe needs to get his bigoted head outta his fat ass and figure out who was in charge of the Feds when the investigation started.

    Arpaio deflecting & denying just like one of his pink cover-all road gangers. Has Nickel Bag Joe been dimed out by folks in the know?  Time for his showboatin’ to go!  

  5. How to Stop SOPA: Don’t Build it

    If a law like SOPA were to be passed, how would it be implemented? How would it be enforced? I think it’s safe to say that at some point somebody is going to have to write some code or possibly build some hardware.

    The author brings up a really interesting point. If you’re a good developer you can get a job elsewhere tomorrow. So if you’re asked to work on the code to implement this – don’t.

    Yes they’ll find someone to do it. But odds are they won’t be that good a developer. The code needed for this is really tricky to get right. So you end up with an enforcement mechanism that basically won’t really work. Think the baggage system at DIA for the first couple of years.

    1. I’m glad to have a QB who is religious instead of a drunk, a doper, a drug addict, or a dog fight fixer. It seems these days we give a pass to many role models – see B Bonds judge’s decision today.

      I don’t mind Tebow’s religion, it pisses me off when others – sports networks, newspapers, and especially presidential candidates who own land named niggerhead, to use Tebow’s actions for their own gain.

      I thought Perry was a dick before, now I truly believe the man is next to worthless.  

      1. I took it to mean that a) he wants to pull out an amazing come-from-behind victory, and b) was appealing to the legions who seem to believe Tebow walks on water. At least Tebow seems likely to be someone who’d vote for the conservative Christian ‘pub, unlike, say, when Republicans notoriously use music by artists who don’t support right wing politics.

  6. Thank you, Asshole W. Bush. Thank you, Asshole W. Cheney. Thank you, Asshole W. Rumsfield. Thank you, Asshole W. Kristol, Thank you Asshole W. Wolfowitz. Thank you, Asshole W. Rove. Thank you, Asshole W. Warprophiteeringorporation. Thank you, Asshole W. Rightwingmedia. Thank you, Asshole W. Stupidasleepmainstreemmedia. Thank you, Asshole Flagwavingfromyourwindowjingoist. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Asshole W. WherethefuckwereweAmericancitizens.

    And thank you, Asshole W. Satan for accepting the above into your arms. But spread your arms wide, A-Dog; this is just the front of the line.

    Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, anybody? Asshole W. McCain? Asshole W. Liebermann? Asshole W. Graham? Anybody? Anybody?

    Thank you.

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