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November 30, 2021 07:33 PM UTC

Boebert Claims Omar said, 'We Still Need To Clean the Jew Juice Out of This Office'

  • by: Jason Salzman

(We rather doubt this — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) claimed yesterday, without citing evidence, that when Democrat Ilhan Omar (D-MN) moved into the congressional office formerly occupied by U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Omar was “caught” saying, “We still need to clean the Jew juice out of this office.”

“Even one congressman, Lee Zeldin, he’s one of two Jewish congressmen,” said Boebert Monday on KHOW radio’s Dan Caplis Show in Denver at 27:15. “And whenever he left his office in Congress, [U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN)] moved into his old office, and she was caught saying, ‘We still need to clean the Jew juice out of this office.'”

“You’re kidding me,” replied Caplis,” without asking Boebert to say where she heard the allegation. “Oh man. Jeez.”

Listen to Boebert’s comment

“And, you know, I mean, this is the kind of rhetoric that comes from a person like this, and it’s absolutely disgusting,” Boebert continued on air. “And just because I apologize for offending someone’s religious beliefs doesn’t mean that I’m going to back down from calling her out on the horrible things that she has said about America and the horrible things that she’s done to America.”

No record of such a statement by Omar could be found, and there are actually only two Jewish Republican members of Congress (and dozens of Jewish Democrats). Calls to Omar’s and Zeldin’s offices were not immediately returned. Caplis also didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

Zeldin has said Omar should be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, due to comments she’s made.

Boebert appeared on KHOW’s Dan Caplis show to discuss her phone call with Omar Monday, in which Boebert said she hoped to seek forgiveness for offending Omar by suggesting Omar was a terrorist.

In the radio interview, Boebert repeated most of the points she made in a Facebook post following her phone call with Omar.

“I guess it’s kind of hard to apologize to someone who doesn’t see redemption for what it is,” Boebert said on air. “You know, I mean, as a Christian woman, my faith is very important to me, very valuable to me. And redemption and forgiveness is key to my religion. And so whenever you know, I was made aware that she was offended, I said, ‘Look, as a Christian woman, I never want to offend anyone for their religious beliefs, and I apologize for that.’ But that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted a public apology. I said there’s already a public statement out there. And that wasn’t enough for her. And I said, if there’s going to be another public apology, it needs to come from you to the American people for your anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-police rhetoric because that is what is destroying our country.”

Boebert said Omar hung up on her, which Boebert called “cancel culture 101, not accepting an apology and hanging up on someone. And this is the pillar of the Democrat Party.”

For her part, Omar said in a statement quoted by the New York Times, “Instead of apologizing for her Islamophobic comments and fabricated lies, Representative Boebert refused to publicly acknowledge her hurtful and dangerous comments. She instead doubled down on her rhetoric, and I decided to end the unproductive call.”


18 thoughts on “Boebert Claims Omar said, ‘We Still Need To Clean the Jew Juice Out of This Office’

    1. First Amendment law gives approval to a pretty broad range of  expression.  Omar would need to show the statements were false, that Boebert knew they were false, and that the false statements caused some measurable damage.  As a public figure, she would also need to show "actual malice."  As a Representative, there would be arguments about whether the statements were part of Congressional activity. And all of that would be done on a timetable set by the federal court system — so it wouldn't be resolved anytime soon. 

      In the broad sweep of history, free expression is better than not-free expression — that's probably the second tenet of my civic religion.  But the broad sweep leaves a lot of crumbs behind, and Boebert is taking advantage of being a noticeable crumb.

  1. Pols, did you mean to say,” There are only two Jewish Republican members of Congress?” 
    Because certainly there are more than two Republican members of Congress. Unfortunately.

    I wonder if Omar actually said something about cleaning the “bad juju” from the Rep’s former office.

    It’s more likely that Bobo just made up another clickbait story.

  2. I am with kw on this one.  It’s more lies to distract from her previous lies. No proof. No verification.  Just additional slander knowing her interviewer is a worm who won’t challenge any of her comments.  What a piece of white trash.

    1. GG: I fully agree with you. However, knowing what I know about Rep. Omar, I wouldn't automatically doubt she said anything like that, even considering the disreputable source (Boebert).

      1. ” . . . knowing what I know . . .”


        . . . Oh FFS CHB, have you ever in your entire life heard anyone use the term “Jew juice,” (other than Q-bie to make up this disgusting and reprehensible whopper)??

        Who’s more likely to concoct an infantile idiocy like “clean the Jew juice out of this office” (other than Kindergarten Playground Taunting Qbie)??

        You can bet that if Omar had actually been “caught” saying that nearly a year ago we would have heard lots about that from Republicans, and long before now!!??

        I know, I know, I get you have huge issues with the slightest whiff of anyone who even dares to utter the word “socialism,” but again I say, oh FFS CHB!!? . . .

        (Now, I’m wondering, knowing what you know, who around Qbie’s or Omar’s circle of acquaintances might you imagine ever using that, or similar terms — such as “jewish space lasers”?? . . .)

      2. I would second Dio’s comments about “what we know about” Omar. Criticism of Isreal is not anti-Semitism. Criticism of George Soros is not anti-Semitism. Criticism of or disagreement with Rep. Omar is not Islamophobia.  But insults or critiques that repeat anti-Semitic tropes (greed, deception) or anti-Islam tropes (terrorists, culturally inferior) are offensive and should not be part of reasoned political discussion.

      3. " . . . knowing what I know . . ."


        . . . Oh FFS CHB, have you ever in your entire life heard anyone use the term "Jew juice," other than Q-bie to make up this disgusting whopper??

        Who's more likely to concoct an idiocy like "Jew juice," other than Qbie??

        I know, I get you have huge issues with the slightest whiff of socialism, but again I say, oh FFS CHB!!? . . .

          1. I’m amused by Dio’s histrionic reactions when I make even a simple post, which was to question Rep. Omar’s bona-fides. I said nothing to excuse Boebert’s foul behavior. But, it immediately becomes “throw up the barricades, wave the bloody shirt, sing the Socialist Internationale,” because one of the progressive icons has been criticized.

            1. I don’t have a problem with you raising the specter of Omar being a closet anti-Semite CHB.  She most certainly could be one the way a 1st nation inhabitant of the 19th century could harbor bitterness towards the settlers of their time.  The rub here is that the onus is on Boebert to provide evidence that she is not just making shit up again with these allegations.  This is not one of those bothsider issues where Omar has to prove that she didn’t make those statements.  If Boebert has the proof then produce it so that everyone knows it otherwise she should shut up and focus on her day job.  Entertaining the cult is an after hours gig with full disclosure that her insults are made up ala Don Rickles.  I think Dio’s objection is that Omar isn’t the one slinging this kind of mud.  Boebert said it so let her back it up with a tape or leaked conversation.  If it’s that big a bombshell then somebody else should know about it.  You can doubt Omar’s media persona all you want but in this instance this one is about Boebert’s ethics and honesty.

              FYI:  The White Supremacists hate Jews as much as they hate minorities.  George Soros is in league with the Devil.  The fact that Boebert is playing the anti-Semite card against Omar shows that they will use anything to create a distraction.

              1. "The rub here is that the onus is on Boebert to provide evidence that she is not just making shit up again with these allegations"

                That will happen around the same time that Rudy Giuliani produces all that evidence of election fraud which will happen right after Trump voluntarily shows his tax returns.

      4. My bet is that Two-gun Tootsie misunderstood Omar; whether ignorantly or maliciously. I’ll bet Omar said something more like “Clean the bad ju-ju out of that office”.                                   

        Juju – Wikipedia › wiki › Juju

        Juju charms and spells can be used to inflict either bad or good juju, which equate to either bad or good luck. … Juju charms can at times employ Arabic texts …

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