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December 13, 2011 05:34 AM UTC

Who is Perry Haney?

  • by: Phoenix Rising

According to the Colorado Statesman, one Perry Haney, Chiropractor, is talking about entering the CO-06 Democratic primary, and he has at least one of Steny Hoyer’s ears…

Just days after former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff made it clear he isn’t jumping into the race for the newly competitive 6th Congressional District seat, wealthy chiropractor Perry Haney has been making the rounds meeting key Democratic players. At the same time, his backers are letting word leak out that the candidate intends to spend what it takes to win the nomination.

“Send a Chiropractor to Congress,” reads campaign material available through Haney’s website. “There’s nothing wrong with Congress that a spine doctor with backbone can’t cure,” says one side of a brochure under a Haney for U.S. Congress logo.

(h/t Daily Kos daily election roundup diary for this catch…)

So I have only one question: who is Perry Haney?  I’ve not heard of him and I’d love comments from anyone within the party who can speak a bit on this potential bid for the nomination in this new district.


13 thoughts on “Who is Perry Haney?

  1. His bio is a bit funny somehow and he likes to donate to Republicans. Also, this from earlier in the year. He’s been in the/a race for months.

    Bottom line is he doesn’t have a prayer and should probably be in a primary against Coffman. At least he’s blowing his own cash to figure it out! To be fair, while I know a few people who know him professionally, I’ve never met the guy.

  2. Since I have been building a progressive network from the Aurora/E. Centennial area for years, I can tell you I have never heard of this guy before. I am a strong supporter of Joe’s, but I have to like a guy with a UAW background that grew up poorer than dirt. (Joe grew up in MI to a waitress and a teacher. Glad Coffman will have some competition from people who know what it is to really work for a living.)Note that is facebook page says, “Considering running for Congress”.

    From Haney’s public facebook fan page:  

    Location: Aurora, CO

    Hometown: La Junta, CO

    Birthday: March 4, 1951

    Country: United States

    Currently Running For Office: US Congress

    State: Colorado

    Party: Democratic Party

    About: I’m a physician, small business owner, and lifelong Coloradan

    Biography: I was born into a family that has worked hard for their entire lives. My father was a bean farmer. My mother worked her whole life for the United Auto Workers and still depends on her hard fought pension from Chrysler.

    We didn’t have much growing up, in fact we moved around in our trailer during the early parts of my life. Without the union jobs my parents had and the union jobs I worked in the trucking industry on the night shift during college, there is no way I could have afforded college and medical school. I’ve got a lot of different jobs on my resume, except for politician. I’ve never run for office in my life.

    I’m considering running for Congress because I can’t sit on the sidelines any longer while Republicans plot to take away great programs that have done a lot for so many Americans. Please take a minute to read my biography and consider joining our cause.

    After finishing my degree in Accounting/Finance at the University of Colorado, I worked for John Deere and Co., moving up in the company and learning a lot about business that I would use later in life. I enjoyed my time there, but soon I felt the need to get into healthcare to help people become and stay healthier. I went to Palmer Chiropractic College and built a successful practice over the next decade. After that, I decided I hadn’t had enough school so I went to medical school at the University of Colorado to become a doctor.

    Over the past 20 years, I’ve built several successful practices and have helped my patients get better and stay better. It takes a lot of teamwork and dedication, but I believe my patients know that I am on their side when it comes to healthcare and also battling unfair practices by the insurance industry.

    I’m unique in that I’m a spine doctor who knows the physician side of healthcare, but also the business side. No one in Congress has that background and expertise. I do. I’ve created jobs and lived through the successes and problems of our healthcare system.

    Political Views: Moderate

    Activities: Bicycling, running, marathons, Ride the Rockies

    Education Info – Grad Schools:

    Palmer Chiropractic ’80, D.C.

    University of Colorado at Denver ’92, MD

    College: University of Colorado at Boulder ’73

    BS, Finance, Business

    High School: Hinkley High School ’69

    Gender: Male


    1. This could get interesting. I don’t think any one of the legislators who have already endorsed Joe would budge. They know Joe. They love Joe. We love Joe.

      And unlike the Bennet/Romanoff race, no one knows this Haney guy. No one. He has fewer facebook friends and page likes combined than my cat. Seriously.  

    2. Unfortunately, it was probably before the server drive crashed.  I have a backup, but it would be a major headache to find that article if it even exists.  Here are the highlights, though:

      At the time, he was toying with the idea of running from CD3.  Here’s an article from the Sentinel archives, but it’s probably paywalled.

      The local address he listed at the time was only a mail drop: a PO Box at the UPS store near Rimrock Walmart in Grand Junction.

      This might also be of interest:

  3. “Perry L. Haney, M.D., a 53 year-old physician practicing in Denver, Colorado, entered into a combined Statement of Charges and Settlement Agreement with the Board. The Iowa Board charged Dr. Haney with entering into a voluntary agreement with the Colorado Medical Board which restricted his Colorado medical license. On April 21, 2003, Dr. Haney entered into a Stipulation and Final Agency Order with the Colorado Board based on concerns regarding the excessive use of massage therapy services in Dr. Haney’s practice and that the amounts billed for procedures performed in his practice were excessive. Dr. Haney agreed to discontinue the use of massage therapy in his practice and he agreed to modify his billing system to decrease the cost for multiple procedures. Additionally, he agreed to submit to a medical chart review by a nationally recognized medical practice review company. Dr. Haney successfully completed the medical chart review and no major concerns were identified. Under the terms of the combined Settlement Agreement entered into with the Iowa Board, Dr. Haney was issued a Citation and Warning based on the action taken in Colorado.”…  

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