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November 26, 2021 01:20 PM UTC

November 26, 2021: The Day Lauren Boebert Finally Blinked

  • by: Colorado Pols

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R).

The Hill reports on the above video that went viral over the Thanksgiving holiday, of Rep. Lauren Boebert telling a story suggesting that fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar is feared by Capitol Police as a possible suicide bomber:

In the video, shared by a Twitter account called PatriotTakes, Boebert recounted an incident she said took place with Omar.

“So the other night on the House floor was not my first jihad squad moment. So I was getting into an elevator with one of my staffers. And he and I are – we’re leaving the Capitol. We’re going back to my office and we get in the elevator, and I see a Capitol Police officer running hurriedly to the elevator,” Boebert said in the video.

“I see fret all over his face, and he’s reaching… The door’s shutting, like I can’t – I can’t open it – like, what’s happening? I look to my left, and there she is. Ilhan Omar. I said, ‘Well she doesn’t have a backpack, we should be fine,’” she said as the audience in the video could be heard laughing…

During the debate over the censure of Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona over a video he promoted depicting the death of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Boebert smeared Rep. Omar as a member of the “Jihad Squad” on the floor of the House and even brought up the false rumor that Rep. Omar had once married her brother. In response, Omar ripped Boebert as an “insurrectionist who sleeps with a pervert”–in reference to Boebert’s husband’s conviction for public indecency and lewd exposure, which unlike Boebert’s claims about Rep. Omar being a suicide bomber is a matter of record.

As for the exchange Boebert described above with a U.S. Capitol Police officer frightened at the prospect of sharing an elevator with Rep. Omar? Here’s Omar’s response to that:

Fact, this buffoon looks down when she sees me at the Capitol, this whole story is made up. [Pols emphasis] Sad she thinks bigotry gets her clout.

Well folks, sometime between the video of Boebert telling this story being posted on Thanksgiving morning and today, something we’ve never seen before finally happened: Lauren Boebert was persuaded to deliver the closest we’ve ever seen from her to an apology.

Let’s be clear that this is objectively speaking a terribly weak apology, not even directly to Rep. Omar but “anyone in the Muslim community” offended by Boebert suggesting that Rep. Omar is a terrorist. Hopefully Boebert delivers a more direct apology when she meets with Omar, because this hardly seems sufficient. With that said, this is still the first time we have seen Boebert offer any kind of apology after literally hundreds of occasions that called for one, and that’s highly significant. It indicates to us that somebody who Boebert cannot afford to alienate has finally had enough.

The question now is, does this half-apology go far enough to spare Boebert from sanction by the House like Reps. Marjorie Taylor-Greene and more recently Paul Gosar? Without Boebert’s seat on the House Natural Resources Committee, her value to her CD-3 constituents–not to mention her questionably generous benefactors in the oil and gas industry–pretty much evaporates. We have to think a threat of this magnitude is the only circumstance that could compel Boebert to do what Donald Trump considered unthinkable.

This apology, weak as it is, shatters Boebert’s image as an indefatigable slinger of red meat.

As it turns out, there is a limit.


64 thoughts on “November 26, 2021: The Day Lauren Boebert Finally Blinked

  1. She and the numbskulls who vote for her find this kind of casual racism and lazy namecalling absolutely hilarious, you can see it in the clip. Obviously there’s no way she means this faux apology of course, but what’s galling is that they find this kind of childishness and racism genuinely funny – you can sense it in every tweet she posts, like she’s sitting there grinning at her own cleverness the moment she hits send, like the Cheshire Cat in every vain attempt to “own the libs.” It’s the same way they chortle in their Facebook groups about the “Brandon” nonsense as if it’s actually clever or funny when it’s actually just tired and juvenile, the same smug self-satisfied grin their cult leader Trump has when he uses the phase “Crooked Hilary” for the 87,000th time. An entire political party of seven year old boys.

    1. I have a (now former) brother in law who is the classic annoying right winger who makes every family gathering miserable. This was twenty years ago – before being a Tea Partying Trumpista was a thing – but he was the prototype of the sort that anyone who is old enough remembers; the now-quaint early models of lesser Timothy McVeighs and polyester Gordon Gekko wannabes who were unleashed by Rush Limbaugh and that ilk.

      He would proclaim the usual patter of willfully ignorant, stridently wrong, and gratuitously cruel garbage more or less continuously.

      But it was the look he got in his eye when he said these things that caught my attention; a sick sort of glee.  I thought: “this is what a future arsonist looks like when he sets stray cats on fire.

  2. I don't understand why you are all so tough on this women. After all, it is a holiday weekend and maybe Lauren would just like to enjoy some quality time watching her hubby wag his dick around at the local bowling alley. 

      1. Apropos of nothing, but just curious . . .

        . . . and, maybe because I’m out of the bowling alley loop thing, not having been inside one for many, many years, and never having been inside one on the western slope, . . . 

        . . . but is there any age of persons that it’s now considered appropriate to wave a dick around to inside a western slope bowling alley???

      2. I may be wrong. But I don't think there is any over/under age criminal limit on the victim's age when one waves their junk around in public in front of children. Perhaps Mr. Boebert is on a sex offenders registry, but I doubt it.

  3. There's actually more to this story than what is covered above. Boebert's likely primary opponent, Marina Zimmerman, did a tweet about "taking out the trash" next June. Zimmerman's tweet was re-tweeted by Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who also made the "trash" reference.

    1. There is also the possibility that Pols alluded to that seeing Gosar censured and stripped of his committee assignments penetrated her brain stem with a dawning realization that there are negative consequences to being racist and derogatory to fellow Congressional members.  This probably doesn't rise to level of censure for the new "normal" but it might be making her sweat a bit.  It's a lame apology of course but there is something unnerving about it if you are a die hard cult member.  I like that Omar said matter of fact that it was made up to entertain her audience.  A boorish buffoon playing to a crowd of Covidiots.

      1. I serious doubt she figured that out on her own.

        Didn't she hire some of Cory Gardner's former staff people? One of those folks probably figured out what needed to be done.

  4. I think she should, at least, be made to stand in the well and apologize to Rep. Omar. If she’s going to act like a mean girl, she should be treated as one-emphasis on girl. 

  5. Kinda O/T at this point, but I never really heard a discussion of her criminal record, in terms of: is it normal to have so many bench warrants for no-showing your own criminal trials, that latter on just get waived off, along with the charges?  Or was she special even back then?

    I can sorta imagine that the criminal system for white trash and meth trade trailer park scum doesn't resemble Perry Mason.  And that her series of offenses and no shows is actually pretty unremarkable.  But how did she get away with serving no time, at least for the no shows?

      1. But this was all long before she was a gleam in Trumps eye, wasn’t it?

        She was just another trailer trash broad (and her oil patch scumbag boyfriend) keeping the SO Deputies busy with outtakes from the show Cops.

        I mean, it might almost kinda makes a person wonder if Sheriff Douchenozzle ran an informal bail system for certain willing female suspects…

        1. Or, another analysis…. I recall the story about her Country Jam arrest that she made one of those “you don’t know who I am; I have friends at Fox News” threats.  Which is a weird thing to say for a useless redneck twat, unless you actually do (on some level of another).

          So it made me wonder: here’s this dingbat bowling alley dong groupie, and next thing you know she owns a restaurant somehow and is pulling Leona Helmsley riffs with the cops.  Almost kinda makes you wonder if there is some GOP minor league farm system out there trolling for Sarah Palin imitators.

          It all comes down to when she got the breast augmentation, and who paid…. follow the silicone

            1. So look – I've been holding my tongue on this.  But can we talk about her "modeling career"?  


              I'd like to clarify that this has nothing to do with being sexist, slut-shaming, or anything of the kind (I personally was never fond of the phrase "tramp stamp").  It has to do with her being white trash through and through and an embarrassment to her District and this state.  

              1. She’s an embarrassment, all right, but I’d hold off on shaming her because she tried to model professionally.

                Modeling has been one of the few career avenues open to women that at least promised decent money. Many a modern actress started out parlaying her good looks into meager cash ( it actually pays very poorly at entry level).
                Remember, Boebert was a high school dropout and a young mom with few marketable skills, in a small town without many jobs on offer. She probably saw herself acting or being some kind of public figure. And that ambition, at least, she has realized, so yay for her, or something.

                I was a model in my 20s, as was my daughter, and my son in his cutest period. Now go ahead and call us white trash.

                  1. Wow. That was spectacularly sexist and nasty of you.

                    I never said that modeling had been my life’s work. However, it worked for me as a side gig in my 20s. I was also fixing lamps in my home business. For Boebert, as a high school dropout and teen mom with big ambitions, modeling was probably a good choice. She had also been a manager at McDonalds at that point.

                    I’ve worked hard in many traditionally male and female fields, have my degrees and a 20 year teaching career behind me. I supported my family as a single parent for years.

                    Your late wife, may her soul be at peace, would certainly understand the choices women make. Hers were different, which is also fine.

                    You should apologize for your assumptions and language…. but I don’t expect it.

                    1. Good for you, Pman.  We all get carried away once in a while.  I respect you for dialing it back.

                1. I'm not shaming BoBo but I think democracy would be best served if she were deploying her talents (or lack thereof) making her living with an OnlyFans page as opposed to elected office. Ditto for six-inch thumb man if he ever finds himself in the unfortunate situation of having to give up his million-dollar consulting contract with the oily boyz.


                  1. Agreed.  If she isn’t re-elected, she’ll go where the money and attention are highest, and we can forget about her the way we forgot about Palin or Bachmann. 

                    My point was really to attack Bobo only on her anti-democracy practices: her lying, catering to racists, encouraging violence, sucking up to autocrats, etc

                    …and to refrain from attacking her on traits common to most women:  exploiting / enhancing her looks and sex appeal, not having well-paid marketable job skills, etc.

                    Attacking her for being poor “white trash” should also be avoided, in my opinion. Her ignorance and lack of education  disqualifies her for the office she holds, but doesn’t take away her humanity. 
                    There’s plenty to criticize Boebert for without being sexist or classist. 

                    1. "Her ignorance and lack of education disqualifies her for the office she holds, but doesn’t take away her humanity." 

                      Be careful, that's a slippery slope. That can also be said for Paul Gosar, MTG, Matt Goetz and the Asshole in Mar-A-Lago.

                    2. Still true for them as well, R&R. But I think the Reps you name come from money, and have some post-sec education. Their hatefulness is targeted to their misinfomed base.

                    3. Education is no guarantee of decency.  Our most racist president, Woodrow Wilson, was once president of Princeton.

              2. Yes, it is pretty weird how many Republicans had stints and profiles on modeling talent sites (Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, Mellissa Carone, etc.). My view is that it is likely a byproduct of an empty GOP platform. Without any particular policies or knowledge of world politics, a symmetrical face and refusing to work on legislation is good enough. 

                Lots of political pundits had failed Hollywood careers before turning red. Ben Shapiro's flightless screenwriting career comes to mind. Looking also at war criminals/murderers turning up on Fox News/OAN such as Ollie North, it's not really surprising or noteworthy that many failed careers lined the road to the GOP.

          1. She’s had 4 kids – probably breast size is natural. And if she did get some augmentation, so what? That’s the least problematic thing about Rep Boebert. Perhaps there’s some “size” issue we should be looking at with male candidates?

            Or we could try to focus on policies.

            RWNJs fetishize the “Sexy Broad with a Gun”. So yeah, she is following Sarah Palin’s path to power. And it’s now almost required for female GOP candidates. 

            Here’s another non-paywalled article on the same topic:

            1. Unless there was some sort of time-release post-partum overnight growth spurt…. my money is on surgery.

              And yes, the girls were, ahem, front and center in her campaign ads.  Leading interested viewers to conclude that on some level or another, she had done her market research into the preferences of her target audience and put forward the best assets she could harness.

              1. MM…Within the longstanding dominance of the GOP in western Colorado, are many relationships between the Oil and Gas industry and the Republican (now Trumplican©️) party. The corruption and grift and cronyism are multi-generational and as enduring as the buttes and mesas that frame these valleys. 

                Republicans are favored here the way good fellas have always been.

        2. Well maybe she struck up a friendship with local law enforcement by giving them free coffee and donuts at Shooter's Grill.

          As long as they avoided the pork sliders, they were safe.

          Are you insinuating that she posted her bond by using nature's credit card? wink

          1. She rode that same credit card to Congress, so to speak.

            So, I looked up the dates:

            – 2004.  Bowling alley indecent exposure incident.

            – 2005.  Marriage to indecent exposer.

            – 2010.  First known interaction with the local law.

            – 2013.  Opens Shooters Grill.

            – 2014. National media story re armed waitresses makes the rounds.

            – 2015.  Country Jam arrest.

            – 2015 to 2017.  Series of arrests and failures to appear.

            – 2017.  Food poisoning incident.

            – 2019. Gains national attention shouting at O'Rourke.

            – 2020. Shooters closed by cease and desist order over Covid noncompliance.

    1. I’m in Nashville this weekend and when my Uber driver, a Muslim, asked me where I was from and I replied “Colorado” he asked me if I knew Pew Pew.  She’s putting a stain on our entire state – and nation.  Meanwhile over at Facebook Meta…


        1. Fox News, Newsmax, or OAN would hire her in a heartbeat.

          She does have a really irritating voice, though, so I don't think they'd give her a huge speaking role.

          Without her paid staff, I don't see her being much of a news writer or commenting without a prompter.


    1. I must ask:  Isn't Q-bert worried about offending the base in places like Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi by casting aspersions on incestuous marriages and relationships?

      While Ilhan Omar may not have married her own brother, enough of the MAGA world think nothing of marrying first cousins and "messin around" with half-siblings.

      1. Scientific studies refute the notion that there is anything wrong with marrying cousins.  

        Even first cousins share just 12.5 pct of dna. In colorado, it is legal to marry a first cousin.

  6. Probably the sickest aspect of this tall tale is that a member of Congress thinks it is important to invent lies to highlight how cleverly insulting she is to an audience that is only too willing to laugh at the insult.

    What's heartening about it is that there are other Republicans who are tired of these racist lies and are calling her out as trash.  It is a powerful descriptor because it echo's her use of stereotypes alluding to white trash which she is acutely identifiable as.  The mileage scam and hubby's million dollar payday could also be issues for her primary opponent.

  7. Sentinel has a reaction worth reading: I've quoted 3 paragraphs of it

    EDITORIAL: Republicans won’t contain Rep. Boebert’s racism and obsessions — Americans must do it

    We would be as naive as many of her followers to think she would resign now in deserved shame for this recent and past racist attacks.

    Until voters in her district can next year reject Boebert, and her relentless attempt to normalize racism, intolerance and deceit, Americans can only hope her Trump-hobbled Republican Party will keep her, and others like her, in check.

    Given the recent Republican defense of similar societal felons such as GOP representatives Marjorie Greene, Matt Gaetz and Paul Gosar, we hold out little hope. Cowering in fear from the Trumpists that Republicans have handed control of their party to, they are silent to Boebert’s atrocities, just like those of Trump himself.

  8. as a sad member of LB's constituents I wonder if anyone has opinions on the best way to defeat her at the ballot box. Is Zimmerman a real possibility? Do the dem candidates have a chance. I appreciate any thoughts/info that you can share.

    1. All of the registered Dems should briefly re-register as unaffiliated voters and vote in the GOP primary for Zimmerman. This needs to be done on a massive scale.

      A big infusion of Dems to U's coupled with what's left of the establishment Republicans (Josh Penry, Russell George, Ellen Roberts, etc.) should be enough to override the MAGAt vote in a CD 3 primary.

      But probably just barely.

    2. Given that active registered voters in the new 3rd district break down as 31.8% Republican, 26.1% Dem, and 40.3% unaffiliated, I would look to the unaffiliateds as a source for numbers. Primary election turnout tends to be much lower than in general elections, so it might take smaller numbers to flip results in a primary. Now, unaffiliateds are not monolithic, and you'll probably find some of them are so far to the right that they think Boebert is a RINO, but I'd like to think a lot of them would like better representation.

      It's a different question on if the Dem candidates stand a chance. If unaffiliateds trend to the right, it'll probably be very tough for a D to win there just based on demographics. But if Boebert wins the primary, and enough people are finally fed up with her antics, I'd say again to target the 40% unaffiliateds with a message of not just demonizing Boebert, but also what can tangibly be done to help meet the needs of the people in the district.

      1. And a concrete, easy-to-remember list of the ways the GOP has failed to meet the needs of people in the district. Maybe set to music – the kind that becomes an earworm. 

      2. "Now, unaffiliateds are not monolithic, and you'll probably find some of them are so far to the right that they think Boebert is a RINO, but I'd like to think a lot of them would like better representation."

        When I saw your initial comment about all the unaffiliated voters, I thought the same thing. Many of those folk are MAGAs.

        I used to subscribe to the School of Thought which said it's best if the opposing party selects the most unelectable candidate possible. It worked well throughout history:  Barry Goldwater, Todd Akin, Christine O'Donnell, Dan Maes, Ken Buck.

        But then 2016 occurred and I no longer subscribe to that myth. Sometimes when the opposition party runs the most unelectable candidate, he/she/they still end(s) up winning and we are then stuck with him/her/them.

        1. No doubt 2016 enabled a brave new paradigm. I really thought Boebert was unelectable when she first ran as well, but now I look at elections not as if they're a high school debate competition but more like a high-dollar marketing campaign. She's got stuff going for her in the plus column, unfortunately, and somebody's got to find a way to get whatever numbers it takes to knock her out. 

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