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December 06, 2011 04:34 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.”

–Mark Twain


32 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Just what I asked Santa for.

    Polls: Gingrich Builds A Lead In Early Primary States


    Go Newton!  Clearly if this man loves his country so much he can’t keep your pants on, then he is the ONE who can rescue this nation.  He defeated communism once.  He can do it again.  

    Go Newton Go!  Don’t let them foist Mittens upon us.  

    1. Here’s a great thought provoking take @ DailyKos: Why almost everyone, right and left, should want to see Gingrich nominated.

      Back in May I was in Raleigh/Durham & got into a discussion with blood red Conservative about Newt’s just then announced campaign.  For both of us the idea garnered some pretty good laughs.  Now I’m just in WTF land with my mouth agape trying to figure out just how LOW the GOP can go.

      With Newt canoodling the Donald for the upcoming Trump/Newsmax ego trip I just can’t help but wonder about the next act coming from this freak show.

      Myabe, for the debate Trump can have Orly Taitz pitching the birther question from a live remote @ Lt. Col Lakin’s Leavenworth cell.  Or against a road gang backdrop Sheriff Joe could ask the candidates about how they’ll quit molly coddling illegals.  And best yet would be trotting out Vander Platts on hand with a big old copy of the Family Leader Pledge for Newt to sign (kinda like the old pix of that Contract With On America).      

    2. I want the newfangled newly-redeemed Newt!  

      CO Rejects Millard–What’s Next? Utah?

      A poll released today by Public Policy Polling shows Newt Gingrich with a commanding lead over Mitt Romney in Colorado. The poll shows Gingrich up 37-18 over Romney in Colorado. Michele Bachmann is third with 9 percent and Ron Paul comes in at 6 percent. It wasn’t that long ago that Texas Governor Rick Perry was thought to be leading in Colorado, but according to this poll he is down to 4 percent.

      In September, the last time PPP polled in Colorado, Perry led Romney 31-18. A Bloomberg poll released at about the same time also had Perry leading in Colorado. Gingrich was considered a fringe candidate at that time.


        1. Although I suppose Rick ‘Ewwww’ Santorum could still be next up…  

          Personally I am enjoying it immensely, and the only reason I don’t wish Little Ricky better is that the prospect of Newt being the one that beats Romney due to ‘anti-establishment’ and ‘pox-on-DC’ Teapublicans is delightsome.  

          1. He’s apparently just switched to being a climate change denier.  Look for new and intolerant stances from him on immigration and a push for some ridiculous and irresponsible budget plan that sounds catchy.  If you see one or more of these signs, he might be positioning himself to ride the wave as people come back to their senses and remember just why Newt left Congress in the first place.

      1. The middle 10% won’t like someone who spoke out of both sides of his mouth on too many issues to list.  

        That’s Newt’s problem, and it is entirely of his own making.  

        1. (none, IMO, but others seem to see a few).  The ego will devour everything in its path.  The more people see and hear of the Newt, the more they’ll be reminded what an insufferable @$$ he is.  Don’t the experts say that a candidate needs – among other things – to be likable?  The Newt and the Trump have a lot in common.

  2. has any problem with being loyal to petrified or any other kind of opinion. Chalk that up in their plus columns?  No opinion not subject to change at a moments notice? OK then.  

    1. Mitt is all talk. First he says one thing and then says the other.

      Newt, on the other hand, is a man of action. He’ll say one thing then actually DO the other. Like condemning Freddie Mac while cashing their checks.

  3. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, these are some of Republican Scottalkers new policies:

    Groups of four or more people must obtain permits for all activity and displays in state buildings and apply for those permits at least 72 hours in advance. The policy requires permits for 100 or more people outside the Capitol. The policy does provide some leeway for spontaneous gatherings triggered by unforeseen events.

    That’s big of him.

    Perhaps you think that’s not a big deal? Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing this isn’t happening in another country or we might have to issue a travel alert:

    The Journal-Sentinel quotes several experts on the First Amendment who are skeptical that Walker’s new polices are constitutional. This should not be surprising, since in some respects they are more onerous than those in Brunei — which is ruled by a literal Sultan and has been under martial law since 1962. Nevertheless, even though some aspects of the freedom to assemble are less restricted in Brunei than in Wisconsin, the State Department’s 2010 Human Rights Report criticizes the Sultanate for its polices:

    Under the emergency powers, the government significantly restricted the right to assemble. According to the Societies Order, public gatherings of 10 or more persons require a government permit, and police have the authority to stop an unofficial assembly of five or more persons deemed likely to cause a disturbance of the peace.

    1. “free” speech shouldn’t be free. You want to get together to peacefully request redress from your government? Gotta pay for it. And well in advance, too, so we can mobilize the shock troops.

      This whole permitting crap is stealthily eroding citizens’ rights of all kinds. But just don’t regulate those corporations for any reason whatsoever.

    2. In Walker’s defense, I’ve seen a few Badger games; a thousand armed, rioting Brunieans couldn’t hold a candle to the potential destructive power of even just a half-dozen Leinenkugel-addled Wisconsingers (? . . . – sinomites, – sinaholics . . . ?).

      The Constitution be damned, it’s a post-9/11 world we’re living in . . .

    1. Kermit is profligate, likely an absentee parent to hundreds of thousands of fatherless tadpoles.

      Ms. Piggy — (“Ms.”, that right there that ought to clue you in) — she’s a . . . well, you know what she is.

      Bert and Ernie.  Despite all the denials from the lefties at PBS, I think we all know for a fact what’s been going on for years there.

      Oscar.  He lives in a fucking garbage can for Christ sakes.  Do you know anyone who lives in a garbage can who you’d want your kids to spend any time with?

      Big Bird.  All those feathers?  Obviously either a cross dresser or a stripper when not spewing lefty propaganda to our kids on television.

      Gonzo.  A walking advertisement to promote the benefits of substance abuse.

      Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.  Pinhead geeks.  (Tell me, if lefties are so concerned about global warming, why do they continue to let these guys play with a gas flame?)

      The Swedish Chef, besides coming from a socialistic stronghold, he’s the leftist poster boy for unlimited open borders and illegal immigration.

      Sam the Eagle is the only partially redeemable Muppet — owing to his resemblance in look and manner to Bob Dole — but the lefties try to make him look bad as stiff, temperamental, and unempathetic.  The lefty message is obvious, great American patriots are asshole jerks.

      Nope, the Muppets are an obvious danger to the exceptionalism of American children.  How are we ever going to find kids who will scrub toilets at school if we continue to allow them to be exposed to this brainwashing about the evils of hard work and capitalism?  Instead of Sesame Street, good Republican kids should be watching something more message appropriate, equally as zany, with even stranger looking furry characters — Mad Money with Jim Cramer comes quickly to mind.

      Arise conservatives; Occupy Sesame Street — before it’s too late!  

  4. Via HuffPo:

    BALTIMORE-A Baltimore jury has convicted a political aide to former [Republican] Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich of conspiring to suppress black voter turnout during the 2010 gubernatorial election.

    Paul Schurick was found guilty Tuesday of four counts, including conspiracy to violate state election laws and attempting to influence a voter’s decision whether to go to the polls through the use of fraud.

    Schurick and friends, on election night 2010, heard from their poll watchers that the vote wasn’t going well for them.  So with several hours left to go, they decided to call up (about 110,000?) Democratic voters in the Baltimore area and tell them that Ehrlich’s opponent, Gov. O’Malley, had the race secured and that they could sit back and watch the victory on TV.

    1. if it’s a Republican playing a prank. By definition, only ACORN is capable of election fraud, and by gum they’ve got a hand in this inactive voter thingy. I just know it.

      1. Really, the Republican mantra seems to be that all Democrats want to aid and abet voter fraud by brown illegal criminal aliens.

        (Technical difference: ‘voter fraud’ is illegal voting and ‘election fraud’ is illegally tampering with the election process.  You get more bang for your buck with election fraud and it’s much more common as a result, mostly – or at least mostly documented – through voter suppression tactics.)

  5. Remember back when, when Senate Democrats threatened to block a slew of Dubya judicial nominees because they were extreme conservatives, many without good ABA ratings?

    Republicans proposed to blow up Senate comity with the nuclear option… and then a bipartisan group of Senators came along and made a compromise: no filibusters for nominations except in extreme circumstances.  Thus was the Gang of 14 formed, and thus were a number of Bush appointees allowed in.

    Well, that agreement may have been a bit tattered since Obama came in to office, but it is now officially DEAD.  Today Senate Republicans filibustered the nomination of DC Circuit Court nominee Caitlin Halligan, with all Republican Gangers supporting the filibuster (Orrin Hatch voted ‘present’, having never voted to filibuster a nominee before; a vote of ‘present’ still equates to a vote for filibuster, but gives him cover.)

    What were the extenuating circumstances surrounding Halligan?  Apparently, it’s that she’s an Obama appointee to the DC Circuit.

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