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November 30, 2011 11:56 PM UTC

Coffman, TIpton Make DCCC's "Most Vulnerable" Hit List

  • by: Colorado Pols

DCCC “robocall” targeting Rep. Mike Coffman.

From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s release today:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched a new paid and grassroots “Drive for 25” campaign to hold 30 vulnerable Republicans accountable for forcing the Super Committee to fail by demanding more tax breaks for billionaires while insisting the Medicare guarantee be eliminated. The campaign includes robo calls, live phone calls, online advertising and an online action center where voters can write letters to the editor about House Republicans’ priorities. The calls begin in targeted districts today and urge voters to call their Member of Congress directly.

Each of the targeted Republicans signed conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform pledge to protect tax breaks for the ultra wealthy at the expense of the middle class and seniors. Leading House Republicans are now opposing extending the payroll tax cut for middle income Americans.

“The Super Committee debate in Washington unmasked Republicans’ real priorities – more tax breaks for billionaires and Big Oil at the expense of the Medicare guarantee for seniors and creating jobs for the middle class,” said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel. “Republicans want seniors who depend on a Medicare guarantee to be the first to sacrifice while billionaires wouldn’t have to sacrifice a penny. House Republicans are going to face a chilly reception from voters for trying to defend the indefensible.”

CNN with the GOP response:

Responding to the phone call campaign, the National Republican Congressional Committee said it was Democrats who would be held responsible for failures in Congress.

“Democrats are the only party in Washington who cut $500 billion from Medicare to pay for their government healthcare takeover,” NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay said. “No matter how hard they try, they will never be able to escape the wrath of voters on this issue or on their job-killing agenda that has made a bad economy even worse.”

Rep. Scott Tipton has been on the DCCC’s target list practically from the moment he was elected, but the new inclusion of the once-safe Rep. Mike Coffman in the DCCC’s list of high-priority seats is an important development. The Hill states the obvious:

The DCCC’s target list largely reflects freshman Republicans in swing districts or those whose districts have or could be made more Democratic in redistricting.


24 thoughts on “Coffman, TIpton Make DCCC’s “Most Vulnerable” Hit List

  1. The Democrats are moving in to take what they could not fairly win at the ballot box. You don’t have to tell me it’s a plot working at the highest levels.

    Thanks for letting me know the Democrats are doing robocalls! You don’t have to celebrate every move the Dems in Washington make though. We know who you work for without it.

    1. The Democrats are moving in to take what they could not fairly win at the ballot box.

      I do.  We elected the guy, we can unelect him.  I’ll be happy for any help that comes along in that regard, no matter where it comes from.

          1. I want districts that represent communities, not divide them into conquerable pieces. That’s what taking Mike Coffman’s constituency (ME) away from him is about, conquest. It’s a powerplay, plain and simple. After the monumental ripoff of the people Democrats are pulling with reapportionment, we know what your true motives are. You don’t have to hide them anymore.

            1. It’s more compact, and puts all of Aurora – Coffman’s home town – in his district.

              The current map, in contrast, sucks in huge areas that look more like the eastern Plains than they do the population centers of CO-06.

              Are you no longer in CO-06 then?

              1. Are we really more of a community with Jeffco than with Aurora? With Douglas? If so, why?

                For one thing, we consistently vote for small mill and other increases to support our treasured amenities such as our first class library and museum and other cultural and recreational amenities and as Susan Thornton (a former mayor of Littleton) pointed out in a wonderful piece on a recent editorial page, our community manages to find ways to support our school such that our scores are going up even as the percentage of foreign language speakers and children receiving lunch subsidies goes up, unlike what we see in other school systems experiencing the same changes.  

                As far as I’m concerned, those things make the City of Littleton a better fit with a more progressive “community” than with the all taxes are bad, everyone for themselves “community”.   Besides, ARAP should chill.  Predictions of Coffman’s impending doom are probably highly exaggerated. More’s the pity.  

        1. I’ve suffered for years in an uncompetitive district. Now you have to “suffer” a little bit of competition. Boo hoo hoo. Quit being such a sore loser.

          If you find a halfway decent candidate or get Coffman to move back from the far right fringe he’s occupied in recent years, you’ll still be fine. The new 6th is still more R than D.

    1. I mean if Weld is with Highlands Ranch and DougCo, then, why try?  If it was left alone, we’d need a lot more anger directed toward Gardner than we currently have.  Nope.  Cory is going to have to lose it – Brandon can’t take it.

      1. That part of Douglas County is in the new 6th District. But the 4th is still a fool’s errand for a Democrat, it’s not even close to a swing district anymore.

    2. If Gardner or Schaffer make it competitive, then I’m sure the parties will step in appropriately to take advantage of the situation.

      At this early stage of the game, the D-trip is simply looking at the competitiveness of the various House races on paper.

  2. Despite the fact that it was Democrats’ negotiations with Republicans that resulted in the Medicare adjustments (and that those adjustments were not benefits reductions), Republicans are eager to mislead voters in order to maintain their chances.

    You can’t negotiate with the Republicans in Congress in good faith.  They will use whatever sacrifices you’ve made on your principles against you, going so far as to make it look like it they support those principles (which they don’t).

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