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November 27, 2011 09:42 AM UTC

Pot meet kettle: Partisan ADCO DEM decries partisan politics

  • by: jraiffie

courtesy of

In a letter to the editor of the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel a resident took to lamenting partisan politics at Thornton City Hall.  Considering the source is as partisan as they come, the dispatch is almost comical.

Linda Wisniewski rips into freshly seated Thornton Mayor Heidi Williams, apparently concerned about Williams’ party affiliation, campaign contributors and associations.  One would think if you were not for partisan politics, you would give someone a fair shot no matter their political affiliation.

In signing her name to the letter, Wisniewski should have provided full disclosure.  She and her husband, Marty, in fact serve on the State Central Committee for the Colorado Democratic Party.  She is also intimately involved with the Adams County Democratic Party of which Marty serves as chair.

Now that we have established the source and the far left direction it comes from, we could easily point by point refute the ridiculous claims and accusations in the letter.  However, we can see that it is actually a thinly veiled attack piece that attempts to use smoke and mirrors to obfuscate the truth about Wisniewski’s own party and its scandalous role in Adams County.

Was the 2011 mayoral campaign, one which is ostensibly non-partisan, more partisan that past elections?  Absolutely it was, as it should have been.

Voters of Thornton and Adams County as a whole have seen what form of leadership Democrats and the Adams Family provide.  Scandal after scandal has rocked our community.

Let’s take a look at some of the names who have shamed us:  Noel Busck (D), Gil Reyes (D), Ken Riley (D), Alice Nichol (D), Larry Pace (D), Diane Christner (D), Doug Darr (D), and James Hibbard (D).

Do you see a pattern there?  Hint: The D means Democrat.  

Those eight alone are responsible for dozens of scandals involving Adams County Democrats from the city to the county level.  Adams County’s decades long history of corrupt politicos with D’s after their name is catching up to it.

In an ideal world, yes, local elections would be non-partisan but that isn’t reality.  Perhaps it isn’t always as visible as it was this year but it is always there.

The reality is that we have corrupt politicians that steal from taxpayers and cling on to power at all costs (and all have the same letter following their name).  We also have an Adams County Democratic Party that rather than clean house, made officers of those involved in scandals.

Wisniewski and other leftist partisans can whine and cry about the lost battle of 2011 or those in the past and the ones coming in the future but the fact of the matter is that Thornton and Adams County voters have woken up.   We have seen the type of leadership they provide and have had enough.

If the Adams County Democrats are so concerned about the citizens of Thornton and the county, then they should start by looking within and getting their own house in order.  Until then, we will look elsewhere and in doing so we will certainly find people with real solutions, leadership ability and the moral fiber deserving of our vote.


10 thoughts on “Pot meet kettle: Partisan ADCO DEM decries partisan politics

      1. allegations, they should have to provide the reader with more than jraiffi is providing.

        I certainly am not going to waste my time tracking down what may very well be bullshit.

  1. If you want me to comment about partisanship from a partisan on a political blog, then you’ve got to provide a full background (a link to the original LTE would be good) on the issue.

    Otherwise you’re just another random blogger who was upset that someone rained on their parade and the diary deserves no further consideration.

      1. I’ve called out Democrats on this blog for the same basic offense.

        Make it worth our while to read it.  If you want to gripe on an actual event, point us to a reference of the actual event.  With this diary I have a whole steaming load of Zero Information Content.  I don’t know what the LTE alleges is wrong with the Republican officials in question nor do I know what any of the name-dropped Democrats did wrong in comparison.  (Of course, not having any offending actions in the first place, it’s hard to make that comparison regardless…)

        All I’ve learned from the diarist’s post is that he or she is partisn against Dems, plus a few names of people that were seemingly accidentally inserted into some random keyboard droppings.

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