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November 23, 2011 07:37 PM UTC

Stuff's Trying To Get Better

  • by: Colorado Pols

The AP reports via the Durango Herald:

Unemployment in Colorado dropped slightly in October as the state added 8,800 new jobs.

The state’s unemployment rate declined two-tenths of a percentage point to 8.1 percent in October, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment reported Tuesday. All but 900 of the new jobs added were in the private sector, mainly in professional and businesses services, leisure and construction…

Colorado lost 151,000 jobs between April 2008 and January 2010, said the department’s chief economist, Alexandra Hall. Since January 2010, the state has added about 44,000 jobs, less than a third of what was lost, but more than 30,000 of those jobs have been added in 2011.

“That means we’re building momentum,” Hall said.

Although Colorado’s unemployment rate remains below the also-declining national rate of 9%, the survey notes another federal measurement that shows the rate of unemployment factoring those who have stopped looking for work or are part-time and looking for full-time work over 15%–again below the national average, but definitely an indicator of a long way to go. Still, good news is good news, and with something as psychology-driven as economics, good news (or bad news, for that matter) tends to compound and self-reinforce–producing more good news.

And then you wake up and realize it’s morning in America.

Reports of bad economic news, in our experience, elicit a lot more press releases and commentary. It’s a persistent mystery to us why bad economic news gets more play than good news, especially when good news can have that aforementioned self-reinforcing positive effect.

Politics, we guess.


22 thoughts on “Stuff’s Trying To Get Better

  1. So much for the message that brought the State House into GOP control. Proof you can raise fees/taxes and eliminate tax exemptions without destroying the economy.

    But I’m sure we would have sooooo many more jobs had those exemptions not been eliminated, right?

  2. If the news was really that much better.

    Like the drop in unemployment in Alabama, where the right-wing is trumpeting the news as success in the new anti-immigration law, the true story with a 2/10ths drop in unemployment here in this state is that people simply aren’t looking any more.  Their benefits are running out, they no longer have to report to the unemployment office on their job searching…

    I think the appropriate sentiment can be summed up by a quote from The Princess Bride:

    My brains, your strength, and his steel against sixty men, and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy?

    When the economy has been mostly dead for the past few years, it’s going to take more than a little head jiggle to make most people happy.

    1. It’s nice to see even the liberal readers not buying this weak Pols spin. It’s going to take a long time to dig out from the hole Barack Obama has dug for our economy, and baby steps in the right direction are not going to get us there. The economy is adrift, business has no confidence, and we have to get serious about jobs. This isn’t about psychology, it’s about America competing in a global marketplace.

      Our solutions will differ, but it’s good to see you are not deluded about the problem.

      1. “hole Barack Obama has dug for our economy” – yeah, right.  The hole digging apparatus was set up and running full steam, courtesy of irresponsible Bush Administration policies – long before Obama got into office, and continued digging a nasty trench until the (GOP crippled) stimulus program slowed it down.

        You’re right, though – baby steps in the right direction (i.e. nerfed stimulus bills) won’t get us out of this.  We need to talk about jobs.  Which probably means the GOP controlled House will spend the next few weeks talking about abortion limits.

      2. A flatly false description — or “ironically factual,” the synonym for “lie” you invented when the lie is by a Republican. As a matter of simple temporal logic, it’s damn near impossible to blame Obama for the job losses:

        – the recession was underway for a year under Bush, before Obama ever took office;

        – roughly 8.7 million lost jobs were split between 2008 (under Bush) and 2009, and it’s hard to say job losses in the first few months of 2009 were the fault of the guy who took office in late January; and

        – the economy gained almost a million jobs in 2010 and over a million already in 2011.

        So please feel free to clarify how the hole the economy is in was dug by Obama. Or better yet, and far more likely, don’t respond at all, as per your M.O. when called out on your bullshit.

        1. Nobody blames Obama for the original recession, except for being part of a profligate Democrat majority before his election who dramatically increased the deficit. Obama’s actions on the economy since his election have been haphazard at best, and his new regulations on business are choking the recovery. I’m glad we have small numbers of jobs being created, but it’s not even enough to keep up with population growth. We need better on the economy, and Obama can’t do it. He’s had four years, and all he’s done is magnified the challenges facing America.

          1. Arap statement #1 (flip): We’re stuck in “the hole Barack Obama has dug for our economy.”

            Arap statement #2 (flop): “Nobody blames Obama for the original recession.”

            1. starting the war in Iraq, and not funding it.  And getting Osama Bin Laden.

              And the Bush tax cuts. And extending them and giving us new ones. Tax cuts work awesome, every time. all the time. Except when they don’t.

              1. As screwed up as things are, there is still much for which we can be thankful. I hope you and your family have a great time together.

                I am so grateful for and to the OWS people, particularly the veterans, the unemployed and the students who are staring at a reality I never dreamed would face an American. Those of us who have been somewhat successful (but have been hanging on by a thread), should not forget these courageous citizens when it comes time to rebuild our economy and rehire a workforce.

                The pubs have overreached so far this time even the low information voters are starting to get it. The neo-cons are doomed.

                We can’t wait.  

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