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November 17, 2011 02:34 AM UTC

Honk and Waves to be banned for November 2012?

  • by: ClubTwitty

(We’re fresh out of reasons to not promote this – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper waves at motorists as he and supporters do a honk and wave in Denver, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.


As all good campaigners know, the ‘honk and wave’ is standard fare around election time.  It’s in good fun, and a way for passing motorists to show support.  But be careful with whom you find affinity apparently, as one motorist recently learned in Denver showing support for the Occupy protestors.

The Westword is reporting:

While driving downtown after the night’s police raid on Occupy Denver, Garcia chose to publicly support the group by honking his horn. This, he would quickly learn, is technically illegal. Thanks to “either two or three honks,” he says, Garcia was pulled over and ticketed by a police officer near 14th Street.

Just to be clear, Garcia takes out the ticket and reads it. On November 12, at 8:30 p.m., he was cited for violating city ordinance 54-71, labeled “horns or other warning devices.” Garcia drove down 14th Street and was about to turn onto Broadway when a supportive honk earned a show of headlights behind him, accompanied by the signal for him to pull over.

Selective criminalization of common behavior upsets me.  I expect the Denver PD to be quite busy next November, because after all–fair is fair.  


33 thoughts on “Honk and Waves to be banned for November 2012?

  1. that Denver PD should waste our fucking tax dollars for political candidates the same way they just did for Garcia. Fair is fair.

    And what a great way to raise revenue for the city–talk about thinking outside the box! Way to go, Denver. You guys are geniuses.  

  2. I remember when trucks circled the capitol building all day honking in protest…


    Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, pointed behind him and told the crowd that “we should be scraping the gold off the dome before we raid your money.”

    Gardner was one of several Republican lawmakers who spoke against the Pinnacol asset seizure. They were joined by Rep. Joe Rice of Littleton, a business-friendly Democrat, and John Soper of Thornton, a pro-labor Democrat.

    Many at the rally wore T-shirts and carried signs opposing the bills. Three semi trucks bearing similar signs circled the Capitol and blew their horns.

    Pinnacol spokeswoman Suzi Stolte said an “employee activities committee” of Pinnacol had helped pay for the costs of the rally.

  3. We all have this info, we post it.  We blog, but now what?

    I say we flash mob on Broadway every day at 5PM with 1000s of honk and waves.  And we all protest the tickets with jury trials.

    I am truly sick of Democrats and their lack of regard for what this party is about.  We are supposed to be about “The People”.  

    The party that marched in support of women’s rights, Civil Rights, Gay rights, the right to choose.  But now the Dems in control have become close minded.  Shutting down Democracy is a sin against this nation and every American that died protecting our freedoms.  

    Congrats Hick.  As expected for Hancock.

  4. to Tea Party rallies with folks brandishing weapons and calling for secession?

    Yawn.  “Nothing to see here folks move along”.

    Me thinks there is an obvious bias in the ranks and it isn’t towards the people who are members of the United States of Republicans.  I know a woman whose husband worked for the Denver Police during the 2008 DNC convention and their funny in the locker room was, “Getting up early to beat the crowds”.

    Dean Singleton’s mouthpiece chimed in today with a front page article about the high cost of corralling the protesters.  The establishment is pulling out all the stops to discredit this movement.

    1. and the police were not there. Not a single incident. Extremely peaceful. There is something about all kinds of weapons that makes some protesters…. well, a little edgy and defensive.

  5. Then honking your horn in support of an assembly of the People must also be protected speech. Anyone who gets a ticket for honking should sue the city immediately.


  6. A honk and wave to demonstrate solidarity with a political event or demonstration is political speech and therefore must be afforded protection under the First Amendment. But apparently not when that political movement threatens corporatist hypocritical politicians.

    However corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money buying off politicians in campaigns (Citizens) and that’s protected free speech.

    The ACLU should be all over this.  

  7. You have tons of cops working tons of overtime to deal with the Occupy protests and you decide to write a horn honking ticket?

    Garcia should go to court for this ticket, just because the cop won’t bother showing up and the charge will get thrown out.

  8. If not, you can chalk it up to one dumb/anal/frustrated cop.

    You can’t punish him because technically he was enforcing the law, but he should immediately be taken off that beat. Maybe a desk job for a while will do or perhaps some psychiatric care to check his head/medical attention to remove the rod up his ass.  

    1. You can’t punish him because technically he was enforcing the law, but he should immediately be taken off that beat.  Maybe a desk job for a while will do or perhaps some psychiatric care to check his head/medical attention to remove the rod up his ass.

      . . . is good for the Governor (Mayor, Chief of Police, et al)?

  9. in Denver, just as it has all over the world. When they evict 1000 people, 2000 return. The powers that be need to start a conversation with the American people and acknowledge their outrage.

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