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November 04, 2011 10:18 AM UTC

Friday Jams Fest

  • by: nancycronk

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I’ve been waiting all week to share this little ditty with you. When I was a little kid growing up just outside of Detroit, I used to watch American Bandstand and Soul Train every Saturday morning. I remember seeing Elton John on television for the first time and my mother whispering, “I think that man might be a… (gasp)… ho-mo-sex-u-al”. I had to go look it up in the dictionary when I arrived at school. We’ve come a long way in 36 years. I’m proud to say my Mother and I are strong LGBTQ allies today. (Come to think of it, my baby sister, a lesbian, was born a year or two later.)

Two pieces of news came out this week showing me how far we have to go in this work, both in my home state, and in my beloved, adopted state of Colorado. The Michigan GOP just passed a bill allowing citizens to bully others if it can be justified using “religious or moral” reasons (the anti-Matthew Shepard bill, if you will). In Colorado, a lesbian couple had their home vandalized with death threats.

Homophobia sucks folks. Don’t stop fighting it. It’s still out there, it still hurts people, and the only cure is education. G-d Bless You, Elton John — even though you were dressed like the Lucky Charms Leprechaun in this video, you taught a generation of people all over the world to be proud of who you are. You rock the most, buddy.


38 thoughts on “Friday Jams Fest

        1. It’s Wrigley Field and stupid managers.

          1) Cubs are O-fer-Wrigley


          b) Never pitch to Pujols (or the reigning best hitter in baseball) with 1b open tied in the bottom of the  9th. Or the 10th. And never do ever do both on consecutive games.

          1. You are so right on all fronts. They sucked so bad this season and then to rub a little more salt in the wound, the Cardinals win the World Series. It just doesn’t get much worse than it was this year.  

            1. The Brewers win the Series.  

              Or the Nationals.

              Or the f’n Padres.

              Or they could get get to the NLCS and lose in 7.

              Hell- the Rangers got within one out at least three times, and still blew the Series.  That’s got to leave a mark.

              1. I stand by my statement. This season sucked ass and seeing our arch rivals win the World Series was about as bad as it gets for me.

                So there. Bite me.  

                  1. I kinda wonder what went down last year with Ryne Sandberg, though. Epstein went out of his way to say they still didn’t want him as manager, and now rumor has it that he’s a candidate to replace La Russa.

                  2. Pujols is not coming to Chicago. And I’m not sure he’s what they need.

                    Instead, they need …. the same things they always need.  Starters, a closer or two. Solid catcher and 3B. Some speed.   A manager who is not rolling the dice and playin tough.

                    1. My sister moved to Chicago last year, but she hasn’t converted.  She knows the rest of us will be waiting here to beat the snot out of her if she ever utters the word “Cubbies.”

                      If the Cubs do make it to the Series in my lifetime, I promise you I’ll root for them, though it will burrrrnnnnn….

  1. “Vissi d’arte,” from Puccini’s Tosca.

    Sondra Radvanovsky – what a voice. I was privileged enough to see her sing this role at Opera Colorado a couple of seasons ago.

    1. I taught preschool while in college and we used to play this all the time. Great memories. So sad Jackson didn’t didn’t have more emotional support from his Dad.

                1. Really.

                  But compared to what?  Kanye West, Big Daddy Kane, or Blind Willy Johnson or Led Zeppelin?

                  How many videos could reference Roman Polanski’s Obsession, Saturday Night Fever and Vincent Van Gogh?

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