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October 31, 2011 11:37 PM UTC

Stay Classy, County GOP Photoshopper

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Washington Post explains:

The Republican Party of Virginia is strongly condemning an e-mail sent by Loudoun County’s GOP committee that shows President Obama as a zombie with part of his skull missing and a bullet through his head.

“The disgusting image used today on a mass e-mail has no place in our politics. Ever,” said Pat Mullins, chairman of the state party. “The Republican Party of Virginia condemns the image and its use in the strongest possible terms.”

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) called the e-mail “shameful and offensive,” his spokesman Tucker Martin said. “He calls on those involved to apologize for their actions, and to immediately ensure that such imagery is never used again. The governor has long stressed the need for more civility and respect in our politics. An e-mail like this one undermines those goals, offends all Virginians and discredits our entire political process. It will not be tolerated.”

Yes, that’s the same Gov. Bob McDonnell who attended the Koch brothers’ conference in Vail last spring, and evidently didn’t have any problem with comparing President Barack Obama to executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. But that never went out in an email with the Republican Party’s logo on it, so obviously there’s no comparison.

Got that? Saddam Hussein Obama okay, born-in-Kenya Manchurian candiate Obama okay (at least according to Rick Perry), bullet-riddled zombie Obama, even on Halloween, not okay.

It’s good they’ve drawn a line somewhere, right?


11 thoughts on “Stay Classy, County GOP Photoshopper

          1. There are some partisans on both sides who enjoy making disgusting pictures. But they are a minority. I don’t enjoy posting zombie Bush pictures, but I felt it was necessary after Pols feigned outrage. Do you see me posting offensive pictures without provocation?

            1. There was for sale in stores this year a Vampire Obama.  I was going to go as Zombie Reagan (instead just did non-Zombie Reagan – almost as scary…).  I didn’t have a problem with either concept.

              There is a difference between this kind of political commentary on an individual level and promoting an image of a Zombie Obama with a bullet hole in his head from a position of power.  Even a very conservative GOP governor can apparently figure that out.

            2. your subject line

              (I don’t think so)…

              is a bit long…you shoulda stopped at

              I don’t think…

              I am very impressed with the response by the Republican governor AND the Republican state party, and I certainly don’t mind saying so.

              The thing you are unable to see, since, unlike most of us, you can’t bring yourself to try to think your way out of your Tea Party box and actually believe there might be Democrats with principles and that the world is not all Red or all Blue…it is actually mostly purple.  

              Listen up..I will repeat what you have already heard from the previous posters.. This crap was on an official county party e-mail, approved by a COMMITTEE. Not just some blogger with a computer.

              That crosses a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Do you really think your slavish devotion to the excesses of your corporate royalty is anything other than abetting the destruction of the American dream? Of what this nation is all about?

              Do you have any idea what disaster capitalism is and how it works? Get an education…will ya?

              1. Tea Partiers are science-deniers, climate-deniers, evolution-deniers, Obama-haters. They are the ignorant, the shock-troops, the voters, and base of the Republican Party. They are a CREATION of the 1%, not actually part of the 1%

                ArapaGOP is the voice of the official Republican Party. He represents the mainstream of the Party, which is all about defending the 1%. He may also be a science-denier, climate-denier, evolution-denier and Obama-hater, but these are merely positions to feed the base.

                In other words ArapaGOP knows he is lying which is different from believing something because he is stupid.

  1. I leave my ire for when they compare the president to a monkey, pimp or drug dealer.

    I am far more concerned when Newt Gingrich calls him a hustler or con.

    Don’t get me started about the watermelon and food stamp flier.

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