Weld County Mad About Maps

From The Associated Press:

Weld County commissioners are headed to the Colorado Supreme Court over new legislative boundaries.

Commissioners are seeking to increase Weld’s representation in the state House when new legislative boundaries are finalized. According to the Greeley Tribune, Monday is the deadline for opponents to file and propose alternate plans with the Supreme Court.

We could see the outcome of this suit creating a whole new round of objections to the reapportionment maps. Other large counties, such as Jefferson, are concerned about losing representation despite their overall population size.  

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  1. ArapaGOP says:

    What’s the matter, not gerrymandered enough for you? Didn’t you perform enough demonization of Republicans in Mario’s presence to get your way?

  2. Alexei says:

    If I did my math right, they were entitled to 3.26 HD’s. So, in theory, they should have had 3 districts which the Rep would be from Weld county and one district where there was a 26% chance fo the rep being from Weld, for the highest possible number being 4 Reps.

    What they actually got was 2 districts wholely in Weld, two mostly in Weld and one with a small piece in Weld. With this map, Weld actually has a better chance of getting 4 Reps and possibly even a 5th.

    I would say redistricting was actually pretty good to them.

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