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October 24, 2011 09:47 PM UTC

What Scott Gessler and Katherine Harris Have In Common

  • by: Colorado Pols

That would be, according to this report from Lynn Bartels of the Denver paper’s blog this weekend, straight-up, bare-knuckles, in-your-face partisan objectives.

And control of the elections.

Bartels has a lengthy excerpt of Scott Gessler’s remarks at the GOP Capitol Club’s luncheon last week in her blog post–here are just a couple of nuggets that caught our eye.

If you look at President Obama and I think he’s perfect embodiment in many ways of sort of the liberal view. When he was asked during in the campaign about American exceptionalism, he said yeah I guess Americans are exceptional, just like the Greeks think they’re exceptional. I certainly hope were not exceptional like the Greeks with their financial problems…

So these policies have been an abject failure. What they’re doing is they are trying to change the subject, screaming hysterically over disenfranchisement or whatever they can in trying to create class warfare and start that and create racial divisions. [Pols emphasis]

I mean they’re even calling a Herman Cain a racist as well.

I think that’s what we’re facing here in this 2012 election. It’s not merely a battle for American exceptionalism and the view of freedom and free markets and personal responsibility. It truly is ‘Are we going to be able to maintain a focus on the things that matter in this country and not be sidelined or distracted by some of these things that are going on?’

That’s what I’ve learned about all this venom that’s been going on here in the state of Colorado.

We are a swing state. We are a battleground state. What happens here, what the people in this room do today and over the next year and a half, in many ways really are going to determine the fate of our country for the future… [Pols emphasis]

Coming from any other Republican, sure. Boilerplate stuff, not even that well delivered.

Coming from the state’s chief elections officer? Dismissing your critics as “hysterical” after you just lost in court to them doesn’t seem very respectful of the process. Looking ahead, and this might actually matter more, you really hope he’s able to separate these blatantly partisan aspirations from his job–otherwise this could all reasonably be interpreted…as a threat.


19 thoughts on “What Scott Gessler and Katherine Harris Have In Common

  1. an SOS who truly believes his mission is to prevent Dems from winning by any means and that the end justifies any means. That’s something that all patriots who believe in a legitimate electoral process really need to get, if not hysterical, enraged about and we must be determined,  if we can’t recall him, to remain hyper-vigilant and to loudly and vigorously counter each and every one of his nefarious efforts to see that Republicans are elected no matter what it takes or what the will of the voters may be. He is a declared enemy of the democratic process.  This is clearly why he wanted to be SOS in the first place:  To block the legitimate democratic process if it doesn’t produce the “right” results.

    1. Because Bernie Buescher never gave a partisan speech. OOPS.

      And Bernie never raised funds for fellow Democrats. OOPS.

      I hate to break this to you, but we elect humans to this office, not robots. Every Secretary of State in the country has to be an adult and enforce the rules impartially despite having their own politics.

      In other words, **yawn**

        1. adults who can “…enforce the rules impartially despite having their own politics” as evidenced by his serious dust up free run as SOS. His integrity was never in question.  Gessler’s has been since day one. So… legitimate comparison by Borg Brat?  OOPS.

        1. Is 200 suspected fraudulent ballots that were turned over to a Democrat DA. Nothing has become of any of them. They are still sitting there untouched.

          Shouldn’t somebody at least look into these?

          1. what you’re talking about.

            Those are 200 ballots that were rejected for a variety of reasons, the vast majority because the voter forgot to sign the envelope before mailing or dropping it off. That is only “suspected fraud” in your fevered ACORN dreams. You really think the DA should investigate whether someone forgot to sign a ballot?

            Here’s a question for you: How many ballots were rejected in the Colorado Springs municipal election this spring? Were any rejected because the signatures didn’t match? Does the Springs clerk have handwriting experts on hand to do the comparison, the way Denver does? What became of those ballots? How many voters were prosecuted for failing to sign their ballots in El Paso County?

            Until you can answer those questions, your ridiculous taunts are just embarrassing you and your hysterical position.

      1. How about some facts to back up your claim.

        Since you are giving us the “you do it too” equivalence argument for about the umpteenth time, give us an instance of Bernie giving a partisan speech and let’s compare quotes.

        Oh I forgot.  You’re a little fucking one and done spammer who throws out stupid poorly formulated arguments and then disappears.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for a anything resembling a real life verifiable fact to back up your claim.  You are a fact free spammer ArapaJoke.

  2. Gessler: “And one is it seems pretty clear that to the left and particularly a lot of the mainstream media, Republicans are fine as long as they don’t make waves.”

  3. it is dog whistle for “We’ll lie, cheat and steal to deny Obama a free and fair election that is determined by the people.”

    The Obama campaign should take this member of the United States of Republicans seriously when he get’s all hysterical about the fate of the free world depending on him stealing the Colorado Electoral votes for Santorum.

    You can bet the hyper-partisan tactics of this loyal member of the United States of Republicans will intensify in the next year.

    A Recall effort in the spring might be the only thing that might get his attention that this election is in the United States of America, an open society which cherishes the right to a free and fair vote.

    It is the Gaddafi’s of the world who have to rig the vote to thwart the will of the people so I guess we know where Gessler stands in the moral order of the universe.  

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