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October 18, 2011 09:22 PM UTC

Tom Tancredo. Off The Anti-Semitic Deep End?

  • by: Colorado Pols

We’re a bit stunned by what former Rep. Tom Tancredo just copied and pasted to his blog–is this something he agrees with? Is he ridiculing it? We, uh, sincerely hope it’s the latter. Here is what you can read right now on Tancredo’s blog: the “obvious” nature of Occupy Wall Street.

Yes, that is what these “occupiers” are, along with Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Leon Panetta, the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer, and of course George Soros, and all their comrades. They are all the revolutionary usurpers, “the coming insurrection’s” vanguard. And their transnationalist controlled opposition, at work within the circles of conservatives, GOP presidential candidates, and the Tea Party are their accomplices, whether hoodwinked or worse.

But what good would it do to say, “We told you so?”

Look further and see what is behind them all. One more thing that we explained is being picked up by only a few: This movement is also the spawn of the wealthiest 1% – of 1% of 1% of 1% – the world’s age old, truly and megalomaniacally evil, central banking complex.

We had previously made a point, all too distinctively, that it was the Rothschild/Schiff bankers who funded George Soros and his fellow black knight on the game table, Maurice “Sustainable Development” Strong.

But do not dare to call this “the Jewish problem.” Do not go down that road or you also become America’s enemy… [Pols emphasis]

So, this movement is the ploy of the world’s biggest banksters, to rapidly foment and utilize perverse Marxist bitterness, in order to push out the lesser banksters and legitimate financiers and “capitalists” – all in order to yes, control the world.

To be clear, it doesn’t look like Tancredo actually wrote this–it’s a post copied in its entirety to Tancredo Radio from a blog called Gulag Bound (which, be assured, we’ve never heard of, but clearly sits on the fringe right wing of the blogosphere). We have trouble believing that Tancredo, as far out as he proudly is, would approvingly cite–or at least fail to make clear he does not approve of–what seems to be a straight-up anti-Semitic conspiracy theory freakout.

But that seems to be the case, folks. Say it ain’t so, Tom–note we have taken screenshots.


26 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo. Off The Anti-Semitic Deep End?

  1. it always ends up.  Jews who imagine the Israel supporting far righties are their friends are morons. As are all the other  minorities, women and gays. Since this is the faction that has taken over the GOP it strikes me that being a Jewish Republican or a Log Cabin Republican or a Latino Republican is dangerously close to any of the above joining the neo-Nazi Party.  

  2. OF COURSE HE FUCKING APPROVES OF IT. Read his blog, he only cross posts shit that fits the lunatic right wing worldview. You guys have been awfully benefit of the doubty lately, but with Tancredo it’s unnecessary. Go with your gut, obviously or you wouldn’t have posted this.

    Beyond that, let me say this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen from Tancredo, or any “mainstream” Colorado politician. I doubt even Jim Welker would have posted this.

    Hoe many Republicans endorsed Tancredo for Governor again? Never forget.

  3. Oh, he went there. He went there bigtime. And if he pasted it to his Tancredo Radio then I have to believe he stands behind what he’s reprinting.  

  4. This is classic code speech. Throw out all those Jewish names in the same breath as “the world’s age old, truly and megalomaniacally evil, central banking complex,” sarcastically say to not call it a “Jewish problem” even though that’s exactly the case they have made. And then throw in some bullshit about “whatever mix of ethnicities” so you can say that it’s not necessarily Jews you’re talking about.

    You’re a sick, racist bastard, Tom. It’s shining bright.


    There are things that are acceptable because one is prominent within a community subscribing to a particular ideology, and desires to provoke discussion, and then there are things that no sane human being does. In the latter category is “broadening the audience of the exact rhetoric that has led to millions of deaths within very recent memory.”

  6. The “age old central banking complex” has been code for Jews for centuries. ArapaGOP and crew don’t know their history to know that Jews were the only people allowed to conduct banking in Europe for hundreds of years. There is no other community the author could be referring to with that description.

    It sickens me to see people hiding their bigotry behind pseudo-class arguments. Class struggle is real, but the fucking Jews didn’t start it and they are not perpetrators. They were most often the victims.

    1. its much easier for them to get history (white christian revisionist American expceptionalism history) from the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and other willfully ignorant standard bearers of the RW.  Gist of Tancredo’s post is disgusting but reading through Gulag Bound is priceless for revealing the frightening ramblings of the hard right wing.    

  7. were looked upon with the same contempt by “real” Americans as were the immigrant Jews of the day and as he now looks on Mexicans, and not just the illegal immigrants.  He’d like to stop legal Mexican immigration, too.  None of his own people, have been welcomed by the type found in the White Supremacist group he was once so happy to join in a round of “Dixie” under a confederate flag.  

    There is something very creepy about the guy, as if he dreams of waking up with blond hair, blue eyes and a spotless White Anglo-Saxon or Arian pedigree. Could his hateful bigotry be fueled by self loathing turned inside out? Did he hear people calling daddy a wop and resolve to distance himself as much as possible from the insult?

  8. Tancredo is a major supporter of Israel and always has been. Did he post this himself? Did a staffer mistakenly post it?

    Perhaps he didn’t read it well enough and made a mistake, but that’s the worst it could be. One thing I know is, Tom Tancredo is no anti-Semite. He supports Israel while Obama disses our most important Middle Eastern ally every chance he gets.

    Like Obama’s Occupy Wall Street buddies do.

      1. to do with supporting Jews.  It’s just part of the end times scenario.  Jews who don’t convert before it’s all over are cordially invited to go to hell, so to speak. Jews and Israel are not synonomous. Most of us aren’t Israelis for starters.

    1. Evangelicals who support Israel only do it because they’re trying to hasten Armageddon and Judgment Day. Israel, if you recall from Revelation, is very important in bringing that about.

      1. at OWS.  Not nearly as widespread as blatant bigotry at Tea Party events or mass racist e-mails from main stream pols on the right but let’s not be like them and insist that nothing but saints exist on our side of the spectrum. I’ve never had any trouble admitting that Sirota and Randi Rhodes are jerks so I’m not going to sacrifice credibility to insist that nothing like this could possibly be factual. It can be.  

  9. then again, the left of the Democratic party has many that  demonize Israel and partcipate in its slanderous deligitimazation.

    I think the tin hats hang out on both extremes of the political spectrum.

    The danger of any of these theories gaining traction neeeds to be stopped abruptly.

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