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October 15, 2011 03:21 PM UTC

Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

  • by: Konola

(#occupyeverywhere! – promoted by ProgressiveCowgirl)

Things are heating up in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Yesterday two different cities responded in different ways to the protests. New York City, where it all began, and where people have been camping out in a tent city almost a month ago, decided that the right to free speech and the right to assemble would be upheld. Denver, where it began a little over a week ago, decided to close its parks to citizens, forcibly remove both protestors and their possessions, and ignore people camping out for the commercial purpose of buying one of Steve Job’s last sexy phones.

Today has been declared a day of global action, with protests organized world-wide, including right here in Grand Junction.

Locally, the Sentinel issued an editorial which dismissed the protests by saying, “But it’s unfortunate that the Occupy Wall Street movement – and its offspring in places like Denver and Grand Junction – has become a mish-mash of hangers-on, aging revolutionaries, young wannabes, homeless people and publicity seekers.” Local County Commissioner, Janet Rowland, proactively asked if people could be arrested for hanging out at the old county courthouse.

The Constitution of the United States starts with “We the people “not “We the CEOs of global companies.” The U.S. Supreme Court and Mitt Romney got it wrong when they said that corporations are people. They aren’t. They don’t have mothers. They can’t walk into a voting booth. They can’t assemble in a protest. They can’t go to jail. They can’t be cremated and/or buried.

I am one of the 99% of Americans who support this democratic demonstration against the corporate take-over of our government. I don’t fit the definition of protestors printed in the Sentinel. I am a retired banker, with a pension from Wells Fargo Bank. I am involved in several local organizations that are all working to make Grand Junction a better place to live. I am not homeless. In fact, I own homes in two states.  You can decide if I’m an “aging revolutionary” or “publicity seeker” but I plan on being at the Grand Junction protest today. I hope you’ll join me.


25 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

  1. The greediest of the greedy in the global conglomerate corporate world no longer have an interest in the success or failure of any one government, including the United States. The problem is multi-national. The solution should be multi-national as well.  

    1. only svelte 30-50yo white homeowners in neatly pressed business suits get to have a say about thier chances of reaching the American Dream? Huh. Thanks for clarifying, Aurora Sentinel

      1. But if you drove by the Denver “occupation” before their eviction, that’s pretty much what you got. And they were 99% white.

        And it was the GJ Sentinel, not Aurora.

        Evicting them was wrong, but it’s not wrong to point out what the GJ Sentinel pointed out.

  2. morning. The crowd at 9:30 was fairly small, but growing. Sadly, I had to leave early because I have clients that are depending on me to finish their projects.

    The highlight for me came before I had a chance to speak. I was sitting in the sunshine, by the courthouse steps, when a police officer walked up and stood very nearby. After a couple of casual greetings and a comment or two about how we both hoped all would remain calm, we were approached by a guy in a cowboy hat.

    I was in dress clothes and since I was sitting next to a cop, I guess he figured I was an “establishment type”, or something.

    He began grousing to the cop about how “these people” had usurped a Tea Party/ WCCA permit for the same location this morning. What he didn’t say was that the Tea Party pulled the permit a couple of days AFTER the “Occupy” group announced its’ intentions, so the GJ police chief told them,WCCA, to not show up.

    At that point, the officers’ attention was diverted by someone else so I asked the guy,”what do you mean “these people”? What follows is a close repeat of the conversation that ensued.

    Duke: What do you mean, “these people”?

    TPG(Tea Party Guy): These “Occupy” people.

    Duke: What is it you don’t like about them”?

    TPG: They’re dangerous. The organizer is a criminal.

    Duke: That just shows you don’t know the first thing about them.

    TPG: So, who are you?

    Duke: My name is Duke, I’m one of those Liberals you hate.

    Whereupon, he simply gritted his teeth and walked away fuming. I guess he didn’t want to lose it with a cop standing within ten feet.

    …actually, it was kinda fun.



        which lefty criminals

        The lefty criminal to whom he was referring is a young, local, advocate for the homeless named Jacob, who is a local activist on several progressive issues.

        I am sure, if queried, the TPG would have certainly figured Jacob works for Soros…or some equally brainless assumption.

  3. Money was no object in trying to defeat Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    When the C.F.P.B. was first proposed to Congress, in early 2009, the Chamber of Commerce, the leading business lobbying group in the country, announced that it would “spend whatever it takes” to defeat the agency. According to the Center for Public Integrity, from 2009 through the beginning of 2010, it would be one of the biggest spenders among the more than 850 businesses and trade groups that together paid lobbyists $1.3 billion to fight financial reform.

    Although a Gallup poll in the fall of 2010 would show that 61 percent of Americans supported Dodd-Frank-which was designed to curb the risky bank activities that triggered the 2008 meltdown and the ensuing recession-the financial establishment would continue to attack it even after it became law on July 21, 2010.

    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, in 2010 the financial industry flooded Congress with 2,565 lobbyists. They were financed by the likes of the Financial Services Roundtable, which, according to the Center, paid lobbyists $7.5 million, and is on its way to spending as much or more this year. The Chamber of Commerce spent $132 million on lobbying Washington in 2010. The American Bankers Association spent $7.8 million. As for individual banks: JPMorgan Chase, which received $25 billion in TARP funds from taxpayers, spent nearly $14 million on lobbying during the 2009-10 election cycle; Goldman Sachs, which received more than $10 billion from taxpayers, spent $7.4 million; Citigroup, which was teetering on the brink of insolvency and received a $45 billion infusion, has paid more than $14 million to lobbyists since 2009. And none of this money includes the direct campaign donations these organizations, and their surrogates, made to members of Congress.

    This from an article at Left Coaster Wed., cmmenting on the Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown Senate race in Mass.

    Bold is mine

    1. I still can’t get on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion international Jewish Conspiracy mailing list. I’m supposed to be on the running the world steering committee and what have I got to show for it? Bupkis.

        1. and a supporter of J Street which reflects the pro-peace, pro-two state solution that is now shared by the majority of American Jews polled, though not by the loudest voices in the older, establishment American Jewish organizations.  Israel cannot survive as a  state both Jewish and democratic without a viable, serious two state solution.  

          Muslims will be the majority within a few decades in a single Jewish state within the borders the hawks claim for the state.  At that point the choices would be ethnic cleansing or genocide to reach a Jewish majority and remain democratic or an old style South African state in which a minority maintains power by maintaining control over a majority without the right to participate in the political process.

          Since these are not realistic or viable options, Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state in the near future if the single state hawks remain in control. And time is running out.  

          The hawks single minded focus on creating facts on the ground that will make any viable Palestinian state impossible can only lead to the demise of Israel and an eventual single Palestinian state. The hardliners, not the peace movement, will be the death of Israel.

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